Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 469 - Envoy

Chapter 469: Envoy


“Master, be careful.”

The goshawk and the big yellow dog shouted at the same time. Their thunderous voices were delivered to Ou Yangming’s ears.

Ou Yangming tensed up a little. Through the connections in his sea of consciousness, he instantly knew about the strange thing that happened around him. As such, he flashed without any hesitation as he wanted to leave the area as soon as possible.

Given that something unbelievable happened in the zone where the Heavenly Thunderbolts had just struck, could the Inescapable Trap have not been destroyed? Could it still be used, and did it still have consciousness and wisdom?

Although Ou Yangming knew the chances were close to zero, he dared not react slowly.

In any case, anything absurd that happened to the fellows from the upper realm seemed to be understandable.

Nonetheless, just as Ou Yangming shifted away, the burnt Inescapable Trap suddenly surged as though the two lizards did not die and were still controlling it. Every way out for the young fellow was blocked in an instant, and he could not zoom into the sky even if he wanted to.

The goshawk and Big Yellow screamed at the sight of the unforeseen change, but they dared not get close to the area.

They had witnessed the thunderbolts’ powers in the zone, and the big yellow dog was almost struck as well. How could it still have the guts to enter the place?

The two formidable spirit beasts exchanged glances and were puzzled. The Inescapable Trap was zapped by the thunderbolts earlier, so how could it still move? It was reasonable that Big Yellow was clueless, but why did the goshawk have no idea either?

Ou Yangming stopped abruptly. He was extremely fast, but he still failed to flee from the premeditated trap.

Nevertheless, he immediately calmed down when he noticed that he had fallen into the Inescapable Trap. He shook his military saber and released the Flame Saber right away.

When Ou Yangming looked around, he realized that the Inescapable Trap did not crush him at once; it simply trapped him as if it was content. Despite that, the young fellow sensed an odd but also rather familiar power.

He was quite shocked because the power was incredibly threatening.

A red light slowly appeared in front of Ou Yangming. It stuck close to the trap as if it wanted to paint the world red.

Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up. He suddenly realized the person’s identity when he looked at the bloody color.

“Sky-devouring Devil God!”

He uttered word by word as though the voice came from his soul.

“Yes, it’s the power of His Majesty the magnificent Devil God.” A creepy and chilly voice was heard. The temperature in the space plunged the moment it was heard.

“Who are you?” Ou Yangming took a deep breath and collected himself.

After knowing that the power related to the Sky-devouring Devil God could control the Inescapable Trap, he was struck with a thought, ‘Could this have something to do with the Insects from the upper realm?’

“I’m Long Dexing, your envoy.” The voice was still slow and calm.

“Envoy? Heh, are you going to escort me to the upper realm?” Ou Yangming wondered and smiled. Even so, his smile was as chilly as the person’s.

“Indeed.” Long Dexing’s voice was somewhat alluring. “You’re Sir Devil God’s inheritor, so you’ll definitely receive great honor if you present yourself to sir.”

As he spoke, especially when he mentioned the words “Sir Devil God”, his voice fluctuated a little.

Ou Yangming uttered at once, “All hail Sir Devil God!”

“All hail Sir Devil God!” Long Dexing shouted without any hesitation, and his voice was no longer cold but full of enthusiasm.

On top of that, the slowly-spreading red ball coagulated and turned into a living being in a human form.

When Ou Yangming looked, he realized that the fellow’s human body was not tangible; it was formed from a liquid combination. When the person moved, it seemed like it would crumble at any time.

It was his first time seeing such a weird person.

Having said that, Long Dexing released a fearsome aura after he took the form of a person. In terms of a valiant aura, it seemed like only Multi-armed King Kong could contend with him.

Ou Yangming looked up at the space being covered by the Inescapable Trap and asked, “Sir Devil God is above, how could you avoid the Heavenly Thunderbolts?”

The Heavenly Thunderbolts were naturally formed once Big Yellow got close to the edge of the zone, but the person ignored the thunderbolts when it was already inside the area.

Long Dexing hesitated for a while. Perhaps he did not want to answer the question or simply wanted to hide the truth, but he cast aside his concerns after he heard Ou Yangming say that Sir Devil God was above. “This is the Insects’ famous Inescapable Trap, which can isolate my aura.”

Ou Yangming raised his eyebrows and remarked, “That’s impossible! The Inescapable Trap was already struck by the Heavenly Thunderbolts. Why hasn’t it been destroyed?”

