Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 291 - Bad Situation

Chapter 291 Bad Situation

Lin Bai glanced at Bai Xi who was not far away.

He did not hide this action from Wang Meng.

Bai Xi immediately nodded her head. With a slight push of her feet, she jumped out of the courtyard and disappeared.

Wang Meng sneered as he watched Bai Xi leave. He did not stop her, he looked at Lin Bai and said mockingly, “You demon, you’re really careful. I told you that I didn’t inform anyone, and the City Lord wouldn’t come here. You don’t dare to believe me? Haha, is this the courage of a demon?”

When Wang Meng said this, he also noticed something else.

Lu Yishu’s corpse, as well as his Bronze Mountain Bear and Silver Spirit Eagle, were all lying in a pool of blood. They didn’t move at all, as if they were all dead.

Wang Meng only glanced at them lightly. He did not care about the lives of the weak.

What he cared about was a black panther. Its entire body was black, but it had jade-colored claws and teeth. Even with Wang Meng’s experience, he had never seen such a spiritual beast. This made Wang Meng quite interested.

Moreover, with Wang Meng’s understanding of Lu Yishu, he had never seen him use such a spiritual beast.

However, Wang Meng’s strong intuition told him that Lu Yishu’s Spirit Beast was ridiculously strong. It was very likely to be some extremely rare spirit beast. Therefore, Lu Yishu did not hesitate to hide and secretly become stronger.

“Humph! It’s a pity that Lu Yishu has always been arrogant and looked down on everyone. He must have underestimated the enemy at the first moment, and then lost his mind due to anger! What a weakling!”

Wang Meng raised his vigilance in his heart, but he could not help but start to despise Lu Yishu in his heart.

He had never taken Lin Bai to heart before. He only felt that Lin Bai was a young man who had not cultivated for long and could not be compared to ‘old people’ like them at all.

After all, cultivation depended on one’s talent, and the other depended on the time invested.

Why were the old undying cultivators all ridiculously stron? It was because they had terrifying experience and shocking cultivation time.

“Looks like I’ll have to exercise my muscles and bones today!”

Wang Meng thought to himself as a fanatic expression appeared on his face. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit, and he was like a beast that was ready to attack, eyeing his prey like a tiger.

Lin Bai did not care about Wang Meng’s mockery.

As for whether Wang Meng had informed the City Lord, he could not just listen to his own words. He had asked Bai Xi to leave first to investigate the situation.

If what Wang Meng said was false, then Lin Bai needed another plan.

Now was not the best time to fight with the City Lord. Lin Bai had other more important purposes.

“You guys are not his match, just watch from the side!”

Lin Bai looked at a shadow in the courtyard. The skinny and fatty were hiding there.

The skinny and fatty did not respond when they heard that, but they let out a deep sigh of relief in their hearts.

They had a feeling that if they met Wang Meng head-on, not only would they not be able to hurt him, they would even be killed by Wang Meng. Lin Bai sized up the wild beast-like Wang Meng.

Wang Meng was a martial artist. His body was tempered to perfection, and this was the test subject that Lin Bai urgently needed.

“Little Black!”

Lin Bai called out Little Black, Little Black excitedly ran to Lin Bai front, toward Wang Meng. Little Black bared fangs and brandished claws up.

“Hey, beastmasters are like that. They only dare to control their beasts to hide behind them. Boring! Afraid to fight in close quarters! Well, when I tear your beasts to shreds and test your skills, I hope you won’t let me down… Or I’ll do something irrational.”

Wang Meng was excited as well. He clenched his fists and instantly, a crackling sound of explosions could be heard, making people shudder.

“Little Green, help Little Black!”

Lin Bai called out Little Green again, which made Little Black’s jet-black eyes full of doubt.

Little Black opened its mouth. “Master, I want to fight him one-on-one! I want to prove myself!”

However, just as Little Black closed its mouth, it felt a huge force coming from its back. Little Black’s entire body was like a cannonball as it charged forward!

“You Only let one Spirit Beast go? Then don’t regret it. Watch how I’ll turn your Spirit Beast into pieces!”

Wang Meng pointed his fingers together and pointed his thumb at Little Black. Using his hand as a knife, his entire arm charged forward and smashed heavily onto Little Black’s body.


Fatty, who was hiding in the dark, couldn’t help but exclaim.

Even though he was far away, he could feel the power contained within this attack. He couldn’t help but worry if Little Black could withstand it.


Wang Meng’s hand knife smashed onto Little Black’s shell. When the two collided, a powerful shockwave was created, sweeping up the surrounding sand and dust into the air! “What?!”

Wang Meng looked at Little Black, who was safe and sound. There was a look of surprise in his eyes. There was no sight of Little Black’s entire body being shattered.

However, Little Black did not let go of this opportunity. Seizing the opportunity, it extended its sharp claws and grabbed at one of Wang Meng’s arms.

“Are you really underestimating me? You think you can hurt me even a little?”

Seeing this, Wang Meng did not blink and allowed Little Black to grab his arm.

“This Wang Meng is too arrogant. He’s going to suffer this time!”

The thin man’s mouth twitched. He had seen how terrifying Little Black’s claws were. The claws were still in the air, and the image of Wang Meng losing an arm appeared in the thin man’s mind.

The sound of nails scraping against metal could be heard.

Little Black’s claws only left a shallow wound on Wang Meng’s arm. Fresh blood flowed out slightly, dyeing the entire arm red.

However, the wound was too shallow. Wang Meng did not care at all, and it would not affect him at all.

However, a small defensive beast that having such destructive power still shocked Wang


The incomparably hard shell, the incomparably sharp claws and teeth, as well as the green and red Spirit Beasts behind Lin Bai…

At this moment, Wang Meng understood how Lu Yishu died. He was crushed in terms of raw strength!

“Hahaha, good! Looks like I can have a satisfying battle tonight!”

Wang Meng’s aura became more and more intense. Just as he steadied his body, he suddenly pulled out a leg and smashed it towards Little Black’s body. The moment this leg was pulled out, it was accompanied by a howl of the wind.


Little Black steadily received this kick. Its body was not injured, but its entire body was sent flying. It smashed heavily into the walls of the attic, passing through layer after layer of walls until it passed through the entire attic!

“See what I said!”

Fatty suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Although Little Black’s claws could hurt Wang Meng, the wound was too shallow and was not fatal at all. Wang Meng would not care even if it was a dozen more hits.

“This Wang Meng has been tempered to the point that he is invulnerable to fire and water. It seems like his reputation is not in vain. Even if he fights with some old guys he will probably be able to escape from their hands safely.”

The thin man frowned. He was also worried about this battle.

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