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Chapter 270 - The Wonderful Use of The Small Porcelain Bottle

Chapter 270 The Wonderful Use of The Small Porcelain Bottle

Lin Bai and Bai Xi laughed heartily and poured wine for each other as they drank heartily.

This made the fat and thin duo, as well as Little Black and Little Green, feel somewhat baffled. Bai Xi seemed to have said something just now, and it seemed like something had happened between the two of them, but it didn’t seem like anything had happened…

Fatty only felt a headache from thinking about it, so he simply stopped thinking about it. In any case, from the atmosphere, Bai Xi had not gone out to tell on them. This way, he and the thin man’s little lives would be able to hang on for a while longer.

“In the beginning, we did not believe what you did, but after that, the City Lord…”

Bai Xi drank her wine and picked up her food, telling Lin Bai everything that had happened during this period of time between her and those who had always believed in Lin Bai, as well as everything that the City Lord had said to them.

“Hmph!” A cold glint flashed in Lin Bai’s eyes. “I won’t let him be complacent for too long.”

“For you to come to my place and be so indifferent, do you have any ideas… No, you must have a plan!”

As Bai Xi spoke, his eyes lit up.

The City Lord had brought the entire capital’s “Army of Justice” to kill Lin Bai, the “demon,” to carry out justice on behalf of the heavens. It could be said that they held the great banner of justice and were the trend of the times!

And Lin Bai was known as the demon, so everyone had to kill him. In addition, he was weak… at least in Bai Xi’s opinion, Lin Bai had no chance to counterattack.

“If I didn’t have a plan, I wouldn’t have come to find you!” Lin Bai poured himself another cup and was about to continue when he was interrupted by fatty next to him.

“UM, master Lin Bai, have you forgotten about us? I think you should cover our ears so that we won’t know about your plan, that way…” Fatty’s words were a little shaky. To be honest, he didn’t want to know about Lin Bai’s plan at all, because he felt that there would definitely be no benefits for him from now on.

“No need!”

Lin Bai looked at fatty’s shaky and somewhat scared face and smiled. However, when he smiled, fatty became even more flustered.

“Fatty’s words make sense… after all, Fatty and I can’t help the two masters much. Just treat it as if we don’t know anything, that’s good too!”

The thin man couldn’t help but speak, because he had a feeling that something would happen to him.

“You can help!”

Lin Bai spoke softly. This time, the fat and thin duo looked at each other, their faces ashen. They knew that there was no use saying anything else, so they could only shut up.

Lin Bai wasn’t making fun of the fat and thin duo. Bai Xi’s every move was under their surveillance, so he probably wouldn’t report to the City Lord and the others for a period of time.

If the City Lord and the others didn’t receive the reports from the two of them, or if they found out that the two of them had disappeared. They would definitely suspect Bai Xi and Lin Bai.

Once such a thing happened, Lin Bai’s plan would be in vain.

He needed the fat and thin duo to follow the steps and continue to carry out the tasks they were supposed to carry out. They needed to carefully monitor Bai XI and inform the City Lord of Bai Xi’s every move.

Of course, this attention to detail referred to what Lin Bai had told them to tell the City Lord. That way, it would create an illusion with the City Lord.

This illusion was the key to the success of Lin Bai’s plan.

If he hadn’t discovered the fat and thin duo in Bai Xi’s Courtyard, Lin Bai’s plan would have been even more difficult to carry out.

“Right, it’s still useful to use the two of you!” Bai Xi understood and smiled. “After all, you still have to monitor me!”

Fatty quickly said, “How would we dare to keep an eye on you? Stop joking, we won’t dare to do it again!”

“What he said is true. You have to continue to keep an eye on Bai Xi and inform the City Lord about what happened in Bai Xi. Of course, only one person can go and keep an eye on him at a time. The other person…”

Lin Bai looked at Bai Xi. Bai Xi nodded knowingly and said, “I have an idea.”

The fat and thin duo were still outsiders after all. They were also a double-edged sword. If Lin Bai used them improperly, it would cause the mission to fail. For this reason, he would send one person to go and the other person would become a hostage.

Based on Lin Bai’s understanding of the two of them, they would not leave the other person and run away secretly. Even if they ran away… Lin Bai had a way.

Then, Lin Bai told the fat and thin duo, “That’s what I want you to do. If you don’t do as I say, or if you have second thoughts, then the other person will… On the contrary, if you cooperate sincerely, then it will definitely be beneficial to you.”

The fat and thin duo gritted their teeth and could only agree. After all, they were now fish on the chopping board.

“And this.”

As Lin Bai spoke, he took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket. It was the size of a pinky finger. This was what Fool Li had given to Lin Bai before he died. Lin Bai already knew its use.

Lin Bai poured out three pills from the porcelain bottle and gave them to Bai Xi, the thin man, and the fat man respectively.

“This is?”

Bai Xi looked at the pill in his hand. With his knowledge, he could not recognize what it was.

“Before you meet the City Lord, take the pill.”

Lin Bai did not explain much, but Bai Xi quickly understood its purpose. Only the fat and thin duo were confused.

After careful observation, Lin Bai concluded that this small porcelain bottle could wash away the demon qi in his body and block the erosion of the demni to a certain extent.

This way, after Bai Xi and the fat and thin duo met the City Lord, they would not be brainwashed by the City Lord’s demon qi…

“After that, it’s what you have to do, Bai Xi. There are still many people who believe in me. You have to continue to act as usual and not give yourself away. You have to help me…”

Lin Bai’s voice was very low when he said this, but it was still heard by the fat and thin duo. At this moment, they were extremely regretful. Why did they have to grow ears?

Everything that they had heard before was fine, but now that they had heard the plan, it was as if they had boarded a pirate ship and wouldn’t be able to disembark!

After Bai Xi heard Lin Bai’s plan, his eyes lit up and he said excitedly, “Alright, I think your plan will work!”

“Now, there’s still one more thing to do.”

As Lin Bai spoke, he looked at the fat and thin duo.

Fatty and thin man felt bitter in their hearts, but they could not say anything. They knew that it was useless to refuse, so they could only listen quietly. They only hoped that what Lin Bai was going to do next would not cause them to lose their lives.

“Now, skinny man, follow me out. After I give you a signal, pull this wooden cylinder.”

As Lin Bai spoke, he threw the wooden cylinder that he had looted from skinny back to skinny.

Skinny’s face was filled with confusion. “Pulling the wooden cylinder means asking the City Lord to send reinforcements. Why…” Not only skinny, even Bai Xi had a puzzled expression on her face.

“Just do as I say!”

Lin Bai did not intend to explain to the thin man. He released the rope on the thin man’s body and brought Little Green, Little Black, and the thin man out together.

As for the fatty, he was taken hostage and stayed with Bai Xi.

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