Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 266 - I’m Going To Disappoint You

Chapter 266 I’m Going To Disappoint You

The thin man stretched out a thin finger and thought of the rockery in the middle of the courtyard. With the faint moonlight in the night sky, they could see something slowly squirming under the shadow of the rockery.

If it weren’t for the fact that the two of them were proficient in the art of hiding, they wouldn’t have been discovered by anyone else!

“Could it be that demon Lin Bai? Our chance has come, big brother!”

Fatty became excited. His fists were clenched so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. His eyes were filled with fanaticism as he resisted the urge to jump out and grab Lin Bai. Fatty and skinny followed the orders of the City Lord to Bai Xi’s residence. They were here to monitor Bai Xi’s every move and report all sorts of details to the City Lord so that he could determine if Bai Xi had done anything in secret.

Other than that, they also had another purpose, which was to prevent Lin Bai from sneaking over.

Bai Xi’s status was very important, and Bai Xi was on good terms with Lin Bai. Therefore, under He Qingyuan’s strong request, the City Lord agreed to He Qingyuan’s request and sent the two of them here.

“It’s very likely that it’s that demon, Lin Bai. However, we can’t alert him. Wait for me to alert the others first. Otherwise, if Lin Bai escapes and is blamed, we won’t be able to bear


As the thin man spoke, a wooden cylinder hurriedly escaped from his waist. The wooden cylinder was flowing with a dim luster, and there was a red rope tied behind it. Just as the thin man was about to pull the red rope, fatty stretched out his hand to stop him.

Fatty grabbed the thin man’s hand tightly. “Big brother, why do we have to share this merit with others! Our cultivation levels have stagnated. If we can capture Lin Bai with our own hands, then the City Lord will surely reward us handsomely. and by capturing the demon, we’ll be able to reap both fame and fortune.

When that time comes, we can also seek guidance from the City Lord and other experts, or exchange it for a breakthrough and get a position in law enforcement. This is an opportunity for us to excel!”

The fatty’s face was filled with greed. He did not allow the thin man to make a move at all, and even tried to persuade him.

When the thin man heard this, he also furrowed his brows tightly. What the fatty said about gambling was true. The two brothers’ cultivations had stagnated, and for this, they had searched for all sorts of methods.

And these methods that had the chance to break through were either too dangerous or too expensive for them. They simply couldn’t bring out that much wealth!

At this moment, if they really told fatty that they could catch the demon Lin Bai with their own hands, then their stagnated cultivation levels might not necessarily not be able to improve. Most importantly, if they could catch the demon Lin Bai, then their future would be very bright!

In this world, what was the most important thing? That was cultivation, and that was their own strength!

The strong could turn the clouds and rain with a flip of their hands, controlling life and death, while the weak could only be enslaved by the strong, becoming fish meat on the chopping board. Many times, they could not even control their own life and death, and could only watch the expressions of the strong as they lived cautiously.

Just as the thin man was deep in thought, fatty urged him.

“How is it, big brother?! This might be our last chance! If we don’t gamble now, we’ll definitely regret it in the future!”

The smile on fatty’s face became difficult to suppress because they saw that the usually cautious big brother now had a little eagerness and emotion on his face..

“I don’t seek to be successful, but I don’t want to make mistakes… Today, I’ll break this creed of mine and gamble! Lin Bai had escaped from He Qingyuan’s, so it was impossible for him to be unharmed. He would definitely be slightly injured, and with the flawless cooperation between the two of us… There is a chance, and it was very big! He’s over there!”

A vicious look appeared in the thin man’s eyes. Under the pale moonlight, his face was also crazily distorted, and his body was slowly trembling in excitement.

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh!

Right at this moment, a series of soft sounds could be heard.

“Over there!”

Fatty looked at the attic opposite him. In the shadow of the balcony on the second floor of the attic, there seemed to be something moving left and right!

“It must be this Lin Bai, right? Let’s do it!”

The skinny man gave the order and took out his weapon from his waist. “Alright! Big brother, from now on, we don’t have to look at other people’s expressions anymore. It’s only a matter of time before we break through our cultivation!”

Fatty started laughing. He was originally afraid that he wouldn’t be able to convince his big brother. At that time, all the credit would be taken away by others, and he really didn’t know when the two of them would be able to raise their cultivation levels.

“Ha… yawn…”

Just as the tall and short, fat and thin duo were rubbing their fists and preparing to hide in the shadows and use their own advantages to bury Lin Bai, a lazy and long yawn came from behind them.

The fatty and the thin man were quick-witted, like a spring, and quickly jumped up to increase the distance between them.

Even though the two of them were excitedly planning how to attack, they did not let down their guard at all. They were constantly paying attention to their surroundings, and now, someone had sneaked up behind them. They did not even notice it, causing the two of them to break out in a layer of cold sweat.

That meant that their life and death were completely controlled by someone. It was as if they had walked through the gates of Hell and did not even know it!

“Who are you?!”

The skinny man’s tone was cold. His knees and body were slightly bent, and he was ready to make a move.

Cold sweat dripped down the fatty’s forehead. His slender eyes stared at the figure in the shadows, not daring to be careless.

“You’ve finally finished speaking. I’ve fallen asleep listening to you!”

The figure in the shadows slowly walked towards the moonlight. There was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. His expression was peaceful and calm, as if he was here to admire the moon. “Lin Bai! You actually dared to come and throw your life away. You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

The fatty gritted his teeth as he spoke, glaring fiercely at Lin Bai. However, he was actually feeling a little apprehensive in his heart.

“Hmph, don’t put on an act. Under He Qingyuan’s pursuit, you definitely won’t be safe. I advise you to surrender. The City Lord will help you break away from your demonic nature. When your demonic nature fades, the City Lord will definitely give you justice!”

The thin man’s body was like a taut spring, ready to make a move at any moment. “That’s right. We advise you to surrender, so that you won’t have to suffer a little. You, a beastmaster, actually dare to come in front of us martial artists. You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth. How arrogant!”

After fatty heard what the skinny man said, the grumbling in his heart dissipated quite a bit.

Lin Bai smiled once again. That fresh breathe like warm smile under the moonlight made the skinny man and fatty feel a little creepy.

“Then I might have to disappoint you!”

As Lin Bai spoke, his figure flashed and he charged towards the two people in front of him alone without activating his subdued beast.

“Are you stupid? You actually dared to fight us head-on. Then don’t blame us!”

Seeing how arrogant Lin Bai was, the doubts and strange feelings in fatty’s heart instantly disappeared. He felt that Lin Bai was too arrogant. His calf tightened and suddenly expanded, and he charged towards Lin Bai at an even faster speed.

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