Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 865 - Go Deeper Into The Forest  

Chapter 865: Go Deeper Into The Forest

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Just as Teng Mingze and Teng Mingxu were about to charge out of the formation, Ou Yangming forcibly suppressed the Qi and blood that were surging inside his body. When he bent his finger and pointed, a rune not instantly shifted over to fill up the hole in the sky curtain.

“No—” The brothers let out shrill shrieks and turned pale. It was evident that a drop of natal essence and blood each was a huge consumption for them, and it was almost unbearable. They were in utter despair as though they had fallen into a bottomless abyss, but there was nothing they could do as they could only watch the sky curtain close up again.

At this moment, the big black sword that was condensed from gravel and a blizzard simply crushed the lotus flower’s petals into powder.

The sword Qi that lingered around the big black sword had also dispersed a lot, but it was still frightening.

All of a sudden, the rune node in Ou Yangming’s hand lit up while his elbow made a loud sound as he pressed it down. Consequently, the giant sword reversed and zoomed toward the Teng family’s brothers. Countless “thuds” were repeatedly heard in their heads, and they quickly adjusted their Qi momentum and lifted their swords to guard themselves.

It was then when the flower swords that were as closely packed as raindrops in the sky roared and flew toward them.

The brothers raised their swords and either stabbed or swept their weapons. They guarded their souls with smooth sword techniques and slowly stabilized the situation.

Although they stabilized the situation, their ranges of activity were constantly being compressed. Their hands and feet were tied, hence they could only force themselves to hold on. Given the situation, Ou Yangming initially thought that he could break their formation by moving the sword like a dragon and making several sound attacks. Nonetheless, during every crucial moment, one of their longswords would always fend off the giant sword like a venomous snake out of its cave. As such, the young fellow was helpless against them for the time being.

When Xue Boren saw what was happening, he lifted his sabers and joined the fight valiantly. His sabers flew like 2 horned dragons dancing on a big river.

The elder moved like a ghost, but he made grand attacks, unlike his body technique.

His involvement in the fight was similar to the last straw, where the Teng family’s brothers slowly became exhausted and could not hold on any longer.

Furthermore, since they were inside the Illusion Formation, their spiritual Qis were being consumed twice as fast as in the outside world. In particular, the consumptions were faster as they were in the midst of an intense fight. Before long, their lips turned dry, and their dantians were depleted of spiritual Qi.

At the spur of the moment, Teng Mingxu showed a subtle flaw.

Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up. He pointed his finger, then the big black sword rang and moved in reverse across the space.

“Click.” The giant sword brushed past Teng Mingxu’s heart, and a surging sword intent burst out. His body was covered with close cuts, which interlaced like a spider web. Following a flickering sword-light, the man’s internal organs were stirred up by sword Qi, causing every inch of his body to fall apart. Without making a sound, he watched himself turn into ashes with a fearful look in his eyes.

On the other hand, Teng Mingze’s eyes reddened. He looked hideous as he yelled, “I want you to die! I want you to die!”

A drop of blood and tear rolled out from his eye, and his heart ached so much that he was almost going mad.

Even so, Xue Boren stood firmly and fought steadily as he advanced step by step; he was not going to give Teng Mingze the chance to counterattack. At last, Teng Mingze could not go on any longer on his own, thus he was killed by Ou Yangming’s formation.

The Illusion Formation slowly dispersed, revealing the deep Forest of Death again. When the cold winds blew, it felt like everything from before was nothing but a dream.

At this point, the light of the formation’s hub on Ou Yangming’s palm dimmed. He waved his sleeve, then numerous light streams flew in from all directions. By taking a closer look, one could see that they were Illusion Formation Boards.

Xue Boren had a complicated look in his eyes. He did not know how to describe his feeling at the moment, but he felt slightly bitter.

Each time he thought that he had seen Ou Yangming’s limit, it would not take long before he realized that the young fellow had only shown the tip of an iceberg. The elder sighed and wondered, ‘The Teng family’s brothers can even go against a top-grade Spiritualist together, but they died just like that?’

Xue Xuanle kept moving her fingers in circles. She stole a glance at Ou Yangming and was extremely happy.

“Let’s go!” Ou Yangming called out to them. Concurrently, he grabbed the last Illusion Formation Board in the air with his right hand and kept it in his interspatial bag.

With that, the 3 of them strode into the distance.

The forest was deep and dark. After half a day, they had left the Forest of Death’s periphery and entered a deeper area.

Xue Boren suddenly chuckled and commented, “Younger Brother Tianrui, I didn’t think that you have such a profound understanding of formations.”

Ou Yangming laughed calmly and responded, “Senior, you’re overpraising me. The Teng family’s brothers were arrogant and didn’t try to get away at the beginning, so I managed to seize the opportunity. If not, it wouldn’t have been easy to trap them.”

A cunning look could be seen in Xue Xuanle’s eyes. She covered her mouth and giggled. “Big Brother Yu, you’re too humble. You’re amazing to have such a high level of attainment in formations at such a young age.” She did a thumbs-up adorably and regained the liveliness that she should have for her age. Xue Boren smiled as he agreed with her, but he lamented internally.

Without warning, the mountains shook. Strong winds swept toward them from the sky, and they were accompanied by a unique roar.

