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Chapter 145 - Serious Injuries

Chapter 145: Serious Injuries

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When Lin Bai woke up, it was already evening. Seeing him open his eyes, the little disciple beside him could not help but smile happily, “That’s great. Senior Brother Lin, you’re finally awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Lin Bai shook his head. Bai He had also rushed over from outside. He finally could not help but let out a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, you’re awake. Otherwise, we would only be able to take you around to seek help.”

“Don’t worry, my life is tough. I won’t die.”

Hearing Lin Bai’s slightly joking tone, he would have really thought that Lin Bai was fine if it were not for his pale face and weak voice.

“Senior brother Lin, you don’t know how anxious we were. When we saw you being carried back by the people from the Alchemist Association, we thought that something big had happened to you. In the end, we asked them but they didn’t say anything. They just said that you had made a big mistake and had been expelled from the Alchemist Association. We didn’t dare to ask too much.”

“Yeah, what exactly happened to senior brother Lin? Weren’t you fine when you went? How did you become like this in such a short time?”

“Did someone from the Alchemist Association make things difficult for you? Senior Brother Lin, if you tell us, we will also help you come up with ideas.”

Everyone was talking at the same time. They were very curious about what had happened. Before Lin Bai could say anything, Bai He, who was next to him, frowned and said,

“What are you all talking about? Don’t ask about things you shouldn’t ask. Focus on your cultivation. Having so many people here will disturb Lin Bai’s rest. All of you, go back to your rooms.”

Because of Bai He’s usual authority, everyone dispersed like birds and beasts. They only told Lin Bai to rest well. When everyone left, only Lin Bai and Bai He were left in the room.

“Thank you.”

Lin Bai knew that Bai He was asking these people to leave for his own good.

“These disciples are young, and they don’t know what to say. I asked them to leave to prevent any news from leaking out.” Bai He frowned. He knew that Lin Bai’s injuries were serious and didn’t seem to have been done by an ordinary person, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“What exactly happened? You were in such a sorry state, and you were even expelled from the Alchemist Association.”

Lin Bai could not help but reveal a bitter smile. He shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just bad luck. I was framed by a few villains.”

He briefly explained the cause and effect. He also explained how he was framed by Qian Ran and the others. In order to save Fool Li, he had barged into the Alchemist Association’s forbidden area. However, Lin Bai did not mention anything about Fool Li’s divine grade medicinal pills, Little Treasure’s existence, or that creature in the forbidden area.

It wasn’t that he doubted or didn’t trust Bai He, but he was worried that there were people listening. If one of these things were accidentally leaked, it could be said that it would be a disaster for the current him. He couldn’t bear any of it.

“I see.” Bai He couldn’t help but sigh. “I didn’t know that you were such a warm-hearted person.”

According to Lin Bai’s progress and momentum in the Alchemist Association, he was about to enter the City Lord’s estate. It could be said that he had a bright future ahead of him. However, because of a fool, he was framed and almost had all of his spiritual power destroyed. He was also expelled from the Alchemist Association.

Although this was Lin Bai’s own choice, in the eyes of an outsider like Bai He, it was still not worth it. “Don’t you regret doing this?”

Lin Bai shook his head, “I think the biggest difference between humans and those demonic beasts is that people have a bottom line. Otherwise, what’s the difference between humans and those wild beasts that eat raw meat and drink blood? Moreover, after losing spiritual power, I can cultivate again. At worst, I can just start all over again.”

Bai He glanced sideways, as if he didn’t expect Lin Bai to have such a broad mind and free and easy temperament. This made him feel that Lin Bai was even more worthy of being close to.

“As expected, I didn’t misjudge you. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be far more powerful than I imagined. Now that you say it like that, it makes me seem like the one with a narrow mindset.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, appearing to have a special tacit understanding. Lin Bai had another reason that he didn’t say out loud. The reason why he was so confident and was because he had the return system, which was why he dared to take the risk.

After all, as long as there was a trace of spiritual energy, he would be able to receive multiple returns from the system. There would be an endless supply of spiritual energy. It was only a matter of time before he recovered his spiritual energy.

Bai He left behind a bottle of high-quality pills. This was something that his master had left for him before he left. He had always been reluctant to use it, but now, he had given it to Lin Bai.

“You should rest well. If there was anything that you need, just let me know. There’s no need to be polite.

Lin Bai could faintly smell the medicinal fragrance coming from within. It was enough to tell how precious this bottle of medicinal pills was. Logically speaking, these medicinal pills weren’t common, yet Bai He had taken them out so easily. By the time he really wanted to reject them, Bai He had already left.

After everyone had left and he made sure that there was no one around, coupled with Bai He’s earlier instructions, it was likely that no one else would come and disturb them. Only then did Lin Bai call out to Little Green, Little Red, and the others.

Previously, he didn’t know how they had gotten out of the forbidden area. These three little ones had suffered quite a number of injuries. Other than Little Red, the others were injured but it wasn’t serious. They had mostly recovered in the pet dimension.

Little Red, on the other hand, had been attacked by the black fog previously and had suffered serious injuries. At this moment, it didn’t look too good. Not only were its feathers dim, it was bald here and there. All of it was corroded by the black fog, the wounds looked extremely terrifying.

It was not in good spirits either. Its golden pupils were filled with an aura of death. Originally, it would have leaned intimately against Lin Bai, but now, it cried out weakly, as if it was about to die.

Lin Bai frowned. “Why are you injured so badly? It looks like I let down my guard.”

Little Red rubbed against his hand in a very human manner, as if it was silently comforting him.. Fortunately, Lin Bai saw that the other beasts were in good condition and did not need to worry too much.

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