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Chapter 111 - The Forbidden Area Of The Alchemist Association

Chapter 111: The Forbidden Area Of The Alchemist Association

The treasure-hunting mouse, which had been extremely irascible and would rather die than submit, suddenly became obedient and cute. It blinked its eyes and stared at Lin Bai with a burning gaze. To be more precise, it was staring at the pills in his hand.

It was unknown how it had so many small expression. It looked like a cunning spirit.

The treasure-hunting mouse rolled its eyes and jumped onto Lin Bai’s hand. It raised its forelimbs in an arc and shook them non-stop. Then it wagged its tail, and like a small light bulb, it began to dance rhythmically.

The little expressions, together with its body movements and language, made people wonder if it had become a sly fox a long time ago. Little Green and the others were dumbfounded. The speed at which it changed its face was too fast. It didn’t look like the same mouse at all.

Most importantly, the treasure-seeking mouse was even standing on Lin Bai’s shoulder. This position used to be Little Green’s exclusive throne. Seeing this scene, Little Green couldn’t bear it any longer. It immediately coiled its body and prepared to attack.

The treasure-seeking mouse sensed Little Green’s threat and warning. Not only did it not move aside, but it even bared its teeth and grimaced in a provocative manner. Little Green was so angry that it flew into a rage. It rushed forward and wanted to teach this newcomer a good lesson. It wanted to let it know whose territory this was.

In the end, they were separated by Lin Bai. Otherwise, the two little ones would definitely fight.

He patted the treasure-hunting mouse’s head, and the little one immediately revealed a look of enjoyment. Its eyes were narrowed into slits. It took advantage of the opportunity to lie on his hand, revealing its snow-white, round belly. There was still some fur mixed in it. It was very comfortable to touch.

“You’re so young, but you’re so brave. I’ll call you Little Treasure from now on.”

Lin Bai could tell that this treasure-hunting mouse was not an adult yet. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so fearless and actually dare to provoke Little Green.

“Little Green, you’re the boss. You have to be nice to this little guy.”

Since Lin Bai had already spoken, Little Green could only glare at the treasure-hunting mouse unwillingly, wanting to seek help from outside. However, the other two little companions were all acting as if this had nothing to do with them.

Little Red and Little Black did not feel much for their new companions. After all, one had been flying all year round and were free to roam freely in the air. The matters on the ground would not affect them.

The other one was always half a beat slower. Don’t expect it to take any action. Even if it did, it would probably be too late by then.

When Little Green saw that Little Red and Little Black were like this, it immediately showed a disappointed attitude. Just as it was about to teach them a lesson, it realized that the treasure-hunting mouse and Lin Bai were nowhere to be seen.

It turned out that the treasure-hunting mouse suddenly jumped down from Lin Bai’s body and walked forward for a while. It turned around and looked at him, chirping non-stop. At first, he didn’t understand what it meant, but later, he realized that it was asking it to follow.

Little Treasure’s figure was like lightning, like a gust of wind. It was so fast that it was difficult to catch it with the naked eye. There wasn’t even any spiritual energy fluctuation. No wonder Lin Bai didn’t notice its tracks and sense of its existence earlier.

Even a grandmaster would find it hard to notice such a movement technique. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had been careful by accident and that this treasure-hunting mouse was too greedy and had even stolen some pills, he might not have noticed it in the end.

Little Treasure led Lin Bai in all directions. They were going wherever it was secluded. Its speed was too fast, and it disappeared into the grass. Lin Bai pushed aside the grass that was half the height of a person in front of him. What appeared in front of him was an extremely secretive small cave.

Seeing that Lin Bai had not followed them for a long time, a small head poked out with a lot of small grass seeds on its head. It was Little Treasure. It called out a few times, as if to say that there was no danger inside.

Seeing this, Lin Bai bent down. This cave was not big, and it could barely accommodate him. He had to lower his head and bend down to go. Otherwise, he would be able to bump into the stone wall above if he raised his head slightly.

After walking a few steps to the bottom and seeing clearly what was inside, Lin Bai could not help but laugh. He finally knew what this place was for. It turned out to be Little Treasure’s treasury.

He saw that there were all kinds of herbs piled up inside. They must’ve been what Little Treasure had stolen when he went to the herbal field to cause trouble. Other than that, there were also some small things.

Little Treasure pointed at these and then pointed at Lin Bai.

“You mean to give them to me?”

Little treasure nodded. Lin Bai glanced at them briefly. These things were not particularly valuable. He clearly remembered that there were a few extremely precious hundred-year-old herbs in the herb farm, but they were not there now.

Lin Bai did not think too much. He thought that Little Treasure had eaten them.

“Thank you so much.”

Little Treasure shook his head and stretched out his claws again. The meaning was self-evident. Lin Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that this little thing knew how to trade.

Using so many worthless gadgets to exchange for his pills, its little abacus was rattling jard, “Don’t worry. I said I’d give it to you, so I’ll give it to you later. It’s just that I don’t need these things, so it’s better for you to keep them for yourself.”

Xiaobao rubbed his head in embarrassment. He probably knew that what he did was a bit unkind, so he motioned for Lin Bai to follow him. There were still some traces left by people on the road before, but as they progressed, the path became more and more rugged.

Lin Bai looked at his surroundings and couldn’t help but frown. “Where is this place? Why haven’t I noticed it before?”

He didn’t know if it was because the road here was too remote, or because Chen Yan had forgotten to introduce it, but he hadn’t noticed it after coming to the Alchemist Association for so many days.

Moreover, Lin Bai had never seen this mountain before. It was too inconspicuous, and it was easy for people to overlook it. It was also hidden at the intersection of the two mountain peaks. The terrain was extremely concealed. There was a natural barrier.

If it wasn’t for Little Treasure leading the way, it would have been difficult for him to reach this place.

“Where is this place?”

Lin Bai looked around. Weeds grew everywhere, greatly obstructing his line of sight. There seemed to be something beside him, and when he got closer, he saw that it was actually a half-collapsed stone tablet.

He didn’t know how much wind and rain had showered it, but half of it was already buried in the soil. It looked a little damaged, and its surface was covered in moss, so he couldn’t see the handwriting clearly.

Lin Bai brushed away the weeds beside him. Although it was a little blurry, he could barely make out the words “Forbidden Land.” There was a small line of words beside it, but because it was too small, and badly damaged, he didn’t know what it was about.

“So there’s a forbidden area in the Alchemist Association.”

He was quite surprised. Looking at the dense forest in front of him, he didn’t know why, but he felt that it was a little more mysterious.

Seeing that Lin Bai wasn’t moving forward, Little Treasure waved his little claws and pointed forward, squeaking as if he was urging him to do something. However, Lin Bai started to hesitate.

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