Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 102 - Battle

Chapter 102: Battle

Fool Li subconsciously grabbed onto Lin Bai’s sleeve, afraid that he would be abandoned. “Eldest senior brother, I’m afraid.”

Lin Bai gave him a comforting look and turned around to look at those arrogant people. “What if I don’t agree?”

Those people didn’t expect Lin Bai to be so domineering and immediately flew into a rage, “You’re just a newcomer. How dare you meddle in our business? You don’t want to live anymore. If I don’t teach you a lesson, I’m afraid you’ll be riding on our backs in the future.”

Another person said in a strange tone, “Don’t tell me you think you can do whatever you want just because you have alchemist Chen’s support? So arrogant?”

Lin Bai stared at them coldly. “Then what do you guys want?”

“Of course –”

The moment he finished speaking, the few of them made their moves. Three streams of spiritual power were released at the same time, heading in the direction of Fool Li and Lin Bai. Lin Bai drew a transparent protective shield.

Since Fool Li followed him step by step, it was really a bit of a hindrance. Lin Bai instructed, “Go and find a safe place to stay at the side so that you won’t be hurt.”

He then walked away obediently and gestured with his hands and feet as if he was worried that Lin Bai wouldn’t be able to handle them.

“Since you still have time to care about this fool, why don’t you care more about yourself?”

The person in the lead seemed to be the most powerful among them. He formed a seal with his hands and instantly, a bright light shone brightly. A small cauldron appeared in mid-air. Its entire body was covered in flames, as if it was condensed from the essence extracted from the flames.

The remaining companions all revealed envious and amazed gazes. “It seems that senior brother Qian’s cauldron cultivation technique has improved quite a bit. Let’s teach this brat a lesson.”

Qian Ran’s cauldron looked extremely thick and heavy, but it was extremely flexible when used. It rotated at a high speed, as if it was a sun that would never set. He looked at Lin Bai and sneered:

“I’ll teach you a lesson today. In the future, don’t meddle in other people’s business, lest get yourself involved.”

Lin Bai had heard that in order to be connected to the cauldron and make it easier to refine pills, and to control the cauldron’s temperature, some alchemists would use it as their natal weapon to reach the realm of being one with the cauldron. Clearly, Qian Ran did this.

However, not all cauldrons could be used as natal magic artefacts. It seemed that Qian Ran still had some abilities.

“Is that so? Then I would like to experience it.”

He did not expect Lin Bai’s expression to remain unchanged. He did not show any signs of fear. Qian Ran snorted coldly. The enormous cauldron in the air shot out countless flames, forming a fire dragon that whistled towards Lin Bai.

The temperature in the air suddenly rose. Even the plants next to him could not withstand the high temperature. Their leaves curled up and gradually turned black.

Lin Bai stretched out his hand. Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, he suddenly grabbed the dragon’s head. It was as if the flames were just a display and could not cause any harm to him.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Although Qian Ran was a grade three alchemist, he had already almost touched the threshold of grade four. In addition, this furnace was his natal weapon. The flames in it were no small matter, and could even take form of a beast.

However —

Lin Bai grabbed the fire dragon with his bare hands. He was truly a ruthless person!

“That’s all you got?”

Lin Bai curled his lips. His tone was calm, but the words that came out of his mouth were full of ridicule. It undoubtedly trampled on the faces of Qian Ran and the others. Their faces turned green and white.

Qian Ran gnashed his teeth and said, “Don’t be too arrogant!”

The fire dragon suddenly grew bigger and once again broke free from Lin Bai’s restraint. It returned to the top of the cauldron and coiled around it, eyeing at Lin Bai dangerously.

At the same time, the body of the cauldron shook, and a melodious voice drifted over from the horizon. It became bigger and bigger, casting a shadow over Lin Bai like a green mountain from ancient times, as if it was about to suppress him here.


Qian Ran recited the incantation silently, and the speed of the cauldron also became faster and faster, giving no time for people to react. It was like a falling meteor.


Only the sound of the earth shaking and the mountains shaking could be heard. As expected, Lin Bai was suppressed under the cauldron.

“With this cauldron suppression technique of mine, even if you have great powers, you still can’t get away. Just stay in there obediently. When I’m in a good mood one day, I’ll let you out again.”

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help but click their tongues in wonder.

“Senior brother Qian is indeed amazing. We needed to teach this kid a lesson. We thought he was strong, but he’s just so-so. How arrogant was he just now?”

“Senior brother Qian really has his ways. With such abilities, he’ll definitely be able to get first place in the next rookie competition of the Alchemist Association!”

“That’s right. I almost thought he was invincible. In the end, he still had to stay in there obediently. If you have the ability, then come out.”

Not far away, Fool Li saw this scene and stumbled over. He kept mumbling, “Senior brother, senior brother, What’s wrong?”

He slapped the cauldron hard, his expression extremely flustered. He even wanted to use his hands to open it, but it was all in vain. The cauldron did not move at all.

Qian Ran and the others looked as if they were looking at a monkey. “Sigh, look at this fool. He’s really too naive.” They laughed loudly, as if they had found some new fun.

“Your eldest senior brother really won’t be able to come out this time.”

Fool Li persevered. As he slapped the cauldron hard, he complained to them, “You guys are talking nonsense! Eldest senior brother will definitely be able to come out. This little broken cauldron of yours is nothing. His cauldron is the most powerful.”

Qian Ran and the others were not aware that he had spit all over their faces. They remembered that they had been bitten by this fool just now, and now their wounds were still hurting. The new and old grudges combined together.

“It seems that you also need to be taught a lesson. Why don’t I send you to accompany him?”

That person said sinisterly.

He pulled up Fool Li’s hair and fiercely threw him onto the ground.

However, no one noticed that the originally undamaged cauldron actually had an unnoticed crack on it. That was the mark that Fool Li had just slapped. Although it wasn’t eye-catching, if one didn’t carefully observe it, it was very easy to overlook it.

One had to know that although this cauldron wasn’t a top-grade magical artifact, it was also a rare treasure. However, Fool Li had only slapped it a few times, and it actually had a crack. It was enough to shock everyone.

“Eldest senior brother — eldest senior brother –”

Even though he was trampled under their feet, Fool Li still persevered and crawled towards the cauldron. In the end, he was pushed back by Qian Ran and the others again and again. It was as if they were kicking a ball.

“What eldest senior brother! He can’t even protect himself right now. If you have the ability, ask him to come out and save you now!”

The moment his voice fell, everyone saw the cauldron shake violently.

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