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Chapter 123 - Little Treasure Made A Contribution

Chapter 123: Little Treasure Made A Contribution

Lin Bai searched the entire back mountain but did not find any trace of Fool Li. He was not even at the place where he frequented. When he asked others, they said that they had seen him running towards the direction of the dense forest. That was the location of the forbidden area.

When he arrived at the forbidden area, as expected, he found Fool Li’s shoes hanging alone on the treetops. However, there was no trace of its owner.

Could it be that he really ran in?

The stone tablet stood not far away, like a silent guardian, warning people to not step into this mysterious land. From Lin Bai’s point of view, he could only see the huge trees that blotted out the sky, no one knew what was inside.

Thinking of the extreme-grade pills that Fool Li gave him, the preciousness of that bottle of medicinal pills was needless to say. Perhaps no one in the entire alchemist association owned that. No matter what, Lin Bai could not sit idly by.

How could Qian Ran and the others be so kind as to inform him that something had happened to Fool Li? It was possible that they had done something to trick Lin Bai. However, regardless of whether it was a dragon’s Den or a tiger’s den in front, he had to take a risk.

Hidden in the shadows, Qian Ran and the others had been observing Lin Bai’s every move. Seeing that he had finally stepped into the forbidden area, they finally felt relieved.

“Fortunately, he went in. I almost thought that he wouldn’t go in. It seems that this Lin Bai really values Fool Li. It’s really strange. They’ve only known each other for so long.”

“Why do you care so much? Anyway, our goal has been achieved. Now that he has gone in, how could he possibly come out alive?”

Qian Ran revealed a sinister smile, as if he had already seen the scene of Lin Bai’s head being chopped off.

At this moment, Lin Bai had already stepped into the forbidden area. The surroundings were covered with trees that blotted out the Sun. The weak sunlight fell through the gaps between the leaves, and one could vaguely see the dust flying about. This place seemed extremely ordinary, and there was nothing unusual about it.

There was just one thing. It was too quiet. There wasn’t even the sound of insects or birds chirping. Only the sound of Lin Bai stepping on the withered branches and leaves made it seem even more deathly silent. It was as if he had come to some sort of life-threatening land. It made people feel an inexplicable sense of panic.

There must be something strange going on. Lin Bai secretly raised his vigilance. After walking for a moment, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He looked at the big tree beside him. Although the trees here were almost the same in length, his memory had always been very good.

If he remembered correctly, he had clearly walked past this place just now.

Lin Bai secretly kept his guard up. He walked around again and saw the familiar big tree and the tree stumps beside it. He was sure that he had just walked past this road.

“Did I get lost, or did I run into some kind of formation?”

Lin Bai didn’t dare to let his guard down. He summoned the four pet beasts. The huge formation with him as the center spread rapidly in all directions. Little Green was like a green vine that immediately wrapped around his hand.

The tail feathers of the Red Luan were extremely gorgeous. Even the dark environment around them seemed to have become a little brighter.

“Little Red, fly to the sky and see if there’s any other way.”

The surrounding trees and environment were exactly the same, making people confused. Perhaps there would be some new discoveries at a higher altitude.

Little Red nodded in a human-like manner. It quickly circled in the air and then disappeared. Not long after, Lin Bai heard the clear chirping of birds. From far to near, a small black dot appeared on the horizon. It was Little Red, who had just flown out.

Just as he had expected, it was possible that he had fallen into some kind of inexplicable formation when he had just stepped into the forbidden area.

“So amazing. I actually didn’t notice anything.” Lin Bai couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder the legends said that those who had entered the forbidden area by mistake had never returned. This formation was probably enough to make a person suffer.

Lin Bai wasn’t good at breaking the array formation. If he could find the location of the array formation, he could destroy it. The key was that he couldn’t walk out now, let alone find the array formation.

Little Treasure seemed to have noticed something. He chirped and pulled on Lin Bai’s sleeve. “You mean you want me to follow you? Do you know the way?”

Little Treasure nodded.

How could he have forgotten this? Little Treasure was a treasure-hunting mouse. Normal maze arrays and formations were useless against it. Thinking of this, Lin Bai asked Little Treasure to lead the way. The others were responsible for keeping an eye on the surroundings, in case there was any sudden danger.

Little Treasure stood up straight and sniffed the air. His whiskers twitched as well. He looked very cute. Then, he walked in a certain direction.

Lin Bai followed behind him. He didn’t know how he walked, but after a while, the road in front of him became more and more open. Without the cover of the ancient trees, his line of sight became extremely wide. He had clearly walked out of the maze.

“Little Treasure, you’ve made a meritorious service this time.”

After receiving Lin Bai’s praise, Little Treasure puffed out his chest proudly. He looked very pleased with himself.

However, Lin Bai looked around and did not find any trace of Fool Li. Where would he go?


Just as Lin Bai was thinking about where to go, he heard a faint beast roar. It seemed to come from a very far place, but it also seemed to be very close.

When he wanted to listen carefully, he did not hear it. It seemed to be an illusion.

However, Little Green and Little Red suddenly straightened up. Their beast eyes were filled with vigilance as they looked around, as if they were looking for the source of the sound.

“You guys heard it too?”

Lin Bai suspected that this was not an illusion. He began to walk towards the direction of the sound. It should be in the southeast direction. After a few steps, a cave appeared before Lin Bai’s eyes.

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