Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 285 - The Little Beasts Were Eager

Chapter 285 The Little Beasts Were Eager

As the night fell and the starry sky was dotted, the lights of the ten thousand houses in the capital were lit up. The evening wind blew gently, cool and comfortable, making people feel very comfortable.

At the top of an attic, Lin Bai stepped on the rubble and looked at the center of the capital from afar, looking at the ten thousand houses’ lights.

Laughter, angry curses, wails, and the occasional smell of alcohol wafted in the wind.

In an instant, he seemed to have seen the first time he came to this city. Everything he saw was very strange, like a country bumpkin entering the city.

At that time, his cultivation had just begun.

However, time flew by. In a trance, he had become the “enemy” of this city. Everyone had to kill him. Thinking of this, the corners of Lin Bai’s mouth rose slightly.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps stepping on the debris behind him.

He did not even need to turn around. He could already guess who it was by relying on the sound of footsteps that were about to crush the debris.

There was only one person beside him at such a heavy level.

“Hehe!” Fatty let out his signature cold laugh. The muscles on his face trembled as he walked. “Everything is ready. We have confirmed that there are ten guards in the two courtyards in front of us. There are also two teams of people lying in ambush in the distance. If we attack rashly, we will definitely attract their attention.”

The thin man followed behind fatty. His footsteps were very light, like that of a ghost. If he wanted to, he could make it so that no one could hear his footsteps. He added, “It seems that after the incident last time, the City Lord has increased his defences! If it was in the past, why would he send so many people to squat here? He’s too careful!”

When the thin man spoke about the incident last time, he was naturally referring to the incident where Lin Bai came to Bai Xi and conveniently took care of He Qingyuan.

Of course, in the City Lord’s understanding, it was Chu Shan who had betrayed him. He Qingyuan’s fate was unknown, and Bai Xi, fatty, and the skinny man had nothing to do with Lin Bai.

This was all thanks to the pill Fool silly Li had left behind. It was actually able to block the erosion of demonic qi. Otherwise, it would have been much harder for Lin Bai to fight the City Lord.

“When do we make our move?”

Without waiting for Lin Bai to speak, fatty rolled his eyes and asked.

Lin Bai turned his head and glanced at fatty, saying, “You seem to be looking forward to it!”

“That’s for sure. Who knows, I might be able to plunder something from those people. I hope there are some top-grade pills and top-grade weapons… Thinking of this, I have to keep my saliva. If there really are some, my cultivation will improve very soon!”

Fatty rubbed his hands. A look of joy appeared on his face. His tone was very normal and there was nothing unusual about it.

“Don’t just covet those things and forget about the main business!”

Lin Bai laughed lightly, but did not stop him.

He, fatty, and skinny were now ants on the same rope. The two of them were now more like Lin Bai’s subordinates.

Lin Bai would not stop them from having such thoughts, as long as it did not affect the completion of the mission.

After all, people were driven by benefits.

“Of course, of course!” Fatty hurriedly nodded.

Although the thin man behind him did not speak, an expression of anticipation appeared on his face.

The two of them had not made any progress in their cultivation. All they lacked was an epiphany, a stroke of good fortune, and a stroke of good luck.

And now, Lin Bai had given them such an opportunity.

The thin man felt even more fortunate in his heart. If he had followed the City Lord all the way back then, not only would he not have been able to obtain the medicinal pills that could improve his cultivation, but he would also have been brainwashed by the City Lord’s demonic aura and become his puppet. Thinking up to this point, he recalled how he looked when he was face to face with the City Lord not too long ago. The demonic qi emitted from the City Lord’s body, as well as that pair of eyes that seemed to be able to see through everything in the world and cut through everything, caused the depths of his soul to begin to tremble with fear.

Even when he slept at night, he had dreamed about it once before waking up with a start.

As he thought about it, the thin man only felt that the night wind at this moment was like an ice blade. He could not help but shiver and shake his head to stop himself from thinking about it.

“We’re ready. We can attack at any time!”

Bai Xi, dressed in green, fell from the darkness and landed steadily on the rubble without making a sound.

Seeing this scene, the thin man sucked in a breath of cold air. Fortunately, when they were monitoring Bai Xi, they only hid far away in the darkness and hid their presence.

Otherwise, if Bai Xi found out, he and the fatty might not be able to withstand it.

Lin Bai turned around and asked, “How is it?”

“In one of the courtyards, there is a guest elder recruited by the City Lord’s Estate. His name is Iron Blood Wang Meng, and he is a martial artist. It is rumored that his attainments in physical training are extremely high, and he has already trained to be impervious to swords and spears, invulnerable to water and fire. Even He Qingyuan could only slightly injure his physical body.” As Bai Xi spoke, seeing that Lin Bai didn’t have any reaction, she continued to add on.

“In the other courtyard, another guest of the City Lord Estate, Lu Yishu, is a beastmaster. He has a bronze mountain bear that is bloodthirsty and ravenous. It is extremely terrifying both in terms of defense and damage. In addition, he also has a silver eagle that is fast as lightning, good at ambush.”

A bronze mountain bear and a silver eagle. They were two rare spirit beasts obtained by Lu Yishu obtained. One can fight on the ground, the other is waiting in the sky for the opportunity to move.

Just thinking about this made the thin man feel a little hesitant. However, things had already come to this, so he could only brace himself and fight!

“Heh, interesting!” Lin Bai laughed and looked at Little Black beside his feet. “Little Black, later you will fight with that bear to see who is more tanky and who is more able to carry!”

Little Black opened its mouth, and its expression became human-like. It looked fierce, indicating that it was eager to try. Little Red also bumped into Lin Bai, indicating that it also wanted to give it a try.

“Alright, that iron-blood Wang Meng. Isn’t he impervious to fire and water? Then Little Red go give him a test!”

Lin Bai laughed lightly. He was very much looking forward to seeing that scene. Little Red made a double-handed gesture, indicating that it couldn’t wait any longer.

Seeing Lin Bai like this, the thin man felt that he might have had an illusion. It was as if what he said was true. These two people were not worth mentioning?

No, no, no!

The thin man shook his head. He had heard of these two people a long time ago. Compared to Chu Shan, these two people were even more difficult to deal with.

Previously, there were people who wanted to defeat these two people to increase his reputation. However, no one knew what happened to those people after that.

However, the skinny man knew that those people would definitely not return. They had become the souls of Wang Meng and Lu Yishu.

The eyes of the fatty next to him shone with a golden light. “In other words, these two people might have something good on them!”

The thin man patted his head. Why are there a bunch of lunatics next to me?

“It’s getting late!” Lin Bai looked at the two courtyards in front of him. He could see an eagle hovering in the sky above the courtyard. It must be Lu Yishu’s Silver Spirit Eagle.

“Let’s go and meet that Lu Yishu first!”

After saying that, Lin Bai exerted strength under his feet and jumped high into the air as if he was flying. His figure flickered continuously as he arrived outside Lu Yishu’s courtyard.

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