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Chapter 106 - Law Enforcement Elder

Chapter 106: Law Enforcement Elder

Everyone looked at each other. No one made a move. After all, Qian Ran’s cultivation was the highest among them. Even Qian Ran couldn’t defeat him much less them.

The scene was awkward for a moment. After realizing this, Qian Ran’s expression became even uglier, he couldn’t help but shout at them angrily, “You bunch of trash, don’t you know to attack together? No matter how powerful he is, he can’t fight so many people alone.”

They hesitated for a moment and then rushed forward together. Lin Bai didn’t consider them a threat at all. “Do you think you can win just because you have more people?”

Majestic spiritual pressure that was like a vast ocean of smoke and waves raised huge waves that rolled toward the crowd. The waves crashed heavily on their bodies and pushed them back. Everyone fell to the ground with their limbs spread out.

Seeing Lin Bai approaching, Qian Ran could not help but swallow his saliva. He subconsciously took a step back. “You, what are you doing? I’m warning you not to act recklessly.”

Lin Bai could not help but laugh when he saw how scared he was,

“You saw it too. If I wanted to take revenge, I wouldn’t even need to destroy the herb farm. I would just take action. With my strength, you wouldn’t even have the ability to retaliate. Why would I need to do it in such a crooked way?”

Qian Ran was speechless for a moment.

At this moment, a dignified voice was heard, “What are you doing? !”

A middle-aged man with the bearing of an immortal walked towards them. However, his facial features were firm, and he looked serious. The jade pendant on his body flickered with a strange light, on it was written the word “Law” in a lively manner.

The invisible aura intimidated everyone. Even Lin Bai looked sideways and felt an inexplicable pressure.

However, Qian Ran’s eyes lit up as if he had seen his savior. he shouted loudly, “Elder Zhou, save me!”

It turned out that this was the Alchemist Association’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Elder, Zhou Zhengqing. He lived up to his name and had a pure and righteous aura. He was even more impartial when dealing with people, especially when dealing with disciples who had made mistakes. It could be said that he was impartial, he didn’t show any mercy at all.

Therefore, his prestige in the Alchemist Association was relatively high, and everyone was more afraid of him.

Qian Ran walked over quickly and complained with an indignant expression,

“Elder Zhou, you don’t know how rampant and arrogant this Lin Bai is. He took the initiative to provoke us by relying on the fact that he was brought in by alchemist Chen Yan. After that, he even took revenge on us maliciously and destroyed the medicinal field in a mess.”

Zhou Zhengqing’s expression instantly changed. His gaze landed on Lin Bai with a hint of disgust. “Is that true?”

One had to know that what he hated the most was using the back door, or using his connections to do whatever he wanted. It could be said that Lin Bai had stepped on his taboo.

Lin Bai shook his head. “I didn’t do it. Did you see me destroy it with your own eyes?”

Qian Ran choked on his words, he could not help but retort, “Elder Zhou, don’t listen to his nonsense. Although I didn’t see it with my own eyes, who else could it be but you? We just had a conflict with him yesterday, and something happened to the herbal field this morning. It must be him!”

Zhou Zhengqing’s gaze fell on Lin Bai. “Is he lying?”

Lin Bai shook his head and said, “No, I’ve been cultivating in my room all night. I haven’t been out at all.”

“Is there anyone who can prove it?”


Qian Ran gave a smug smile. “Elder Zhou, you heard it too. He has no evidence to prove that he did it.”

Lin Bai looked as if he was looking at a fool. “Then you have no evidence to prove that I did it.”

Qian Ran said righteously, “How can there be no evidence? There are so many of us who can testify. After all, you had a conflict with me yesterday. Moreover, you destroyed alchemist Chen Yan’s herbal field once before. It’s the same thing.”

“This is just a deduction, not evidence. If I were like you, wouldn’t I be able to frame others as I please?”

“Sharp-tongued rascal!” Qian Ran glared at Lin Bai.

“Elder Zhou, don’t listen to his nonsense. I’m sure that he’s the one who did it. After all, the herbal field has always been fine. The conflict only broke out yesterday, and now there’s an accident. How can there be such a coincidence in the world?”

The two of them had their own opinions, and it was impossible to distinguish them clearly.

The creases between Zhou Zhengqing’s brows seemed to be able to squeeze a mosquito to death. “Why did the conflict break out between the two of you?”

No one expected him to suddenly ask this. Qian Ran instantly started stammering. “Actually, it was nothing much. It was just a quarrel. There was a dispute, and then we exchanged blows.”

Qian Ran’s eyes flickered and he was evasive. It was obvious that he had a guilty conscience. Lin Bai said sarcastically, “Why didn’t you say that you guys bullied fool Li earlier?”

No one noticed that Zhou Zhengqing’s expression changed slightly when he heard this name. Then, he returned to normal. “Why is it related to fool Li Again? What exactly is going on?”

Zhou Zhengqing abhorred evil. Similarly, he hated people who bullied the weak the most.

Usually, although everyone looked down on fool Li and would at most say a few words of ridicule to play with him as a way to relieve their boredom, they would not do anything that was out of line. After all, they had already become like this.

However, Qian Ran and the rest had played the most, and the last time was even worse.

Qian Ran stammered and could not speak. Zhou Zhengqing understood and said in a low voice, “So you guys had a conflict because of this matter.”

Those who were familiar with Zhou Zhengqing knew that he was angry. Qian Ran wanted to explain, “Elder Zhou, listen to me. Actually –”

Zhou Zhengqing’s face was so gloomy that water could drip out of it. He interrupted, “You only need to answer yes or no.”

Qian Ran answered weakly, “Yes.”

“Very well.” Zhou Zhengqing’s gaze was like a knife, as if he was going to cut him into pieces. Qian Ran lowered his head bit by bit, cursing his bad luck in his heart.

There were several elders in the law enforcement hall, and they all had a good relationship with him. However, it was this Zhou Zhengqing who came over. He was as stubborn as a rock, and didn’t relent. It was simply impossible to get his hands on him.

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