Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 317 - Penetrating Coldness  

Chapter 317: Penetrating Coldness

Bi Ji had a burly figure. His eyebrows were straight into his hair bun. His eyes were like those of a tiger or a lion. His face was well-defined and his expression was serious.

Bi Ji’s eyes rolled around in his sockets. He muttered, “Are you sure it was done by Lin Bai? Did you see his face?”

Fu Hu’s face revealed a simple and honest look that fFtty could not be more familiar with. He was like a boorish man who only cultivated martial arts but did not know how to use his brain. He nodded resolutely and said,

“I saw him. He was very far away from us at that time, together with his Spirit Beast.”


Fatty had forgotten how many times this had happened today. Fu Hu made him suck in a breath of cold air. Fu Hu was the true wolf in sheep’s clothing!

“However!” Fu Hu’s words changed. “Fatty and I found something different in the forest. It was a very special weapon. There were also traces. At that time, we packed it together and wanted to let the City Lord appraise it. Who knew that Lin Bai would return…”

Fu Hu clapped his hands and spoke as if he had thought of something.

Bi Wu said desperately, “Where are those things? What exactly are they?”

Bi Wu was about to continue asking, but he saw Bi Ji’s gaze. He hesitated, curled his lips, and quietly retreated to the back.

Although Bi Ji’s expression changed, he was still calm. He asked, “Where are those things?”

Fu Hu’s face was filled with pity and hatred. He said angrily, “They were all burned by that ball of fire. Now they are in this sea of fire. We can’t find them at all!”

“F * ck…” Bi Wu was about to flare up again, but Bi Ji forced him to swallow what he wanted to say.

Bi Ji’s tiger-like eyes sized up Fu Hu from left to right. He stared at him closely, wanting to cut open his skin and pry into the deepest secret.

Following that, Bi ji sized up Fatty again. Fatty felt as if a pair of hands had reached into the depths of his heart, probing into all the secrets.

Fatty could only suppress his expression. He might not reveal any clues.

Fu Hu shot a casual glance at Fatty before retracting his gaze. His eyes seemed to heave a sigh of relief. However, his actions were very cautious and did not attract Bi Ji and Bi Wu’s attention.

“What exactly is it?”

Bi Ji asked calmly.

“Brother Bi Ji, are you still thinking about the friction between us in the past and trying to use this opportunity to deal with me?” Why are you using a interrogating tone to ask? Could it be that you suspect that we were the ones who started the fire and that we killed this person? ”

“Words and actions require a piece of evidence! We’ve already told you that it was Lin Bai’s doing. You can be suspicious, but you can’t suspect us!”

Fatty puffed out his fat chest and shouted aggressively. Every word he said made the flesh on his face tremble.

“What? So you guys are suspecting me?!” Fu Hu suddenly came to a realization. His tone was exaggerated, and Fatty couldn’t help but scold him in his heart for being a drama queen.

Fu Hu slapped his own chest so hard that it was deafening. His voice was sonorous and powerful, “What I can’t stand the most is others suspecting something that I didn’t do. I’m loyal to the City Lord. The moon can vouch for me!”

“Even if it’s this sea of fire, I’ll get those things back. None of you can stop me!”

After saying that, Fu Hu turned around and walked into the sea of fire. He had just taken two steps when his pants legs started to smoke.

Fatty secretly glanced at Fu Hu and then glanced at Bi Ji, pretending to be very anxious.

“Big Brother Fu Hu, let’s talk things over properly, don’t you think so? Aren’t we all working for the City Lord? Everything we do is to show the City Lord that we’re Loyal!”

Bi Ji smiled and reached out to grab Fu Hu.

“Let go, let go! Didn’t you suspect me!”

Fu Hu pulled hard, still wanting to step into the sea of fire.

Bi Ji put one hand behind his back and gestured to Bi Wu. Bi Wu understood and quickly ran forward. His two thick arms grabbed Fu Hu from behind.

“Big Brother Fu Hu, we brothers have been impatient. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Bi Ji was not angry, but his tone softened.

Fatty watched this scene coldly from the side. He finally understood that back then, he and thin man could not defeat the Bi Brothers. It was not just the difference in strength, but also the lack of Bi Ji’s shrewdness!

He was well-versed in all aspects and was extremely shrewd. He assessed the situation and was calm!

This Bi Ji was not ordinary!


Fatty shook his head in his heart. Bi Ji was not bad, but he was still a little lacking. He could not guess the true face of the City Lord, much less the true face of this Fu Hu.

He was still a little lacking!

While Fatty was thinking, a cold glint flashed in Fu Hu’s palm.

In the blink of an eye, Fu Hu broke free from Bi Wu’s arms. He turned around and stabbed the small knife in his hand into Bi Wu’s neck, causing blood to spurt out!


Bi Ji saw that the life force on Bi Wu’s face was disappearing, and his face was filled with fury. However, just as he was about to make a move, a long sword pierced through his heart.

“And you…”

Bi Ji spat out blood and looked at Fatty in disbelief.

Fu Hu and Fatty were silent. They looked at each other, picked up the two bear-like bodies, and threw them into the sea of fire at the side.

There was no hesitation in their actions.

“My hair is standing on end!”

The thin man looked around with shock on his face, unable to calm down for a long time.

The three of them were currently in a hall carved out of a layer of stone.

In the center of the hall, there was a three-meter-high platform, and there was a skeleton inserted vertically on each of the eight corners of the platform.

There were scarlet patterns on each skeleton, flickering with a faint light. It was as if the blood of a living person had been transferred to the skeleton, causing one’s scalp to feel cold.

On the platform in the center of the altar, there were a few huge bodies of spirit beasts. The spirit beasts had rotted for a long time, so it was impossible to tell what they were. Other than the spirit beasts, there were also many human corpses scattered around.

Under the high platform, there was a moat-like groove. Inside the groove was rotten and stinky blood. There were also countless corpses and remains floating within.

“There’s a restriction here!”

Bai Xi touched the air in front of her with her hand. When she stretched out half a meter, a shackle appeared out of thin air, and then disappeared in the void.

“I can’t get it open!”

The thin man circulated his cultivation technique and gathered his spiritual energy on his leg. He suddenly pulled out his leg and smashed it on the shackle. However, only a ripple appeared on the shackle, and then it returned to calm.

“However, what exactly is this place? No matter how I look at it, it looks like an array formation. It looks like… It looks like it’s going to do some kind of ritual?”

The skinny man frowned and gave up on the idea of forcefully breaking through the restriction. His gaze was fixed on the altar.

“There’s a very dense demonic aura emanating from the altar… could it be that the City Lord is trying to summon something?”

Lin Bai began to make bold conjectures. Beside him, Little Blue and Little Black both tried to use brute force to break through the barrier, but in the end, they both gave up, panting.

“This is a summoning formation!”

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