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Chapter 335 - Fierce Battle  

Chapter 335: Fierce Battle


“Lava Giant Ape?!”

Lin Bai’s rarely seen angry eyes stared in disbelief at the twenty-meter-tall giant ape in front of him.

Lin Bai had once read about the Lava Giant Ape in a book. It was an extremely rare spirit beast with an extremely precious and powerful bloodline. It was a spirit beast that many beastmasters dreamed of.

Although the Lava Giant Ape’s movements were clumsy, its strength was as strong as Mount Tai, and its defense was indestructible. In terms of destructive power, it was ranked at the top among Spirit Beasts.


Just as Lin Bai was deep in thought, the Lava Giant Ape opened its bloody mouth, revealing its terrifying fangs. Its roar was so loud that one’s eardrums were about to explode, and their ears ached.

Lin Bai suppressed the shock in his heart, and an eager expression appeared on his face. “It’s fine, it’s fine. A legendary spirit beast like you can let me test my power!”

Little Blue did not show the slightest intention of retreating. She clenched her fists at the Lava Giant Ape, and her face was filled with provocation.

The Lava Giant Ape lowered its eyebrows and glanced at the provocative man and beast. Its fiery eyes shot out a ruthless look, and with a fierce push of its hind legs, it leaped high into the air.

And because of the Lava Giant Ape’s actions, the high platform trembled slightly!


The Lava Giant Ape threw a punch from high up in the air. This punch was surrounded by a scorching red color, as if it was a real flame.

Lin Bai stood where he was, his eyes as calm as still water. He bent his knees slightly, twisted his waist slightly, and suddenly punched out!


Lin Bai’s fist collided with the Giant Lava Ape’s mountain-like fist, producing an explosive sound!

The high platform under Lin Bai’s feet began to tremble violently, as if in the next moment, the high platform would not be able to withstand this force and collapse!

Lin Bai’s feet seemed to have taken root as he stood firmly on the spot with a calm expression. The Lava Ape, however, took a small step back after landing on the ground due to the majestic force.

The Lava Ape revealed an astonished gaze as it looked at the spotless Lin Bai. It had never expected that a person would actually be able to fight it head-on and even put it at a slight disadvantage.


The Giant Lava Ape failed in its first attack. It waved its fists and legs again and threw them at Lin Bai in a frenzy. It was like the pouring rain, not giving anyone a chance to catch their breath.

Lin Bai remained where he was and did not dodge at all. Like the giant Lava Ape, he waved his fists and legs, using offense as a defense.

“It seems that if it wasn’t for the increase in my cultivation level, this giant Lava Ape would have made me suffer!”

Lin Bai began to think. After breaking through, his strength would be on the same level as the Lava Ape, and he would be able to defeat the Lava Ape by relying on the cultivation technique manuals.

If he had broken through his previous cultivation level, Lin Bai might have used an even more difficult and dangerous method to win.

It would have been impossible for him to defeat the Lava Ape head-on.

At this moment, Little Blue was jumping up and down. It was about to rush up and fight with the Lava Ape, but it was stopped by Lin Bai:

“Little Blue, leave this one to me. You’ve fought enough. Some of your injuries haven’t fully recovered yet. Quickly take some medicine to heal them!”

Lin Bai then threw some pills to Little Blue. Little Blue looked at the Lava Ape with eager eyes, then at the pills in its hand and Lin Bai.

Although it was extremely unwilling, it could only obediently retreat to the side. When it reached the corner of the high platform, it did not forget to look back at Lin Bai. “Then you must leave the next one to me!”!

Lin Bai could not help but laugh. “Alright, alright, I’ll leave it to you!”

Seeing that Lin Bai had agreed, Little Blue focused all its attention on recuperating its injuries.

Lin Bai’s conversation with Little Blue was carried out at the same time as the battle between Lin Bai and the Lava Ape. His distraction during the battle made the Lava Ape feel humiliated and looked down on!


The Lava Ape slapped its chest with both hands, letting out a series of deafening muffled sounds. This sound was extremely uncomfortable, and it felt as if the blood in its body was boiling and restless. Its entire being became increasingly restless.

Fortunately, Lin Bai’s cultivation base had broken through, so he was not affected by it.

Rumble… Rumble…

The sound of boiling lava came from within the Lava Ape’s body. Water vapor surged out from the Lava Ape’s body, and half of the high platform was enveloped by the white vapor.


The patterns on the Lava Ape’s fur began to faintly glow, and they emitted a scorching temperature. Soon, the Lava Ape’s body seemed to be covered in lava, turning into a dazzling red and white!

Seeing the changes in the Lava Ape, Lin Bai couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. This was the first time he had seen such a terrifying change from a spirit beast.


The Lava Giant Ape took a step forward, causing the high platform to tremble!


The Lava Giant Ape took another step forward. The air on the high platform was scorching hot, making one feel as if their chests were burning!

Lin Bai could feel that after activating the potential of the bloodline, the speed of the Lava Giant Ape had slowed down by a notch, but the aura of the giant ape had been rising steadily.

If it was someone with a weak state of mind, they would have already thought of retreating when they saw the true appearance of the Lava Ape. It was even possible for them to be crushed into minced meat by the Lava Ape as they stood rooted to the ground like wooden chickens.

Little Blue, who was recuperating from its injuries, opened its eyes in worry when it saw the changes on the high platform.

However, when it saw Lin Bai’s figure and the imposing aura that seemed to be able to topple Mount Tai before it, Little Blue slowly closed it eyes in peace.


The Lava Ape threw another punch. This punch was filled with hot lava, as if it wanted to burn everything in its path. The power contained within it was enough to destroy the world!

Lin Bai stood unmoving on the spot, his eyes staring intently at that punch.

Just as the fist was only a ruler’s distance away from him and the leg of Lin Bai’s robe was set ablaze.

Lin Bai moved. He suddenly exerted strength under his feet, leaving behind an afterimage on the spot. However, his figure seemed to have disappeared from the high platform.

However, Lin Bai’s figure was still captured by the giant Lava Ape.

The giant Lava Ape turned its head and saw Lin Bai, who had already arrived beside it. It opened its mouth and spat out a sky full of lava, which shot out from its mouth like a meteorite. Fall!

Lin Bai’s movements were agile. It was as if he had passed through a field of flowers, and every leaf did not touch his body. He dodged the pieces of lava one after another.

A moment later, Lin Bai arrived under the giant Lava Ape. He stepped on the Giant Lava Ape’s knee, and his body rose high. Immediately after, he kicked at the Giant Lava Ape’s head.

The Lava Ape did not dodge. In other words, the ape had no intention of dodging at all. It opened its bloody mouth and bit at Lin Bai.

As the ape opened and closed its mouth, a scorching wave of air swept over, burning the clothes on Lin Bai’s legs and burning a few layers of the skin on his legs.


The pain of his legs being burned caused Lin Bai to suck in a breath. However, he did not take back the corner that he had pulled out. Instead, he increased his strength.


Lin Bai’s leg technique was as fast as lightning as it smashed into the huge tusk on the huge ape. With a cracking sound, a pale white tooth fell onto the high platform.

The Lava Giant Ape was also kicked by this force. Its huge body was smashed backwards and it landed heavily on the high platform.

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