Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1217 - The Thunderbolt Tribulation

Chapter 1217: The Thunderbolt Tribulation

Being an Advanced Spiritualist was not the end. This was just the beginning.

“Old Man, quickly stabilize your realm. Let’s do it again,” Ou Yangming said with a smile.

After Old Craftsman adjusted himself for a while, he ate the second Three Revolutions Golden Pill. The medicinal strength of the pill was astonishing. It could not help Old Craftsman break through again, but it pushed the realm that he had just broken through to the peak.

The old man’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. The golden pills were the painstaking work of the third-step conferred Ruler, the Crimson Ruler. Only after taking it many times would there be a slight side effect.

Ou Yangming’s power of laws entered the old man’s body. Before the remaining poison could take effect, it was immediately forced out of the old man’s body by him.


Ou Yangming once again threw a Three Revolutions Golden Pill to Old Craftsman. Old Craftsman’s strength had reached the peak of an Advanced Spiritualist, and he could begin to try to break through to a Venerable One.

Compared to the previous 2 times, Old Craftsman was a lot more familiar with it. After taking the golden pill, he began to circulate his power.

After a while, in the courtyard, a powerful aura erupted. From Old Craftsman’s body, a gust of wind blew in all directions, and the surrounding flowers and plants were swept up into the sky.

Old Craftsman opened his eyes, and his face was filled with ecstasy. He had broken through to become a Venerable One. This kind of feeling was very comfortable.

Feeling the great spiritual power in his body, he found out that it was more than 10,000 times greater than before. Only an hour or two had passed.

Breaking through to a Venerable One had also attracted some strange phenomena. A dark cloud appeared in the sky, drifting over from the distance. Lightning began to brew within the dark cloud. Ou Yangming looked at the sky and was stunned for a moment. He had almost forgotten about this.

Small worlds were different from the Great Wide World. Here, a Venerable One was a top-notch powerhouse. When one broke through, one would face the Thunderbolt Tribulation.

This was a threshold set by the will of a small world. After all, there were too many Venerable Ones, and it was difficult for small worlds to bear.

The resources of a small world were limited, and the number of Venerable Ones that could be fed was also fixed.

For a higher-level powerhouse such as Ou Yangming at the moment, if he absorbed the universe’s spiritual Qi without restraint, it was very likely that the spiritual Qi here would be exhausted in a short period.

At that time, the small world would be broken, and it would become a broken world that could not give birth to cultivators.

Old Craftsman used the heaven-defying golden pills to directly break through to a Venerable One. Ou Yangming did not expect that the Thunder Tribulation would still come knocking on the door. Although he was a little slow to realize it, he did not miss it in the end.

“Is someone about to break through to a Venerable One?”

On the 10,000 Beasts Mountain, many spirit beasts raised their heads to look at the thundercloud in the sky. Their eyes were filled with envy.

A Venerable One was the highest level of existence in the Spiritual Realm. It was the pursuit of every spirit beast.

Countless people raised their heads. This was a chance to broaden their horizons. There were very few people who were Venerable Ones. Sometimes, one would not appear even once in a few decades.

As such, the scene of transcending the Thunderbolt Tribulation was naturally very precious. After all, no one knew what their future would be like. If one had that hope, one could gain more knowledge at this time and accumulate some experience.

Many spirit beasts went in the direction of the Thunderbolt Tribulation. They wanted to see where the person transcending the tribulation was.

In the garden, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, who had left not long ago, suddenly appeared. He stared at Old Craftsman and asked in disbelief, “Old Craftsman, did you cause this Thunderbolt Tribulation?”

Old Craftsman had just broken through and did not know how to conceal his aura. At this moment, his aura of a Venerable One was clearly exposed to the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One felt that there was something wrong. Not long ago, he was still with Old Craftsman. At that time, the old man’s strength was clearly only that of an Intermediate Spiritualist. In just a short while, he was breaking through to be a Venerable One?

No, he had broken through to become a Venerable One.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was dazed. Putting aside why Old Craftsman’s strength suddenly increased, why did he break through to become a Venerable One first before the Thunderbolt Tribulation appeared? This was completely illogical.

Old Craftsman looked at the sky with a serious look and replied, “If I’m not mistaken, it should be here for me.”

From the thundercloud, Old Craftsman felt a heavy pressure as if there was something terrifying hidden within this tribulation.

“How did you do it?”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One walked over, his eyes staring at Old Craftsman in shock. Such a method could only be described as a miracle.

Old Craftsman answered, “It was Ou Yangming who helped me break through. He gave me a few pills, and my strength reached this stage. Let’s not talk about it for now. I feel that the Thunderbolt Tribulation this time is a little dangerous. Let’s think about how to deal with it first.”

“The Thunderbolt Tribulation this time is much stronger than usual. Besides, it has been brewing for a long time.” The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One raised his head and looked at the sky. He was very experienced and had seen many scenes of the tribulation. Judging from the intensity of those Thunderbolt Tribulations, none of them could compare to Old Craftsman.

As he spoke, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was still staring at Ou Yangming, his heart full of shock. The young fellow had such remarkable spiritual pills.

