Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 289 - Plan Exposed

Chapter 289 Plan Exposed

Lu Yishu shouted like he was going crazy. He could not believe what was happening before his eyes.

The Black Lightning Panther, which he was proud of, only left a shallow dent on Little Black’s shell with its full strength.

It did not cause any substantial damage to Little Black!

Little Black bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it glared at Lu Yishu and the Black Lightning Panther. It looked as if it was saying, “You can actually hurt me a little!”!

Unfortunately, Lu Yishu could not read Little Black’s meaning. Otherwise, he would definitely spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

The Black Lightning Panther in front of Little Black, on the other hand, understood Little Black’s meaning. Its body contracted like a bow. Its two front claws were raised in the air as it clawed crazily at Little Black!


The black panther claws shot out of bolts of lightning and smashed in the back of the attic. Rocks fell to the ground

Just for a while, this huge bustling courtyard, has become a mess!

The fat man and the thin man had now moved far away.

The fatty sucked in a breath of cold air as he watched Little Black and the Black Lightning Panther fight fiercely in front of him. He said foolishly, “Big brother, do you think we made the wrong choice back then? Actually, Beastmasters are more suitable for us?!”

When the thin man heard the fatty’s words, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he resisted the urge to punch the fatty.

That was because, for a moment, his heart was also moved by Spirit Beasts like Little Black and the Black Lightning Panther!

However, the thin man quickly came to his senses.

Spirit beasts like Little Black and the Black Lightning Panther were even rarer than transcendents. They could only be encountered by chance and not sought after.

On the other hand, he and fatty didn’t have any status or background. If they wanted to become beastmasters when they first started cultivating would they have the money? No.

Did they have the background? Even less.

Therefore, the path of a warrior was the only path for him and fatty. It was also the only path that would allow them to be reborn and usher in a different life.

At this moment…

The thin man only felt that his conviction was incomparably firm.

This kind of conviction, or rather, his dao heart, was especially important to both martial artists and beastmasters.

If a crack appeared between his conviction and his dao heart, then the more he advanced on the path of cultivation, the more likely it was that he would leave behind a knot.

And this knot would become stronger and more concealed. Then, each knot would become a calamity in his heart, and some people might even go berserk because of it.

“Don’t think about it!” The thin man began to teach fatty. “We only have one path to take. If we really had a beastmaster path to choose from, then we would have met with a fortuitous encounter a long time ago! If we didn’t have a fortuitous encounter, then it meant that we weren’t suitable for it!”

Fatty frowned. He hadn’t expected the thin man to say such unfathomable words today. He couldn’t help but look up to him.

It was no wonder. Ever since he had been by Lin Bai and Bai Xi’s side, the thin man had been influenced by them. Sometimes, when it came to the barrier of cultivation, he would also seek answers from Lin Bai or Bai Xi.

This made him gain a lot.

“What are you thinking about! Be careful!” A bolt of lightning flew over. Fatty quickly pulled the thin man away. The spot where the skinny man had been standing just now had already been struck by the lightning, leaving a deep pit!

“That was close!”

The thin man hurriedly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Little Green and Little Red, you guys go too!”

Lin Bai, who was watching from afar, gave an order to his two little beasts.

Based on the current situation, if they continued to let Little Black fight, although the result would be a victory, Little Black would also suffer considerable injuries.

But now, Lin Bai still needed to let Little Black preserve his battle strength.

“Lin Bai, do you dare to duel with my Spirit Beast and see which spirit beast is the strongest?!”

Lu Yishu already had a kind of obsession in his heart, which was that he had to compete with Little Black.

“Hehe, there’s no need to compete!” Lin Bai laughed lightly. “You only have one black lightning panther, but I have a bunch of pet beasts!”

Little Green and Little Red each displayed their supernatural powers. A green light and a red light were spat out and devoured the Black Lightning Panther!

As the two little beasts attacked, a wave of pressure suddenly rose from their bodies.

As a beastmaster, how could Lu Yishu not understand what this was?!

“Dragon… Phoenix?!”

Lu Yishu vaguely felt an inexplicable aura. His body froze, staring fixedly at Little Green and Little Red.

How could Lin Bai miss such a good opportunity? His figure flashed, and a gust of wind rose from the soles of his feet.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lu Yishu.

“No, that’s impossible!”

Lu Yishu looked at Lin Bai’s skills and movement techniques in disbelief, his expression as if he had seen a ghost.

He had naturally heard others say that Lin Bai not only had extremely powerful spirit beasts, and his own strength wasn’t inferior to many warriors.

But back then, he had only taken those words as a joke.

As a beastmaster, he naturally knew what kind of energy a beastmaster had to spend on this path. Ordinary people wouldn’t have the energy to cultivate!

But now, such a living example was right in front of him.


Lu Yishu roared, but his body completely forgot to dodge.

Lin Bai threw a punch. This punch was as easy as crushing a dried twig, as if it could affect a small area of space in the vicinity!


The punch landed heavily on Lu Yishu’s chest. Lu Yishu spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying back into the attic.

Both of his eyes were wide open, but his body did not move at all. He fainted.

Meanwhile, below him.

Under the siege of the three small beasts, the Black Lightning Panther began to feel exhausted.

In the end, Little Green found an opportunity to restrict the Black Lightning Panther’s attack. Little Red and Little Black waited for an opportunity to move and launch their strongest attack!


The Black Lightning Panther let out a furious roar that it did not dare to. However, the outcome was already set, and it could not change anything! In the end, the Black Lightning Panther’s body was charred black and covered in wounds. Fresh blood dyed large areas of the ground red, and it died!

The thin man and the fatty wiped their eyes and looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

They had never thought that today’s plan would go so smoothly.


Bai Xi also rushed over at this moment.

According to the plan, he had to deal with the other people in the courtyard and ensure the safe release of the array formation.

And now that he had returned, it meant that no one else in this courtyard could leave!

“Hehe, now it’s time to clean up the battlefield!”

When fatty thought of this, his eyes began to glow with golden light.

Apart from Lu Yishu and his three Spirit Beasts, Lin Bai had already let them take everything else! “Would someone have a top-grade medicinal


The thin man was also infected by fatty, his eyes shining

Lin Bai stroked the heads of the three small beasts lovingly and said gently, “Well done!”

However, Little Black gestured with its claws: I can take care of that panther alone!

“Haha, you’ll have another chance next time!” Lin Bai could not help but laugh.


The wall exploded!

Bai Xi exclaimed: “Careful!!!”

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