Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Taking Part In The End of Semester Exams

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His luck this time could be said to be extremely good. He had actually triggered a 100-fold increase. It seemed that he would be able to reach a powerful state soon.

Lin Bai only felt a stream of air rush into his body and travel around his body in an extremely overbearing manner. His meridians were somewhat sore and swollen, as if they were being continuously widened.

The uncomfortable feeling disappeared in a flash. Immediately after, a huge amount of spiritual energy surged into his body, like the warm sun in winter. At this moment, Lin Bai’s entire body was emitting a brilliant divine glow, causing people to not dare to look at him directly.

When he opened his eyes once again, he slowly exhaled a breath of spiritual energy that was also extremely concentrated. As he examined the condition of his body, Lin Bai was extremely pleasantly surprised.

This time, he had actually broken through the fifth level and reached the sixth level. Little Green had also reaped a lot of benefits and reached the fifth level.

“A hundred times increase is actually so terrifying. If I could do it a few more times, the speed would be simply astonishing.”

Not knowing if it was because of the spiritual water, Little Green had comprehended a new skill after this breakthrough.

[ Headbutt ]

As the name suggested, this skill was more offensive. Little Green attacked the enemy at an extremely fast speed. At the same time, the area on its head would transform into a layer of armor, giving the enemy a heavy blow.

Now, Little Green’s body was even bigger than before. Although it was still a small one, and it was not eye-catching when it circled around the hand, compared to when it was just born, the change was still more obvious.

“Eh –”

Lin Bai’s gaze paused and fell on Little Green’s pointy head. There seemed to be a slightly bulging small bump there. If he did not look carefully, he would’ve overlooked it.

“What is this?”

He could not help but reach out to touch it. Little Green very cooperatively stretched its head over and rubbed against his palm.

It felt a little hard as if something was about to grow. Now, it actually looked like a flood dragon.

Just as Lin Bai was observing Little Green’s transformation, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

It turned out that there would be a grandmaster-level lecture tomorrow, and Lin Bai was required to attend.

The lecture was held in the largest classroom in the academy. Lin Bai thought that he had arrived relatively early, but he did not expect that there would be so many people already. As far as the eye could see, there were only a few empty seats.

When the little fatty saw Lin Bai’s figure, he waved his hand non-stop and said, “Hey, over here.”

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Bai still walked over. The little fatty’s name was Li Zichen, and he acted as though he was extremely familiar with him. “Looks like you’ve never attended such a lecture before. Don’t you know to come earlier and take a good seat?”

Li Zichen was very familiar with the way. It was obvious that he had attended many similar lectures before. Such lectures were only targeted at the elite students of the academy. Students from the ordinary class very rarely had the opportunity to participate.

“I haven’t seen you in school these past few days. What have you been doing? Without waiting for Lin Bai to speak, he continued, “You don’t know. Chen Wu has been practicing on the martial arts practice field every day. It’s said that she has made some small improvements. You haven’t seen what she was like…”

Li Zichen was chattering non-stop. He didn’t care whether Lin Bai answered or not. For a moment, Lin Bai wondered if it was still too late to change seats.

Suddenly, the classroom was completely silent. Li Zichen also shut his mouth and stared straight ahead. The person standing in front of the podium was none other than the Dean who had accepted Lin Bai into the elite class that day.

“It’s actually him…”

Lin Bai muttered to himself. Li Zichen happened to hear him. He came over and asked curiously, “What do you mean? Do you know Dean Zhao before?”


“Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to be able to meet you all here today. I believe that you all already know who I am, so there’s no need to introduce me here.”

Everyone was listening attentively. At this moment, other than Dean Zhao’s voice, it was so quiet that a pin could be heard when it landed on the ground.

Although Dean Zhao was a grandmaster-level figure, he did not put on airs at all. He was very amiable. In addition, he spoke with humor. He would also quote from the classics and go from shallow to deep.

Therefore, even if it was just a basic cultivation theory, everyone did not find it boring.

“Although everyone here is very talented, in the path of martial arts, it’s 99% of sweat and 1% of talent. This also shows the importance of diligence. Just because you are extremely talented, you can not be lazy.”

“Doing so will only make you fall behind others and become ordinary people.” Zhao Shiheng’s gaze swept across the classroom. Some students did not think much of it.

It was not their fault. Some of the more ambitious ones thought that outstanding talent could crush everything, but they did not know that the acquired diligence was also extremely important.

Thinking of this, Zhao Shiheng decided to dampen their spirits.

“You will encounter many bottlenecks. For example, Houtian level five is a bottleneck. From level five to level nine, the difficulty of each level will increase.”

This sentence really hit the sore spot of many people. Many people were stuck at a bottleneck and could not break through.

“How many people here broke through to level five? Stand up and let me see.”

After a moment, only Luo Qin and Chen Wu stood up. After waiting for a long time, there was no third person.

Zhao Shiheng said earnestly, “See, it’s not so easy to break through to the fifth level, so you guys have to continue working hard. There’s still a long way to go.”

Lin Bai did not like to be in the limelight. He lowered his head and sat inside again, worried that Luo Qin would recognize him.

Who knew what he was afraid of.

Luo Qin looked around the venue as if he was looking for someone. Finally, his gaze fell on Lin Bai.

“Wait a minute, he has also broken through.”

In an instant, nearly a hundred pairs of eyes landed on Lin Bai. They were fixed on him, and it was difficult for anyone to ignore them.

Lin Bai could only raise his head helplessly.

After seeing his appearance clearly, Zhao Shiheng was stunned on the spot. Wasn’t this the student whom he had specially assigned to the elite class a few days ago!

He had only awakened not long ago, and he had already reached Houtian level 4 in a few days. Now, just a few days later, he was already at Houtian level 5!

One wouldn’t be as fast as him even if they took steroids right!

Everyone’s astonished gazes were within Lin Bai’s expectations.

Zhao Shiheng revealed an expression that said that he was a promising young man to teach. He felt that he really had good taste back then and didn’t let this promising young man slip away.

“Very good –”

“In that case, those of you who have already broken through, prepare to participate in the assessment in three days.”

Every semester, the Academy would conduct multiple assessments to check on the cultivation of the students. The assessment was considered to be a relatively large-scale one. Regardless of whether they were freshmen or seniors, they could all sign up to take the assessment.

If they were to obtain outstanding results, the Academy would place great emphasis on nurturing them.

By giving priority to entering the academy’s Secret Realm, they would be able to obtain more resources and their cultivation speed would also be faster.

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