A queer smile was seen on Long Dexing’s face. “This…”

All of a sudden, Ou Yangming expressed sternly, “Sir Devil God is above. If you dare to deceive me, you’ll be spurned by sir and won’t end well!”

Long Dexing’s face changed. He flushed and responded harshly, “You detestable fella, I won’t argue with you.” He put his hands behind his back. Even though he dared not speak nonsense, he did not say another word.

Ou Yangming laughed. “Since you say I inherited Sir Devil God’s power, I share the same bloodline as sir. If you don’t answer me, doesn’t it mean that you’re indirectly ignoring sir?”

Long Dexing was startled, and he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

“Are you willing to go to the upper realm with me?” He asked in a deep voice after a brief moment. His voice was deep and sonorous, and it sounded like he was scheming something.

Ou Yangming questioned seriously, “You should at least tell me the sequence of events if you’d like me to go to the upper realm. Do you think Sir Devil God will be pleased if I know nothing?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you,” Long Dexing replied to him after some thought. “The Heavenly Thunderbolts didn’t hit the Inescapable Trap, but the Venerable One that connected it from the upper realm. Once the Venerable One abandons the trap, and its aura is blasted by the thunderbolts, nothing else will happen.”

The young fellow was moved, and he slowly asked, “What’s the origin of the Insects’ Venerable One?”

“It’s an eight-legged lizard king, which is also the Lizards’ Ghost-clawed Venerable One. If you’d like to seek revenge, how about you follow me to meet sir first. As long as you receive sir’s authentic teaching, you’ll get what you want.”

Ou Yangming laughed out loud and asked, “Where does the Ghost-clawed Venerable One stand as compared to sir?”

Long Dexing was furious. “How could a mere Ghost-clawed be mentioned on equal terms with sir! Don’t ruin sir’s reputation or even I won’t be able to save you!”

Ou Yangming sneered but did not show it on his face. “Why did the Insects send three spirit beasts? What’s the reason behind it?”

Whether it was the Beasts or the Birds, though they sent more formidable spirit beasts this time, they only sent one each.

On the other hand, the Insects sent three spirit beasts and ultimate treasures such as the poisonous miasma and the Inescapable Trap. It was certainly abnormal for them to be so generous.

Long Dexing fell silent for a while before he answered, “It’s because of you.”

“Me?” Ou Yangming’s eyelids twitched. He kept a straight face and noted, “I can’t believe an insignificant person like me, who hasn’t even broken through to Extreme Grade, could cause such a drastic change. Heh, I’m overwhelmed.”

“Believe it or not, it was all because of you,” Long Dexing responded lazily.

Ou Yangming’s heart skipped a beat. ‘If that’s really the case, didn’t Elder Universe die because of me?’

“Explain it clearly.”

“Okay.” Long Dexing seemed to have come round, so he answered Ou Yangming’s question honestly, “Not only do you possess Sir Devil God’s ability, but you also have the Heavenly Phoenix’s ability, which is feared by every living being in the world. Therefore, every Almighty Being in the upper realm wants to find out the whereabouts of sir and that damn Heavenly Phoenix.”

Ou Yangming was stunned. “What’s the Heavenly Phoenix?”

The Sky-devouring Devil God’s ability was naturally the effect caused by the Devouring attribute, but it was his first time hearing about the Heavenly Phoenix.

However, the Military Fire in his sea of consciousness swayed when he asked the question. He understood right away because of the intense fluctuation.

The Heavenly Phoenix was surely closely related to his Military Fire.

Long Dexing stared at Ou Yangming but could not notice anything from him. “The Heavenly Phoenix is sir’s sworn enemy. They had an ultimate fight in the past, but they both went missing and couldn’t be found.”

Ou Yangming nodded. “Sir’s whereabouts are unknown too? Why did you say you’re bringing me to meet sir?”

Long Dexing explained without any delay, “Sir’s true body is missing, but his consciousness still exists, and he’s constantly accumulated powers to rise again!”

For some reason, Ou Yangming tensed up a bit. He questioned fiercely, “I understand—you’re bringing me to meet him so that he can take over my body, right?”

Long Dexing had a strange look on his face. He could tell from Ou Yangming’s eyes that the young fellow would be dubious no matter how he explained. In actual fact, even he could not understand why his master had given such an order. In fact, Long Dexing did not know what would happen if he escorted Ou Yangming to the upper realm.

That said, it was no longer important if he knew the reason or not.

He sighed and uttered, “Since you’re not willing to do so, I can only take you away by force!”

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