Ou Yangming was not worried. He smiled and said, “Old Man, you first broke through to become a Venerable One then attracted the thunderclouds. It’s not strange that you’re stronger.”

Even though that was the case, looking at the increasingly dense cloud in the sky, Old Craftsman was still very nervous.

After all, he had only cultivated for a few years. The strength of an Intermediate Spiritualist was raised by relying on the blessed land, spiritual herbs, and medicinal pills.

In terms of actual combat ability, Old Craftsman was not very powerful.

Seeing through the old man’s thoughts, Ou Yangming smiled and said confidently, “Old Man, you don’t have to worry. Just leave this little tribulation to me.”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One asked with some surprise, “Transcending the Thunderbolt Tribulation is one’s business. How can others help?”

He had seen Thunderbolt Tribulations more than once or twice. He had never heard that someone else could help one transcend the disaster.

If one let others help to transcend the Thunderbolt Tribulation, it would only increase the intensity of the disaster again. At that time, it would be even more difficult for one to succeed, and both people would be in danger.

Ou Yangming looked at the dense cloud in the sky and responded with a smile, “It’s not impossible to solve it. The Thunderbolt Tribulation will increase its power, but there’s a limit. As long as one is absolutely powerful, one can ignore it.”

“Powerful enough?”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One did not understand. He looked at Ou Yangming in shock, not knowing where he got his confidence from.

Soon, the Thunder Tribulation was ready. The pressure in the sky made the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One worried. The strength of the disaster had reached the point that it could hurt a middle-stage Venerable One. It would be very difficult for Old Craftsman, who had just broken through to a Venerable One, to resist it.

If Ou Yangming really had a way, it would be fine. If there was no way, Old Craftsman would very likely lose his life. It would be self-defeating.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One retreated to the side and left the range of the Thunderbolt Tribulation. Otherwise, once it affected Old Craftsman’s tribulation, the tribulation would very likely become even fiercer.


The rumbling of thunder could be heard in the cloud. The muffled sound caused the pressure in one’s heart to multiply.

Those who were looking at the sky from a distance were extremely shocked.

“How could the Thunderbolt Tribulation this time be so powerful? More than 10 years ago, when I saw a Venerable One from the Hundred Flowers Sect undergoing the tribulation, it was not this powerful!” An Advanced Spiritualist said in shock.

He felt that the aura in the sky was fearsome. If he was even slightly affected, he might lose his life.

“Yeah, the Thunderbolt Tribulation this time seems to be abnormally powerful. Even from such a far distance, I feel my heart palpitate. I really don’t know what kind of state the people in the range of the tribulation is in now.”

“It’s a pity that that place is a Venerable One’s forbidden area. We don’t have the right to enter.”

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. Everyone was not surprised at all as they were filled with fear toward the thundercloud in the sky.

This was an unprecedented Thunderbolt Tribulation, and its degree of ferocity was beyond everyone’s imagination.

“Who do you think the person who’s transcending the tribulation is?” Someone looked into the distance and asked.

In front of them were layers upon layers of formations. They could only see the dense cloud in the sky.

“I wonder which high-rank spirit beast on the 10,000 Beasts Mountain broke through.”

“It’s possible that it’s the old macaque, but I saw him on the northern mountain just now.”

“It’s also possible that the person’s a friend of a Venerable One here. He probably came here to break through because he wanted the Venerable One to take care of him but unfortunately…” Everyone’s eyes were filled with regret.

How could such a powerful Thunderbolt Tribulation be something that an Advanced Spiritualist or spirit beast could withstand? The others were so far away, yet they could feel the heart-palpitating danger.

“There’s no other way. How can we cultivators fight against the heavens? Whether we succeed or not, we can only see if the heavens will leave us a way out.”

“The Thunderbolt Tribulation has appeared!” Someone cried out in alarm.

Everyone’s gaze once again focused on the sky. Within the clouds, a lightning bolt as wide as a bucket suddenly appeared and struck downward.

A kilometer away, everyone felt suffocated. It was too strong. How was this a tribulation? One was clearly courting death…

In the garden, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One could not help but call out, “Be careful!”

Ou Yangming’s eyes were like the stars. He took a step forward and stood in front of the old man. He looked at the sky with a mocking expression.

It seemed that the will of the small world did not allow someone like Old Craftsman to break through directly. The power of this bolt of lightning was something even a middle-stage Venerable One could not withstand. If it was not for Ou Yangming, the old man would not be able to survive.

The thunderbolt whizzed over. In the blink of an eye, it had broken through the clouds and landed in the sky above the garden.

Ou Yangming’s expression did not change. He raised his hand and threw a punch toward the sky. This punch was ordinary.

A golden light flew out from the fist and collided with the thunderbolt in the sky. With a rumble… the golden light flashed, and the thunderbolt disappeared.

“He blocked it?”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One’s eyes were filled with surprise. Although Ou Yangming’s punch was not aimed at him, he could feel the heavy pressure from it. This young fellow had probably grown to a frightening level.

He raised his head and suddenly shouted, “Oh no!”

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