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Chapter 304 - Flattered The Wrong Way

Chapter 304 Flattered The Wrong Way

City Lord’s estate.

The scorching Sun hung high in the sky. It was so hot that it made one dizzy. The surrounding space seemed to have become distorted.

Under the City Lord’s lead, the few people hurriedly arrived in front of the City Lord’s estate. Fatty followed closely behind. His expression was even uglier than if he had eaten shit.

At this moment.

“You really saw Lin Bai and the others running in that direction? Are you sure?”

A burly man beside fatty came over. His eyes were like sharp blades as he scanned fatty from head to toe before asking with a tone filled with doubt.

The meaning behind his words was that if what you said was false, then there was no need for me to tell you what would happen next.

Fatty hurriedly arranged his expression, he nodded. “It’s absolutely true. I saw them running in that direction, but I don’t know… Why we didn’t see them later, but I keep feeling that they’re still in that direction…”

At this point, fatty couldn’t say that he had seen wrongly. Otherwise, with the City Lord’s and these people’s temperaments, he would definitely be handled here.

Not only that, fatty did not want to betray Lin Bai and the others.

“City Lord!”

“City Lord! Why are you back so early? Could it be that you have caught that demon Lin Bai?!”

In front of the City Lord’s estate, two guards stood respectfully at the side. One of them even came forward with a fawning expression, wanting to suck up to the City Lord.

The City Lord glanced at that person, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes. With a bang, a blast of air exploded from the City Lord’s body, knocking the person who was approaching far away.

That person fell to the ground, and fainted with blood all over his face.


The remaining guard who didn’t suck up sucked in a breath of cold air. He also had the desire to suck up, but in the end, he still couldn’t do it. This made him feel extremely fortunate, or else…

“You!” The City Lord glared at the guard, and the guard immediately shivered. “During the time I was away, was there anything abnormal in the City Lord’s estate?!”

The guard’s eyes rolled around, and after thinking carefully, he said, “There wasn’t. I’ve been patrolling the City Lord’s estate since morning. If there were any movements, it definitely can’t be able to hide it from us.”

Hehe! We’ve already hidden from you!! Big brother Lin Bai and the others were inside!

Fatty resisted the urge to ridicule.

Actually, he didn’t really have the mood to ridicule. He only wanted to relax his mood a little. If he kept tensing up, he was afraid that the City Lord would see through him.

At the same time, fatty was also having a headache. Did Lin Bai and the others gain anything? Did they leave the City Lord’s estate.

Along the way, fatty had thought of several ways to delay the City Lord’s return. However, the City Lord had already made up his mind. He didn’t delay the City Lord for too long.

He must not be discovered by the City Lord!

Fatty clenched his fists tightly.

“Hmm?! You seem to be very nervous?”

The burly man, who had just spoken to fatty, saw that fatty was acting strangely and asked cautiously.

“Cough cough!” Fatty’s expression was a little awkward. “That… I might have eaten something bad last night, this…”


Fatty had not even finished speaking when a fart popped out. That burly man smelled the stench and immediately distanced himself from fatty. If not for this stench, he would have even wanted to beat fatty up.


The fatty let out a long sigh of relief and returned to his calm expression. No matter how others looked at him, they would not be able to see any fallacies.

“Are you sure?!”

The City Lord’s eyes were like cold blades, causing the guard to tremble involuntarily.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure! There was definitely no one entering the City Lord’s estate.” The guard could not even speak properly and hurriedly nodded his head like a chicken pecking on rice.


The City Lord flicked his sleeves and strode into the courtyard, heading straight for his main hall without the slightest hesitation.

“City Lord, let’s split up and search the City Lord’s estate. This way, it’ll be faster.”

The burly man ran to the City Lord’s side and gave his suggestion.

In his opinion, this was undoubtedly the best choice. Splitting up the number of people to search different parts of the City Lord’s estate would greatly increase the efficiency.

“No need, follow me!


The City Lord shook his head and his voice was very deep. When the burly man heard this, he tactfully shut his mouth.

Even though the burly man had a lot of questions, after hearing the City Lord’s tone, he did not dare to ask. If he continued to ask, the result would be even uglier than the previous guard.

The people behind the big man and the fatty all fell silent. No one dared to disturb the City Lord at this time. Just looking at the City Lord’s back, they could feel an inexplicable aura, as if it was strangling their throats. It was suffocating.

“It’s indeed in the direction of the main hall.”

The other people were still a little curious, but when the fatty saw the City Lord coming to the main hall, he was not surprised at all.

However, this also gave the fatty a headache. He originally thought that the City Lord would still be in the City Lord’s estate, searching east and west. That would take some time, so Lin Bai and the others would have enough time to leave.

Before the City Lord entered the main hall, he met a few patrolling guards. Those guards originally wanted to ask questions, but when they saw the City Lord’s ashen face, they hurriedly moved aside and stood to the side, trembling

After entering the main hall, there was an extremely extravagant display. After that, there was an empty main hall. Not even a ghost could be seen, let alone a person.

“City, City Lord… Looks like that devil Lin Bai isn’t here. Should we start a search in the City Lord’s estate, or should we…”

The burly man couldn’t hold it in. He suppressed his fear and asked with his head lowered, trying his best to flatter him.

The City Lord glanced at the burly man coldly, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he walked to the front and twisted something. Then, not far behind him, a secret door was opened.

There were no traces of it being moved?

The City Lord frowned. He had specially left a detail at the opening of the mechanism that only he could notice. If the mechanism was opened when he did not know about it, then this detail would disappear.

When the fatty saw the change in the City Lord’s expression, his heart tightened and he began to think of the worst.

“Hey, Fatty, what are you doing here? Hurry up and follow me!”

After everyone else entered the secret room, the big man saw that the fatty was still standing there and shouted loudly. With this shout, the remaining people, including the City Lord, all stopped and turned their heads to look over.

You mother*cker!

The fatty cursed this big man in his heart. This big man had been targeting him from the start. If it wasn’t for this man, he would have had the chance to escape. But now, there were so many pairs of eyes staring at him. Fatty could only give up. “I’ll be at the back! Fatty, you go in front.” The burly man said with a smile and came behind Fatty. Fatty saw that the City Lord did not stop him so he could only stand in the middle of the group.

The secret passage was very long and quiet. The remaining people only felt their hearts tremble. Only fatty listened to the silence and let out a long sigh of relief.

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