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Chapter 233 - Greedy Heart

Chapter 233: Greedy Heart

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Seeing that Lin Bai did not fall for it, the monster became angry out of

embarrassment. “Alright, then I’l see how you die under the siege of these

people. When the time comes, I’ll make you cry and kneel beside me, begging

me to help you.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t see such a scene even till your death.”

Not expecting Lin Bai to be so stubbom, the City Lord laughed coldly and said,

“Everyone, don’t talk nonsense with this monster, lest he tries to stall for time

and escape

Hearing that, the elders all felt that it was very reasonable, and their attacks

became more and more ruthless. All kinds of attacks came one after another. It

could be said that it was airtight, and Lin Bai did not even have a chance to

catch his breath.

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The five elements spiritual power rose

from the ground. An elder controlled the power of metal, and all kinds of

weapons surrounded Lin Bai and attacked him. If he was not careful, he would

be pierced like a hedgehog.

Lin Bai’s figure was as light as lightning, and he quickly evaded through them.

Not only did he have to dodge these blades, but he also had to pay attention to

the vines that suddenly appeared from time to time under his feet. These vines

were extremely tough, and once they entangled him, it would be difficult to

escape. Moreover, ordinary methods would not be able to break them.

It was not easy to use sword qi to cut them into several pieces. However, they

actually split into multiple parts and regenerated. These vines were hard to

guard against, and there were already a few red marks that had been slapped

on Lin Bai’s body.


A few more vines waved around like a long swimming dragon. The scene could

be said to be a chaotic dance of demons. Fortunately, Lin Bai had dodged in

time. Otherwise, if he had been hit by them, even if he did not die, he would

have lost a layer of skin.

At this moment, the air pressure suddenly became extremely low. A ball of pale

blue gas slowly formed above Lin Bai’s head. Even the air became much wetter.

The ice-blue crystal quickly climbed up to the wall and approached Lin Bai.

Lin Bai frowned. He seemed to have sensed something. He formed a spell with

his hand and a white light suddenly appeared. It formed a protective divine

light around him. Accompanied bya ding dong sound, it was as if countless

things had hit the protective barrier.

Upon closer inspection, they were all blue crystals that were as thin as cow

hair. Their tails were incomparably sharp, and carried an icy cold aura. If Lin

Bai had not reacted in time, he would have been pierced into a sieve.

The blue crystals fell to the ground and instantly turned into countless small

water droplets that gathered together. An icy blue water ball appeared in front

of everyone, and one could vaguely see the water flowing within it. It

ransformed into a hundred-foot-long water dragon that whistled over.

The water vapor that filled the sky condensed in the palm of the elder. Even the

air was compressed. Immediately after, another elder emitted a blazing flame.

Not only did the lowered temperature rapidly rise, but it also became scorching

hot once again.

The fire dragon followed closely behind the water dragon. When the two

collided, the enormous energy that exploded out even distorted the air, almost

sending Lin Bai flying.

He steadied his body. The impact of all kinds of energy had already exhausted

his mental strength, and he still had to deal with the spikes that emerged from

the ground Those earth spikes were sharp and hard. They appeared and

disappeared mysteriously. He had already suffered from thema few times.

It was said that one could not multitask with one’s mind. At this moment, Lin

Bai not only had to pay attention to the dangers in the sky, but also the dangers

on the ground. In addition to the emergence of the earth spikes, it had already

distracted him and caused him to suffer a lot of injuries.

Lin Bai only felt a strong smell of blood in his mouth. He wiped the blood from

the corner of his mouth and noticed that the spiritual power in his body was

gradually drying up. The creases between his brows were almost enough to

pinch a mosquito to death.

He had already used up a lot of spiritual power previously, not to mention that

he had to fight against several great elders. He could not help but showa

decline and start to be at a disadvantage. It was only a matter of time before he

was defeated in this way.

The other party had the advantage in numbers. Just a round-robin battle could

exhaust him to death.

“Little Green, Little Red, Little Black!”

With no other choice, Lin Bai could only summon them, hoping that he could

temporarily delay the footsteps of the elders so that he could have a way to

break out of the encirclement.

Everyone looked at the Azure Dragon, the Phoenix, and the mysterious turtle

that suddenly appeared in front of them. They could not help but stare with

their mouths agape. Even though these few beasts were seriously injured, it

still did not damage the dignity of the Divine Beasts.

“This demonic beast can actually control these divine beasts!”

“These divine beasts must have been bewitched by the demonic beast. We must

rescue them as soon as possible.”

These people spoke in a dignified manner, but the greedy gazes in their eyes

could not deceive anyone. After all, these were all divine beasts! They were

existences that could only be met by chance but not sought after.

Moreover, from the looks of their appearance and the aura that they emitted, it

should not be as simple as crossbreeding or having a weak divine beast

bloodline. It was either a complete atavism, or the divine beast bloodline

within their bodies had been activated.

One had to know that in the current market, any beast that was close to

dragons and phoenixes had decent strength, not to mention those like Little

Green and Little Red who had evolved so well. How could they not be touched?

Lin Bai sneered. Seeing their expressions, he knew what they were thinking.

Although Little Green and Little Red were injured, they also knew that Lin Bai

was in danger. They were going to go all out to fight a bloody path for Lin Bai.

The sky-reaching flames burned the space. Accompanied by Little Green’s

dragon roar, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The two forces

interweaved, and their power was on par with that of metal, wood, water, fire,

and earth.

Little Black opened up a defensive barrier just in time, covering the sky above

Little Green, Little Red, and Lin Bai.

While Little Green and Little Red were fighting with the others, Lin Bai

whispered to Little Treasure, “Go and see if there’s another way out.”

Little “Treasure could see all kinds of ways to escape. Its green bean-sized eyes

flashed with a human-like light and it disappeared in an instant.

Lin Bai wielded his Ruoshui and waved countless sword lights again. Together

with Little Green and Little Red, they continued to fight with these people.

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