If one were to look from above at the moment, one would be appalled to see that the black mists above the Forest of Death were sweeping in all directions with flickering lights. They were moving in a particular rhythm, causing gravel to fly everywhere and lives to be destroyed within a roughly 3-kilometers circumference from them.

“What’s going on?” Xue Boren’s face darkened slightly. He wielded his sabers and looked around him warily.

Xue Xuanle tapped her sword with her index finger, causing the 1-meter-long weapon to let out a clear ring.

Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows and released his mental power. He instantly sensed 2 scorching flames inside his spiritual world.

“Roar…” A deafening roar surged with the strong winds from the sky.

The sound was incredibly odd. It was penetrative and sounded bloodthirst, which could not have been made by a cultivator. It came from a ferocious beast! Since Xue Xuanle had the lowest cultivation base, various peculiar scenes appeared in front of her as if her soul was going to be detached. She looked like she was dazed.

“Wake up!” Ou Yangming’s muffled voice was heard, and it sounded like a chime.

As a result, Xue Xuanle’s graceful body shivered. The weird scenes in front of her disappeared, but she was already drenched in a cold sweat.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” Ou Yangming gently tapped her shoulder while he cared for her.

Xue Xuanle smiled weakly with a pale face. She shook her head at the young fellow.

Even Xue Boren’s Qi and blood were surging. The roar somehow contained a power that penetrated one’s soul, causing one’s blood meridians to boil.

The elder breathed out the murky air in his chest, and his face changed as he warned Ou Yangming, “Younger Brother Tianrui, judging from the momentum, it’s probably a top-grade ferocious beast, so we must be careful.”

Xue Xuanle nodded in agreement. “Yes, now that we’re deeper inside the Forest of Death, we must be more careful.”

Ou Yangming pondered for a long time. A flicker was then seen in his eyes as he replied to them with a smile, “There’s no wrong in being careful, but there’s no need for us to be afraid. By using the Illusion Formation, even if we encounter a vicious beast that’s equivalent to a top-grade Spiritualist, we’ll be able to kill it.”

Xue Boren rolled his eyes and considered this for a brief moment before he nodded.

Indeed, as said by Ou Yangming, as long as he controlled the Illusion Formation, the 3 of them could attack when they advanced and be on guard when they retreated in the Forest of Death.

As the 3 of them walked on a steep path, they arrived on a small hill that was over 300 meters tall and widened their eyes.

About 3 kilometers away, a roughly 150-meters-long giant python stuck out its tongue and carried a majestic aura. It turned out to be a top-grade savage beast. Its scales were as black as charcoal, but they shone in dim lights and were connected. Apart from a queer and bewitching flower that looked like it was embroidered on its scales, its thin and sharp fangs were about 6 meters long. Additionally, it looked like some pattern was going to surface on its back.

The python spitted out a mouthful of sticky, black liquid. Puffing sounds were heard as the liquid eroded everything that it contacted, so much so that even the spiritual Qi in the air was burning.

Ou Yangming’s pupils’ shrunk as he thought, ‘The ferocious beasts inside the Forest of Death are uncommon indeed.

Xue Xuanle’s lips parted. Her full yet perturbed breasts undulated intensely and outlined an indescribably beautiful view.

About 333 meters away from the giant python, a strange cow’s hair stood up like steel blades, which were so sharp that they could not be put into words. Black vapor was coming out of its nostrils, and it blew the big trees around it such that they were tumbling. Its hooves were as heavy as mountains, and it seemed like it could easily make a hole in the ground by borrowing force. Nevertheless, the most terrifying thing was the cow’s eyes. One of them was black and hollow as if it could suck one’s mind, whereas the other was red and carried a killing intent as though a mountain of corpses and a bloody sea could be seen inside.

The red and black eyes flickered with lights that intersected and made one dizzy.

When Ou Yangming and Xue Boren exchanged glances, they noticed the fleeting look of madness in each other’s eyes. The former lowered his voice and noted, “Senior, judging from the situation now, the 2 fierce beasts are confronting each other. If we wait, we might reap third-party profits.”

Xue Boren’s face was also glowing. A ruthless look flashed in his eyes as he responded, “They’re both overlords in the Forest of Death. We can obviously wait for an opportunity, but we must be more careful.”

The young lady also looked fervent. She pursed her lips and smiled before she looked up and expressed, “That’s what we should do indeed. Cultivators of our generation are fearless, and we become more courageous by forging ahead against the rapids. Besides, we’ll be assisted by Big Brother Yu’s formation, so how can any accident happen? The Xue family and the Wu family have also participated in the Hunting Meet countless times, but we never got a notable rank. Now that our chance is right in front of us, if we give it up… The Xue family might not have another chance in the future.” Her voice was pleasant to the ear like an oriole’s chirps, and she sounded resolute.

Xue Boren pondered once more and eager to see what might happen next too. The Xue family had indeed joined the Hunting Meet many times because of the Wu family, but they never achieved favorable results. If they could gain a good rank this time, it would greatly benefit them for their future development.

Seeing as nobody objected to the idea, Ou Yangming probed with his mental power with a flash of thought. He entered the integration of Heaven and man, as well as the thoroughly meticulous state.

With Ou Yangming as the center, none of the changes within a kilometer could hide from his senses.

Leaves were falling with the breezes while earthworms were squirming underground. Everything was clearly displayed in Ou Yangming’s mind.

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