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Chapter 126 - Mysterious Card

Chapter 126: Mysterious Card

Lin Bai wanted to ask Fool Li why he was here. After all, it was difficult for him to solve the maze outside, much less fool Li. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Fool Li was still in good spirits and didn’t suffer any obvious injuries. There were many fine scratches on his exposed arm. It must have been caused by passing through the dense forest.

“Senior brother!” Fool Li grabbed Lin Bai’s arm nervously. “I’m telling you, there are ghosts here. Run quickly, don’t let them catch you.”

After saying that, fool Li looked around nervously, afraid that something might jump out from the dark corner.

Could it be that the ghosts he was talking about were those shadow monsters? Lin Bai felt a headache when he thought of those monsters that could not be beaten to death and could heal themselves and split themselves every time he dealt fatal damage.

Based on the monsters’ attitude towards him, it was impossible that they didn’t notice the existence of Fool Li. How did Fool Li stay safe and sound here? Did you see those shadows?”

“Shadows? What shadows? There are only ghosts here!” Fool Li shook his head like a rattle-drum.

Lin Bai couldn’t investigate further. It could only be attributed to Fool Li’s good luck. It could be that the legendary fool was blessed. Compared to his journey through the thistles and thorns, it was a miracle that Fool Li was only slightly injured here.

“Forget it. Now is not the time to chat. Let’s leave this damned place first.” Lin Bai pulled Fool Li and was about to walk forward, but he found that he was not moving at all.

“There are ghosts here, but there is also master’s aura.”

“I can feel it. Master was here before, but this aura is so faint. Where is master…”

Fool li muttered to himself, “Damn it, why can’t I remember? Where exactly is master!” Fool Li seemed to have suddenly gone mad as he slapped his own head.

If Lin Bai hadn’t stopped him in time, he would have crashed into the wall beside him. The force was so strong that Lin Bai stumbled and almost lost his balance.

“What master?”

Lin Bai was a little confused. He saw that Fool Li was mumbling something and could barely hear the words “Pill”, “Cauldron”, “Mountain Peak”, he did not know what he was trying to say.

Seeing that Fool Li had suddenly gone crazy and was shouting loudly, Lin Bai quickly covered his mouth afraid that he would attract the shadow monsters. “Don’t be noisy. This place is very dangerous. I’ll take you out.”

“Uh uh, I want to find master…”

Lin Bai could only follow his words. “Okay, I’ll take you to find master.”

This sentence was very effective. As expected, Fool Li became quiet and obediently followed behind Lin Bai. However, at the next second, when he turned the corner, Fool Li suddenly ran forward at lightning speed. It was impossible for him to react in time.

“Eldest senior brother, you should go. I’m going to find master!”

After he left this sentence, his last syllable was dragged extremely long in the narrow and long tunnel. It was somewhat distorted and overlapped. It was as if there was an unknown existence speaking with him, causing people to feel that his voice had become toned.

Lin Bai reacted quickly and hurriedly chased after him. “Wait a moment.” However, at the corner, Fool Li’s figure flashed and disappeared into the darkness. It was as if he had vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared. It was as if everything that had happened just now had been Lin Bai’s hallucination. He looked at the unfathomable hole in front of him. The narrow and dark tunnel was like the stomach of an unknown giant beast, swallowing all of Fool Li.

Not to mention his figure, even the sound of his footsteps could not be heard. Only Lin Bai’s breathing, which was somewhat hurried because he had run too fast, could be heard.

Lin Bai stared fixedly, his eyes flashing with a dark light. Could it be that there was some kind of spell formation? Otherwise, why would Fool Li suddenly disappear? He carefully observed the situation around him, but did not find anything.

Even the surrounding walls were solid. There was no trace of any mechanism. This was strange. Why would a living person disappear just like that? And it was right under his nose. It was impossible for him to have a tunneling technique.

Lin Bai looked at the path that extended into the depths of the darkness. There seemed to be no end to it. He did not know where it would lead to. After hesitating for a moment, he chose to advance. After the shadow monster’s chase, he did not know where he was now.

Moreover, Lin Bai was not someone who would give up easily. It was not easy for him to find Fool Li. Although he had slipped away, he could not just leave him here. After all, this cave was too strange.

The further back he went, the darker it became. The flame on his fingertip could originally illuminate a distance of dozens of meters, but now it had shrunk to just one meter. It was only within Lin Bai’s range of vision. Further ahead, it was pitch black, he could not see anything clearly.

Lin Bai had once tried to throw the flame over and rush out a path, but it would always be extinguished suddenly. It was as if there was some unknown invisible existence blocking it. He could only take it one step at a time, he carefully groped his way forward.

In the darkness, he could feel some kind of cold object, as if it could pierce through clothing and the protective light around his body, piercing straight into his internal organs, like a cold snake.

Lin Bai subconsciously reached out to touch the cold object. The bone-piercing chill made him shiver. He took it out and saw that it was the token he had picked up last time.

Previously, he had thought that Qian Ran and the others had left it behind. Later on, Qian Ran did not ask for it from him, so Lin Bai had forgotten about it. He had kept it with him all this time. Now, for some reason, the card was emitting a cold aura. Its appearance had also undergone some changes.

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