Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 386 - Natural Smithing Technique

Chapter 386 Natural Smithing Technique

When the big yellow dog entered the prefecture, there was a huge uproar. Everyone was shocked when they saw the dog due to its sturdy build and its awe-inspiring dominance. In fact, even Supreme Great Ancestors from the prefecture and the capital were astonished.

After meeting the big yellow dog and confirming that it was one of theirs, everyone became more confident about facing the beast tide this time.

On the other hand, when Ou Yangming returned to the prefecture and saw Ni Yinghong, he felt extremely troubled.

This was because Her Royal Highness was right beside her.

The two beautiful ladies, who had their respective merits, were getting along and were having an amiable conversation, but it looked awkward to Ou Yangming and the other people. Apart from the Ni family’s Three Great Ancestors, Woo Lejia, and a few others who bit the bullet and were forced to stick around, the other people made excuses and left in a hurry.

Wu Hanning looked deeply at Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog behind him. She nodded at him and did not want to make things difficult for him, where she simply left with Woo Lejia and the other powerhouses. Ou Yangming sighed a breath of relief. Although he had not done anything guilty, he was relieved to see Wu Hanning leave. Nonetheless, he did not realize that Ni Yinghong noticed his little action, but she did not make any noise about it.

After finally returning to the Ni residence, the big yellow dog insisted on staying in Ou Yangming’s courtyard no matter how the three great ancestors lured it or made promises. Seeing as the dog was so persistent, the elders could only leave helplessly. Even so, they were surprised and overjoyed. The closer the big yellow dog and Ou Yangming were, the more impossible it was for the Ni family and the young fellow to separate.

Ou Yangming’s value had been completely reflected, and it was clear that he was stronger than the whole Ni family. As such, the clan would only benefit from and would not lose anything from sharing an intimate relationship with him.

Nevertheless, the great ancestors were still worried about something. Given that the big yellow dog was so close to Ou Yangming, who would it choose if the young fellow established his clan in the future?

Judging from the look on Big Yellow’s face, they seemed to be able to predict what would happen.

Once the Ni family’s Three Great Ancestors left, Ni Yinghong smiled faintly at Ou Yangming, causing him to have goosebumps. Moreover, the atmosphere in the courtyard became strange.

The big yellow dog looked around, then it immediately lay on the ground to pretend to be asleep.

“Brother, we should endure hardships together!” Ou Yangming glared at the dog angrily, then he nudged it and said, “Elder Sister Ying has something to say, so quickly get


Big Yellow snored rhythmically and was not going to open its eyes no matter what. Ni Yinghing grinned and remarked, “Lil’ Ming, why are you provoking Big Yellow? It has been running the whole day, so it must be tired.”

“It’s a formidable half-spirit beast, so how can it be exhausted from that short journey?” Ou Yangming was stunned, then he turned to kick the dog hard. “Big Yellow, get up!”

Despite that, Big Yellow was already set on playing dead, so it ignored the young fellow no matter how hard he tried.

Ni Yinghong shook her head and asked, “Lil’ Ming, how did Her Royal Highness come?”

Ou Yangming paused and instantly answered, “By a carriage, of course.”

“You know that’s not what I’m asking,” Ni Yinghong responded snappily.

“If that’s not what you’re asking, what are you trying to ask?” Ou Yangming looked dazed.

Whenever he was supposed to act like a fool, he would never look smart.

All of a sudden, a loud cough was heard coming from the courtyard.

Old Craftsman waved at the young lady. “Yinghong, come over here.’ Ni Yinghong responded to the old man and went over to him.

“The weather’s good tonight. Come and take a walk with me.”


With that, Ni Yinghong held Old Craftsman’s arm, and they left the courtyard together.

Ou Yangming wiped the non-existent sweat from his forehead. He felt like it was more tiring to handle the young ladies than to fight strong enemies on a battlefield.

Old Craftsman led Ni Yinghong away from the courtyard and suddenly spoke after they were quite a distance away, “Many things happened when you cultivated in the secret realm.”

Ni Yinghong nodded and said, “Old Man, I understand.”

“No, you don’t understand what I mean.” Old Craftsman shook his head and stopped as he explained, “To me, you’re the best, and you’re the only one I acknowledge.”

The young lady looked up abruptly as she was moved. She lowered her head after some time and expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, Old Man.”

Old Craftsman chuckled. “Now isn’t the time to be caught up in love; you must remember that.”

“Yes, don’t worry, I won’t change him at all.” Ni Yinghong assured the old man without hesitating

The old man patted her hand gently. It was a lovely sight when the old and the young sat in the gazebo.


