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Chapter 301 - Luring The Tiger Away From The Mountain

Chapter 301 Luring The Tiger Away From The Mountain

Looking at Lin Bai, Bai Xi, and the thin man who had turned into black shadows and disappeared on the other side of the bamboo forest, fatty looked around and carefully observed his surroundings.

“This doesn’t seem to be enough!”

Fatty looked at the wound that had already stopped bleeding and thought of the terrifying side of the City Lord. He could not help but mutter in his heart again.

Immediately after, he was a little regretful. Should he have let the thin man beat him up freely just before?

“No, no, no!”

Fatty hurriedly shook his head again. If he had let the thin man continue, then he definitely would not be able to stand it.

After looking around, fatty’s eyes lit up. Not far away from him was a rotten stagnant pool. There was a dead rat floating in the stagnant pool. He quickly ran over with his big belly and grabbed a handful of mud with his bare hands.

“Tsk! This is really f*cking stinky!”

Fatty took a sniff and almost vomited all the food he had eaten last night.

“I’m going all out!”

Enduring the stench, fatty randomly smeared the mud on his clothes. After smearing it, he felt that it was not enough, so he pulled off one of his sleeves.

“What a pity, I don’t know how to use fire. Otherwise, if I were to burn it again, it would be even more realistic!”

Fatty scratched his chin. He thought about whether he should give himself some wounds or something, but thinking about the pain just now, he decided to forget about it.

At this moment, the sound of shuttling came from within the bamboo forest. Fatty immediately shivered.

“He’s here!”

Fatty looked in the direction of the bamboo forest. Not long after, a few figures flashed out and arrived in front of him.

The City Lord’s expression was cold as he looked at Fatty. However, after smelling the stench, he could not help but take a step back and coldly asked, “Where’s that demon Lin Bai? Shouldn’t you be following him?!”

According to the previous plan, fatty did not need to listen to his orders. He could decide when and what to do. As long as he watched Lin Bai closely and did not let Lin Bai escape from the City Lord’s range.

But now…

Fatty revealed a panicked expression and hurriedly bent down, he said anxiously, “This, this… The three of them and the three little beasts might have noticed that I was following behind and ambushed me here… I did not notice them immediately and was ambushed…” “Useless thing!”

After the City Lord heard this, his expression became even colder and darker. His voice had a faint trace of anger. How could someone following others get ambushed by the people he was following?

Fatty hurriedly raised his head and squeezed out a smile that was even uglier than crying. He said, “However, I know where they went. I just stalled them here for a while. I think they must have not gone far away.”

When he heard fatty’s words, not only did the City Lord’s face not turn any better, it turned even uglier. He hurriedly shouted, “Then what are you laying there for and not leading the way? Do you want them to escape?!”

The few people behind the City Lord looked at each other. They looked at each other and began to doubt fatty’s ability.

Their suspicions were not without reason. Fatty was a “Spy” that the City Lord had specially planted beside Lin Bai. Since that was the case, his ability and strength would not be lacking.

But now that they saw it, they felt that the situation was a little different.

“Yes, yes!” Fatty’s expression was exaggerated. He turned his head and ran in the opposite direction where Lin Bai had left. “It’s this way. I’ll lead the way. We must capture this great demon, Lin Bai, today!”

On the other side.

Lin Bai and the other two had already sneaked into the heart of the capital. The peddlers on the streets had also set up blankets. It was too early for pedestrians to walk in twos and threes.

“Hey, how long do you think fatty can delay the City Lord?”

The thin man looked at Lin Bai and the other two and asked in a low voice.

The three of them were walking along the alleyway, carefully walking in the direction of the City Lord’s estate. Along the way, they did not meet anyone who was searching for Lin Bai. It seemed that they had all been tricked by fatty.

“Fatty’s acting skills…” Bai XI frowned and recalled fatty’s previous act. “It’s hard to say. We have to move faster. I know a small path. Once we leave this alleyway, we can follow it to the back of the City Lord’s estate.”

As they spoke, the three of them followed the path Bai Xi had told them and arrived at the back of the City Lord’s estate.

Behind the City Lord’s estate stood many old houses. They were messy and dilapidated. If they followed this path, they could smell the stench of urine, feet, and faeces.

“If we go any further, we’ll reach the back door of the City Lord’s estate. Usually, the City Lord’s estate would prepare resources or servants through the back door. It’s best if we don’t get too close. The City Lord’s mansion must have planted spies here.”

Bai Xi was very familiar with the capital and was not surprised by the back door of the City Lord’s estate.

“Then let’s go in from here!”

Lin Bai raised his head and looked at the wall beside him. The wall was made of stones and was covered with moss. The height of the wall was three to four people tall.

“Mhm! This is the safest place. The sky is not completely bright yet. We have to move quickly.”

The thin man was the best at hiding and agreed with Lin Bai and Bai Xi.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard not far away.

“Hey, do you think that Lin Bai will be caught today? We’ve been tormented by him recently, and we can’t even rest well. We didn’t need to patrol at this time in the past.”

“If he can escape today, then I, Zhang, will kneel down and kowtow to him! Lin Bai will definitely not be able to escape today!”

Two guards of the City Lord’s estate walked over, yawning and drowsy. “Wait, did you hear something?” The guard who was walking in front showed a vigilant expression and slowly approached the front.

However, after turning a corner, the alley was empty. After a while, a wild cat jumped out and left in a hurry.

“You are too nervous! There’s no one! Even if Lin Bai had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to come to the City Lord’s estate again!”

The other guard smiled when he saw the cat.

“Looks like I misheard. Let’s go, let’s go!”

Lin Bai and the other two were lying on the outer wall. They held their breath as they looked at the two guards. They only let out a sigh of relief when they disappeared from their sight.


As most of the people had gone to capture Lin Bai, the guards in the City Lord’s estate were relatively weak. They turned left and right and arrived at the City Lord’s main hall.

On the left and right sides of the main entrance of the main hall, there were two guards who were armed with long spears and wearing armor. They were knocked down by the experienced skinny man without making a sound.

“Tsk, this City Lord lives in such a luxurious


The skinny man had just walked into the main hall when he saw the resplendent decorations inside and sighed.

“It’s right in front. Let’s go!”

Lin Bai did not care about his surroundings. His gaze was on the side of the main hall.

Fatty had already told Lin Bai how to enter the City Lord’s secret chamber, and the purpose of Lin Bai’s trip was precisely this secret chamber.

According to Fatty, the lighting inside the secret chamber was dim, and there was a thick stench of blood. However, he was too afraid to look around at that time, so he did not have much information.

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