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Chapter 208 - Certain Death Situation

Chapter 208: Certain Death Situation

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The black fog that had previously ambushed Yan Hua and then appeared incomparably ferocious in front of everyone was now curled up in a cage made of sword qi.

“You bunch of foolish humans, how dare you imprison me. If my Lord knew, he would definitely make you suffer the most terrifying punishment in this world. You would fall into the abyss of Hell and suffer eternal suppression. Your souls would never be at peace!”

“Tremble, my Lord will make your flesh and blood spill over the entire abyss. Your skulls will become the best containers. Your skins will rot together with the sludge of the abyss. You will not be reincarnated and will suffer every moment of your existence!”

The black fog’s voice was extremely sharp and was accompanied by intermittent screams. Its mouth spoke words that made people shudder in fear. Perhaps if it was its huge and evil body like before, everyone would feel a chill from the soles of their feet just listening to its description of the existence it spoke of.

But now, such a small one was shackled by the sword qi. From time to time, as it came into contact with the sword qi, its body would emit black smoke, and then it would shrink a little. It looked very pitiful. Coupled with its sinister words, not only did it not seem horrifying, it was even somewhat comical.

No one knew where it had so many words. It kept cursing and swearing. The fear and panic on everyone’s faces disappeared a lot and was replaced by speechlessness.


Lin Baiq’s cold and deep male voice sounded. The sword aura suddenly emitted a huge light, as if it could crush everything. The black fog screamed and immediately shrank into a corner, shivering like a frightened quail. It could no longer make a sound.

“Elder Yan, are you alright?”

The black fog could not cause any waves for the time being. Only then did everyone remember Yan Hua and the others who were injured. They quickly went forward to check the situation.

Yan Hua closed his eyes tightly. Black fog surged around his eyes. From time to time, there would be tears of blood left behind. The other guardian elders also had the same expression.

Everyone’s hearts could not help but feel heavy. It was likely that they would not be able to refine pills like this.

“What should we do now?”

“What exactly was that strange black gas just now? Why did it disguise itself as the Vice City Lord? And the Lord it spoke of, the descent? The abyss? What exactly are these things?”

Even those who were kept in the dark felt that something was wrong. The various signs that the black gas had revealed just now indicated that everything was not simple.

Those words just now were like a dark cloud hanging over everyone’s heads. They had clearly only come to the City Lord’s Estate to treat the City Lord’s illness, but now it seemed like they were involved in a difficult problem.

Yan Hua’s expression was unsightly, as if he was going to die in the next second. Other than being injured by the black fog’s sneak attack, he was also worried about He Qingyuan. Since the black fog could disguise itself as Ren Zeyuan and come over, it was likely that there would be a major problem on that side. It was possible that they were all wiped out.

Thinking up to this point, Yan Hua could only feel the blood churning in his throat. He spat out large mouthfuls of black blood, causing everyone to feel even more flustered. Yan Hua was their backbone. If Yan Hua was to fall, they wouldn’t even know what to do.

“Are we unable to get out?”

Even if the black mist was controlled, the words just now were still lingering in everyone’s hearts. He Qingyuan, Ren Zeyuan, and the others had also been killed.

The black fog should still have an master, and judging from its tone, the master was very powerful. If its master found out, then it would be their turn to be dealt with.

“I’m still young, I don’t want to die yet…”

“I don’t want anything, I want to go out, okay?”

Someone’s voice was mixed with a sobbing tone. Although Yan Hua’s eyes were injured and he couldn’t see the current scene, he could guess, “Everyone, don’t panic.”

Even though he didn’t have much confidence in saying these words.

“Now, we can only win a slim chance of survival by refining the pill.”

If they didn’t refine it, they would definitely die. Refine it and they might still have a way to live, although the chances of survival were very slim.

“Since the City Lord is suffering from a strange disease, then what’s with this black qi?”

Probably because everyone was too flustered, no one connected the City Lord and the black gas together. Only Lin Bai was able to point out this problem.

Although Yan Hua had little contact with Lin Bai, he recognized his voice. Just now, it was Lin Bai who had restrained the black gas. He did not speak, but his eyes that were filled with blood and tears fell on Lin Bai’s position.

For a moment, the atmosphere was extremely quiet. A strange aura spread among the crowd.

“We don’t have much time left. We should refine the pill first. Otherwise, no one will be able to escape.”

Seeing that Yan Hua did not seem to be lying, everyone’s hearts trembled. Undoubtedly, it confirmed what the black qi said before. One after another, they urged, “Elder Yan, then hurry up and refine the pill. So many of our lives are in your hands.”

Yan Hua revealed a bitter smile. “My eyes are injured and my spiritual essence is greatly damaged. Do you think I can refine it?”

Everyone’s heart seemed to have fallen to the bottom. It was over. This was the common thought of everyone.

Among everyone present, only Yan Hua and the others had a higher level of pill refinement and could refine a ninth-grade pill. Now that Yan Hua and the others were injured and couldn’t refine the pill, what was the difference between this and waiting for death.

“Then aren’t we doomed?”

“Why don’t we all go up and try to see if we can refine the pills? There might be a miracle.”

“It’s said that three stooges are better than Zhuge Liang. With so many of us, we should be able to refine it.”

“Are you stupid? This is a ninth-grade pill. Is it possible to refine it with so many people?”

“Then tell me what you have in mind. It’s better than waiting here to die!”

Yan Hua had a faint premonition that perhaps Lin Bai was the only key to breaking the deadlock. He could tell from the method he used to subdue the black qi without any hesitation just now..

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