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Chapter 319 - Fu Hu’s Conjecture  

Chapter 319: Fu Hu’s Conjecture

The sky above the forest was already filled with thick smoke, and the sea of flames had dyed half of the sky red.

After dealing with the Bi brothers, Fatty and Fu Hu waited patiently at the periphery of the forest for a while to ensure that there would not be any more people coming.

If there were still people coming, then of course, they would also be killed too…

Fatty and Fu Hu looked at each other. After a long while, there was still no one coming.

The fire in the forest had reached its peak. From a distance, one could feel waves of steaming air. It hit one’s face, making one’s mouth dry and tongue dry, and their skin and eyes dry.

“It seems that no one will come. Even if there are people coming, it should be time for us to go back and ‘report’!”

Fu Hu rubbed his chin. The honest look he had when he spoke to Bi Ji had long disappeared from his face. His two tiger-like eyes were shining brightly, and his expression was calm yet thoughtful.

Fatty nodded and did not refuse.

In his opinion, now was not the best time to leave. Since Lin Bai and the others were not the ones who did this, then Lin Bai and the others were definitely still under the City Lord’s Estate. He needed to go and take care of them to prevent any accidents from happening.

The two of them activated their cultivation techniques, and a gust of wind appeared under their feet. In the blink of an eye, they had run a hundred meters away.

They had to put on a show. If they saw the City Lord and their bodies were still clean, then no matter how beautiful their words were, no one would believe them.

Not to mention the City Lord, who was a shrewd devil.

In the distance, the forest that was raging with fire was thrown to the back, but the black smoke that rose into the sky was still shocking.

“Fatty.” Fu Hu suddenly shouted. His face was serious. “Lin Bai, the thin man, and that Bai Xi are right under the City Lord’s estate, right?

“Right in the secret room we went to before.”

Fu Hu’s words shocked Fatty greatly. He even had a suspicion that Fu Hu was working for Lin Bai.

However, Fatty quickly gave up on this thought. If Fu Hu was really with Lin Bai, then Fatty’s previous plans would not have failed because of him.

When Fu Hu saw Fatty’s expression change again and again, he hesitated and hesitated. He had a decision in his heart. “As expected!”

Fatty’s expression became awkward. He coughed. “I, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything!”

Fatty’s heart was slightly creeped out. Staying by Fu Hu’s side seemed to be the same as staying by Lin Bai’s side. His true thoughts would also be seen through.

These two people…

Fatty shook his head and forced his expression to calm down.

Right now, he had yet to determine Fu Hu’s target, so he still needed to be on guard against him.

Fu Hu could only guess where Lin Bai was, but he could not determine it. The prerequisite was that fatty did not say anything.

“Hehe…” Fu Hu laughed coldly, his expression turning cold. “I already know, do you think the City Lord doesn’t know? That is his secret chamber. He knows everything inside and out…”

“Impossible!” Fatty’s heart trembled as he shook his head frantically. “If the City Lord knew, why would he follow us to this forest to look for Lin Bai?!”

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. In any case, don’t spill the beans later. Otherwise, I’ll definitely kick you away. Don’t even think of dragging me down with you. Impossible!”

Fu Hu’s attitude was resolute, and his tone was filled with ridicule.

Fatty could not see through Fu Hu’s actions. Fu Hu’s actions and goals did not have any rules to speak of, but everything he did revolved around the City Lord..

Then what was he planning to do with the City Lord? !

Fatty muttered in his heart. At the same time, he was wondering if the City Lord really knew that Lin Bai and the others were in the secret chamber…

While Fatty’s thoughts were flying around, the two of them had already arrived at the capital at high speed, flashing left and right in the city.

“Hey, what’s that? It suddenly passed, I didn’t see it clearly!”

“Hey! You two are rushing to reincarnate, aren’t you?!”

“Compensate, compensate me for the porcelain!”

The two of them rampaged around the capital city. This was done on purpose, just for the City Lord to see.

The City Lord’s influence was huge, and he had many subordinates. It was very normal for him to have many spies in the capital city. Presumably, the actions of the two of them would soon be heard by the City Lord, and that would be the best testimony for them.

“Fu Hu, Fatty wants to see your lordship!”

The guard shouted into the main hall.


A deep voice came from the main hall. Just hearing this voice made the guard feel a strong sense of fear.

“You can enter.”

The guard wiped the sweat off his forehead and let the two of them go.

“City Lord, we deserve ten thousand deaths, we deserve ten thousand deaths!”

Fu Hu had just entered the hall and quickly ran up. When he was fifteen meters away from the City Lord, he plopped down on one knee and cried.

The fatty’s mouth twitched as he imitated Fu Hu’s actions.

“What’s the matter!?”

The City Lord sat on the chair and grabbed the handrails on both sides with both hands. The handrails on one side were even clattering from his grip.

Fu Hu’s tone was filled with apology as he recounted what had happened in the forest to the City Lord:

“Fatty and I found something different in the forest, so we packed it up and prepared to show it to you, City Lord…”

Fu Hu did not lie about what he said earlier, so the City Lord nodded slightly when he heard it.

“But who knew that Lin Bai would return halfway and set the forest on fire. After that, he even wanted to make a move on the two of us. Just then, the Bi brothers rushed over and fell into a bitter struggle with Lin Bai… in the end, they were killed by that Devil Lin Bai, and their bodies were thrown into the sea of fire…”

From there, Fu Hu began to exaggerate and distort the truth. No matter what lie it was, it had to be mixed in with some truth so that it wouldn’t be exposed.

After hearing this, the City Lord’s brows tightly knitted together.

“After that, Lin Bai fled. The forest was filled with a sea of fire, and he easily relied on Spirit Beasts to fly and escape. However, Fatty and I could only watch with our hearts filled with fury as he fled…”

If Fatty didn’t know Fu Hu’s true nature… He would really believe this nonsense.


The City Lord grabbed the handrail and crushed it into pieces. Wood chips flew everywhere.

Fu Hu and Fatty hurriedly buried their heads even lower. They didn’t say a word as they waited for the City Lord’s anger.

Of course, if the City Lord had the intention to kill, they didn’t plan to just wait for death. They had already planned an escape route before coming here.

This was all thanks to Fatty. When he was summoned by the City Lord a few days ago, he had paid special attention to the nearby buildings and some small streets.

“The two of you will lead fifty people from the City Lord’s Estate to search for Lin Bai’s traces near the forest. If you can’t find him… Don’t come back either!”

The City Lord’s attitude had changed in a rare manner. The escape route that he had planned earlier was useless.

Fu Hu’s body stiffened slightly, and he nodded his head with a serious expression on his face. He said with a sonorous tone, “Yes! I will definitely not fail my mission!”

“You can leave now!”

The City Lord waved his hand, signaling for the two of them to leave.

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