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Chapter 247 - Testing The Small Cauldron

Chapter 247: Testing The Small Cauldron

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At this moment, Lin Bai did not know that because of him, the people who had come with him had all been thrown into the prison of the City Lord’s Estate. He was studying the ordinary small cauldron in front of him.

Logically speaking, it was impossible that there were no changes after the commotion just now. However, that was the truth. The small cauldron did not have any reaction. If Lin Bai had not held it in his hand, he would not even have noticed that it had become heavier.

“That huge formation just now almost sucked all the spiritual energy in my body dry. What exactly was that thing…”

Lin Bai muttered to himself. He frowned and fell into deep thought. The danger to his life just now was not a joke.

Under such a dangerous situation, he had a premonition that if he had not summoned the black cauldron later, he might really have been sucked dry of spiritual energy by the mysterious array formation and the altar.

Lin Bai could not resist such power at all. It carried a great pressure, and even his body could not move. Besides that, it was useless for him to summon Little Green, Little Red, and other pet beasts.

Even the Ruoshui sword, which had saved him from fire and water many times, could not do it. One had to know that the Ruoshui sword was the sword immortal’s Natal Sword. Its power could be imagined, but because Lin Bai was not strong enough now, most of the sword’s power was sealed.

As Lin Bai grew stronger, the seal would also be broken. This was to prevent him from suddenly grasping a powerful magic treasure and being unable to suppress it. There might even be a backlash.

However, even if more than half of the Ruoshui sword was sealed, its strength could not be underestimated. It had played a huge role in the previous battles. If it was not for the Ruoshui sword, Lin Bai would have died a long time ago.

“Why would there be a reaction when the black cauldron is summoned.

Lin Bai was puzzled. “Could it be that this cauldron has some connection with this array altar?”

However, from the spiritual energy fluctuations between the two, there was no connection at all. There was not even any similarity. It was as if there was a mysterious and unfathomable force that connected them together.

Perhaps everything that happened just now was just an accident. However, Lin Bai did not believe that there would be such a coincidence in this world. The only explanation was that he had missed something.

“What on Earth is it?”

Lin Bai looked at the small cauldron floating in the air. At this moment, it appeared to be extremely obedient. It did not dare to head east or west. However, just before, the small cauldron was not under his command. It seemed to have lost control.

However, it just so happened that it accidentally entered the inner part of the altar and absorbed the spiritual energy inside the altar. Including the spiritual energy that the array formation and the altar absorbed from Lin Bai’s body, it all went into the small black cauldron, instead, it solved Lin Bai’s


Lin Bai Thought for a long time but did not have any leads. However, there was one thing that he was sure of. The small black cauldron was definitely related to the thing in front of him.

It was said that experiments were the only way to test one’s true knowledge. Lin Bai decided to test it out.

Red, green, and black lights flashed in the sky. Little Red, Little Green, and Little Black appeared beside Lin Bai.

(Ding! ]

[ The host has passed on thirty days of cultivation to Little Green. ]

[500 times return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ The host has received 15,000 days of Cultivation! ]

(Ding! ]

{ The host has passed on ten days of cultivation to Little Red. ]

[800-fold return has been successfully triggered! ]

{ The host has obtained 8,000 days of cultivation! ]

Following the sound of the system notification, Little Green and Little Red had almost fully recovered from their injuries. Even a portion of Lin Bai’s spiritual energy, which had been sucked away earlier, had also recovered due to the return of the system’s cultivation.

His complexion was visibly improving, Although it was still a little pale, it was much better than his previous state of exhaustion. He believed that he would be able to fully recover in just a few more times with the addition of the power transmission.

“Little Red, try using fire.”

Little Red was the first that came to Lin Bai’s mind. After all, refining a cauldron required fire. It could be said that it was indispensable. The two complemented and countered each other, yet they complemented each other.

Little Red nodded her head in a human-like manner. The feathers on her body became even more vivid. Flames shot out and landed on the small cauldron.

The huge flame fell like a fireball, making the small cauldron even smaller. In an instant, it was swallowed by the tongue of fire. It made people wonder if it would be burned to ashes in the next second.

Lin Bai’s line of sight could no longer see the small cauldron.

The high temperature in the surroundings caused the air to become distorted and countless gases to evaporate. If Lin Bai and Little Red had not signed a life contract and could share the flame without being affected, they would have already disappeared into thin air. Even so, his mouth and tongue were a

little dry.

However, it was under such high temperature that the flame flowed into a vast ocean. One could vaguely see something black floating in it, as if it was an item from another world, full of mystery.

The small cauldron didn’t even turn red, much less melt. Its color became even darker, as if it was a thousand-year-old black iron. It was as if the flames were nothing more than a tickle to it, and there was still no change.

Lin Bai frowned and said, “Little Red, increase the flames a little more.”


A loud sound could be heard as the flames wrapped around the sphere and smashed down from the sky. Little Red spread its wings and flapped its wings, surrounding the small cauldron. The feathers around its body became even more brilliant.

In particular, the tail feather in the middle was flowing with light and colors. It was as if sparks were falling from it, and in the next second, it would turn into a flame and burn.

With such a high temperature, even Lin Bai’s face was flushed red. He felt a little uncomfortable, and if it weren’t for the array formation and the altar, everything else would have melted into the flame..

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