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Chapter 120 - Conspiracy Revealed

Chapter 120: Conspiracy Revealed

They didn’t expect Zhong Haoran to come looking for them. After hearing his plan, Qian Ran and the others showed a hesitant look.

“Would there be any problems if we do this? That’s the forbidden area we’re talking about.”

Zhong Haoran mocked them in his heart for being too timid and not being able to achieve great things. However, he comforted them on the surface, “It’s not like we’re asking you to enter the forbidden area by yourself. We’re just asking you to lure that fool into the forbidden area. What’s there to be afraid of?”

The few of them looked at each other, “But, that forbidden area…”

The existence of the forbidden area in the Alchemist Association was something that many people knew. But regarding the origin of this forbidden area, what was inside, and why others were not allowed to enter, no one knew.

Some said that there was a sinner imprisoned inside, some said that the chief murderer was sealed inside, some said that there was a secret about the founder of the Alchemist Association, and some said that there were treasures buried inside. All in all, there were different opinions and many legends.

But one thing was certain, no one was allowed to enter the forbidden area. Once they entered, they would definitely be punished severely, and their lives might even be in danger.

There were once a few newbies who were not afraid because they were curious and wanted to go to the forbidden area to investigate, but in the end, they all mysteriously disappeared. There were no bones left, and there was no traces of them. The forbidden area was even covered with the shadow of death.

Later on, there were a few alchemists who did not believe in this. Perhaps it was because they were greedy and wanted to obtain the legendary treasure, or they wanted to take a risk. None of them came out alive.

Even the elders wanted to solve the mystery of the forbidden area, but they almost fell for it. Although they were alive, they ran out of the forbidden area crazily. Their appearance was not much better than that of Fool Li. After that, their whereabouts were unknown, no one knew where they went.

With the previous experience, everyone avoided the forbidden land. Therefore, there were no guards around the forbidden land because everyone knew the danger there and would not approach it easily.

“But what? You only need to use a little trick to let that fool Li in. It’s a piece of cake. Didn’t you say that he was quite protective of Fool Li? If he knew that fool Li had entered the forbidden land by mistake, he would definitely go and save him.”

Seeing that they were a little tempted, Zhong Haoran continued to strike while the iron was hot. “How could the two of them come out alive after entering the forbidden area? No one would know what you did.”

Qian Ran and the others were a little tempted, but they were still a little hesitant. After all, they had not reached the point where they would fight to the death with Lin Bai. If that was the case, wouldn’t Lin Bai be put to death.

“Think about it carefully. After all, it was his fault. Now that Lin Bai has gained power, you have old grudges. In the end, either he is unlucky, or you are unlucky.”

Qian Ran thought of Lin Bai’s previous actions, and a hint of viciousness flashed in his eyes. “You’re right. Let’s make the first move to prevent him from taking revenge later on.”

The few of them discussed for a while before leaving. Zhong Haoran was satisfied. “If you want to enter the City Lord’s estate, you have to ask me whether I agree or not.”

He had a premonition that if Lin Bai was to enter the City Lord’s estate, who knew what would happen in the future? If he were to accidentally solve the problem, wouldn’t he be forever trampled under Chen Yan’s feet? There would be no turning back.

“Don’t blame me for being vicious. If you want to blame someone, blame Chen Yan for dragging you into this mess.”

Zhong Haoran’s eyes flickered with a sinister light, like a poisonous snake that was lurking in the dark. It made people’s hearts tremble when they saw it.

Qian Ran and the others discussed for a while and came up with a plan. Soon, they found Fool Li who was sunbathing on the mountainside. Who would have thought that this time, Fool Li was like a shrewd person.

When he saw them coming, Fool Li suddenly jumped up from the ground and ran forward without looking back.

Seeing that he was about to run away, Qian Ran and the others chased after him, “Fool Li, why are you running?”

“If I don’t run, do you think I’ll wait for you guys to beat me up? Do you really think I’m stupid?”

Hearing this, Qian Ran didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh.

He didn’t know what was going on. It was clearly a steep slope, but Fool Li ran as if he was walking on flat ground without any obstacles. On the contrary, Qian Ran and the others were panting and tired like dead dogs.

Seeing that Fool Li had turned into a small black dot and was about to disappear, Qian Ran and the others could only shout loudly, “Your eldest senior brother told us to find you!”

As expected, the small black dot in front of them was stunned on the spot.

“Is what you said true? Eldest senior brother is looking for me?”

“What else? Your eldest senior brother asked us to apologize to you and bring you to look for him.”

Fool Li did not care whether it was true or not. With just a few words, he followed behind Qian Ran and the others and urged impatiently, “Then hurry up and bring me there. Coincidentally, I also have something to say to eldest senior brother.”

Qian Ran and the others looked at each other and a faint light flashed across their eyes. “Okay, we will bring you there now.”

Then, they led Fool Li to the direction of the forbidden area.

“Why is eldest brother looking for me? If he have something to say, why doesn’t he come and look for me directly…”

Along the way, Fool Li kept on nagging, which annoyed Qian Ran and the others. However, it was not good for them to throw a tantrum so as not to scare him away again, so they could only hold in their temper and say.

“Maybe there’s something urgent. We’ll be there soon.”

The dense forest in front of them was only a short distance away, but Qian Ran and the others did not leave. They turned around and smiled. “He’s waiting for you in front. Hurry up and go in.”

Fool Li did not suspect that there was a trap. He stepped into it with one foot and was about to turn around, but was pushed into it by Qian Ran and the others.

An ancient stone tablet was buried in the grass that was about half the height of a person. The two words “Forbidden area” were faintly discernible, giving off an inexplicable coldness.

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