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Chapter 297 - Betrayal

Chapter 297 Betrayal


Lin Bai relied on Little Red’s help to charge towards Wang Meng in the sky. He also threw a fierce palm blade towards Wang Meng’s body.

However, just as Lin Bai’s palm blade was about to hit Wang Meng’s body, he felt a cold ray of light with killing intent tearing through the night sky and attacking him.

If he allowed the palm blade to hit Wang Meng, then Lin Bai would not be able to avoid this cold ray of light.

If he avoided the cold light, then he would undoubtedly allow Wang Meng to escape. Lin Bai did not want to let such an enemy go. He would not do such an action of letting the tiger return to the mountain.

“Little Red!”

Lin Bai shouted softly. Just by calling Little Red’s name, Little Red quickly understood what Lin Bai meant. It opened its mouth and spat out a stream of hot breath towards the cold light that was rapidly approaching.

This stream of hot breath only stopped the cold light for a moment.

However, what Lin Bai needed was this short moment. He brandished his hand knife and moved his entire body, gathering all the spiritual power in his body onto his right arm and attacked!


Wang Meng’s expression of having narrowly escaped death froze. The joy he felt after seeing the cold light attack disappeared.

He had been certain that Lin Bai would give up on attacking and avoid the cold ray of light. This period of time could be used to escape.

As long as he left this courtyard, Wang Meng was 100% confident that Lin Bai would never be able to find him again. After that, Wang Meng would have to bear today’s humiliation and recover his strength, he would take Lin Bai’s life in the future.

However, he had never expected this scene before him.

Wang Meng gritted his teeth and the muscles on his two folded arms tightened. The dragon elephant behind him became semi-solid. The light from the dragon elephant shone on his arms, this light shone on Wang Meng’s body and gave him an ancient charm.

This was Wang Meng’s strongest defense.


The palm blade collided with his arm, producing a deafening sound.


The sound of bones breaking rang out, causing one’s hair to stand on end.

Wang Meng howled in pain. His body was like a cannonball, smashing straight into the ground and landing heavily on the floor, causing the entire courtyard to shake.

In the hole created by the impact, Wang Meng opened his bloodshot eyes. His entire body was dyed in red blood, and he did not move at all. The dragon elephant also disappeared into the darkness.


After the successful attack, Lin Bai did not have the chance to relax. The cold light broke through the heat wave and charged at Lin Bai with a scorching fire.

At this moment, Lin Bai finally saw clearly that this cold light was a small, sharp, and dazzling dagger. The dagger was as thin as paper, and its entire body was emitting a biting cold light. It cut through the night sky as if it wanted to pierce through everything.

Lin Bai let his spiritual power rush to his fingertips, and his index and middle fingers were pressed together. His gaze was fixed on the incoming dagger, and he slowly extended his hand to stab at one.


The metal collided, and a clear sound rang out!

Lin Bai took the opportunity to hit the side of the dagger, forcibly causing the trajectory of the dagger to deviate. But even so, the clothes on Lin Bai’s left side were also cut open!


Lin Bai let out a huge sigh of relief. He had just focused all his attention and reached the peak of his spiritual power control, allowing the dagger to wrap around two fingers.

Otherwise, if he were to act rashly, the missile would not be able to shift the trajectory of the dagger and would even cripple the two fingers.

“Fatty, what are you doing!”

Just as Lin Bai was about to look at the courtyard and examine the situation around him, he heard the skinny man’s voice filled with shock and anger in the courtyard.

Lin Bai looked down.

On top of a pile of ruins, fatty raised his head to look at him. His eyes were cold and filled with killing intent. There was a person lying next to fatty, not moving at all. It was Bai Xi! “Fatty, what are you doing!”

The skinny man had noticed that fatty was missing not long ago. When Lin Bai and Wang Meng were fighting, he had also been searching for him.

However, he had never expected that during the intense battle between Wang Meng and Lin Bai, Fatty would sneak up on Bai Xi. Just as Lin Bai was about to make his final attack on Wang Meng, fatty threw a dagger at Lin Bai and stabbed him.

Fatty’s move, fatty’s dagger, was filled with a biting cold killing intent that caused people to tremble. It was filled with a thick stench of blood.

The thin man had never seen fatty use such a move before!

At this moment, the fatty in front of him still had a big belly. His face was simple and honest, but for some reason, the thin man felt that the fatty was very unfamiliar.

“Cough cough…”

Bai Xi spat out a mouthful of blood and started coughing violently. He placed one hand on the ground and lay down slightly. His other hand trembled as he pointed at the sky.


Bai Xi struggled to speak as he forced himself to stand up.

Lin Bai and the thin man were both shocked. They seemed to have recalled something as they raised their heads to look at the night sky. In the middle of the sky above the courtyard, the Sun, moon, and stars that were originally covered by a layer of gauze appeared once again bit by bit. Silver-white light scattered into the courtyard once again. The surrounding courtyard and the lights in the distance, also cast over a weak light.

Bai Xi’s spirit tool had lost its effectiveness!

“You only discovered it now? You guys are really stupid.” The corners of fatty’s mouth curled up. His tone was no longer as simple and honest as before. Instead, it was filled with the joy of pushing people into a trap.

“Fatty, when did you betray us? Why did you do all this?” The thin man’s heart was filled with shock and anger. He did not know when fatty had started to betray them. “he two of us have been through thick and thin all the way to have today’s achievements. Why did you do all this?!”

“Our achievements today? Hehe, what a huge joke!” Fatty laughed out loud, but his laughter was filled with ridicule. “What achievements do we have? We haven’t made any progress in our cultivation for so many years?”

At this moment, Lin Bai landed on the ground. Fatty immediately pulled a sufficient distance away from Lin Bai. Lin Bai originally wanted to chase after him, but when he saw Bai Xi coughing up blood, he could only take care of Bai Xi first.

“Cough cough. “Bai Xi’s front chest had long been dyed red by the blood, and her face was pale. “It’s best to leave now. If the City Lord and the others come, our plan will fall through!”

“Don’t speak! Eat this.” Lin Bai took out a pill and let Bai Xi consume it. Bai Xi’s injuries weren’t fatal, but they couldn’t be delayed, or else it would become even more serious.

“You guys discovered it too late, too late!” Fatty looked coldly at the three people in front of him. “I’ve already used my communication tube to inform the City Lord. This courtyard has long been surrounded by the City Lord’s subordinates. You guys won’t be able to escape!”

“Great demon Lin Bai is in the courtyard. Brothers, let’s all go! To eliminate harm for the people and save the common people, it’s up to us!”

“Demon Lin Bai, if you have the guts to be a demon, then don’t run. Surrender your life!”

“Demon, I let you escape a few days ago. Don’t even think about escaping today. If I, Yan, let you escape again today, how will I have the face to see the common people!”

People’s shouts and curses came from all around the courtyard. There was also the sound of metal clashing as they picked up their weapons and ran!

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