“Big Yellow, you can get up now. She’s gone, so why are you still putting on an act?” Ou Yangming scorned.

The big yellow dog continued to breathe steadily as though it did not hear him at all.

Ou Yangming scoffed. “If you’re really asleep, why are your ears pricked up?”

Big Yellow’s thunderous snores stopped right away, and it let its ears droop. It later opened its eyes and stuck out its tongue at Ou Yangming to fawn over him.

“I know what you want. Show me the items.” Ou Yangming sneered. The big yellow dog opened its large mouth at once and spat out a bunch of stones and its equipment set. Ou Yangming had smithed the pieces of equipment for it before he left for the capital. He initially thought they could last a few years, but they became useless after just several months.

Based on the big yellow dog’s size at the moment, the equipment set could only be its toy. The only useful equipment was the paw gauntlet, in which the Devouring attribute was attached. However, the big dog could not wear the gauntlet on its paw because it could only grab it with its claws to use it, which was hilarious. If the yellow dog were to fight in a real war, it would be courting death if it had such a piece of equipment.

Ou Yangming shook his head and scanned the dog from head to toe. He pondered for a long time.

This time, he wanted to smith a brand new magic equipment set for the big yellow dog, and it had to be extraordinary.

Fortunately, back at the prefecture, Ou Yangming had endless peculiar stones from the Chaos Cave as raw materials, or he would owe the imperial family too much if he continued to use the bizarre stones provided by them.

The young fellow went to the front of his courtyard and gave an order. Naturally, his courtyard was guarded to prevent unauthorized people from getting close.

Given his identity and status, once he made his decision, very few people had the guts to disobey his order.

Ou Yangming returned to his courtyard and pictured a piece of equipment in his mind again before he picked up the paw gauntlet. The Military Fire burned and enveloped the equipment at once, then when he turned his wrist to signal the big yellow dog, it eagerly tossed a queer stone into the fire.

It did not know how to smith pieces of equipment, but it could assist Ou Yangming to flatter him.

As the Military Fire burned, the stone melted and softened almost instantly.

Ou Yangming’s eyelids twitched. He knew it was certainly because his mental power had increased to 99 points. It was as if the purple Military Fire and his mental power were closely related, by which the greater his mental power, the mightier the fire.

The young fellow had previously smithed with the rare stones many times. Even though he succeeded every time, the process required a certain time and energy. This time, the stone had somehow melted in an instant and was moving unbelievably smoothly according to his wish

He shook his head and curbed his thought, then he grabbed the big yellow dog’s paw.

Big Yellow was stupefied. Seeing as Ou Yangming brought the Military Fire and the mystifying stone close to it, it was fearful.

The Military Fire could easily melt the stone, after all. Though the big yellow dog had a large body, it was not confident about resisting the fire’s high temperature.

It was struck with a thought, ‘He’s not taking revenge because I didn’t help him out just now, is he?’

Next, Ou Yangming’s Military Fire finally burned the big yellow dog’s paw, but its eyes immediately lit up.

‘It doesn’t burn. How can it not burn at all?’

The big yellow dog became livelier, and it widened its eyes at the Military Fire as though it was studying it.

That said, Ou Yangming did not give it the opportunity at all. He instructed softly, “Big Yellow, release the ability you used today.”


“Idiot, I’m talking about the earth series power that you used. Quickly release it!”.

The big yellow dog finally understood what he meant. It could not understand the reason behind it, but it released its power without further ado.

Following an intense energy fluctuation, a yellow light emerged from within the dog’s body. The light fully covered its body, as well as the Military Fire and the stone.

Ou Yangming was moved. He was delighted as he sensed the energy change from the forceful yellow light.

Sure enough, his guess was right.

Ou Yangming’s mighty mental power surged crazily in his sea of consciousness. He did not have a deep understanding of the earth series power, but he neither tried to control nor study it on purpose. The young fellow composed himself and improved his mental conception to an extreme.

The integration of Heaven and man, as well as the thoroughly meticulous state.

When his mental power reached the world’s limit at this moment, he entered a bewildering boundary like never before.

He vaguely sensed it.

It was not his power, but one that existed ever since this world was created.

An odd and faint yellow light appeared in the Military Fire, then a paw gauntlet, which fit Big Yellow’s paw perfectly, was born. Inside the equipment, strange veined patterns had also surfaced through divine intervention.

It was the way of nature, which came from the purest natural energy. When Ou Yangming curbed his Military Fire, the equipment, which he had high expectations for, was formed at last.

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