Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 42: Sword Spirit—Ao Jiao

Chapter 42: Sword Spirit—Ao Jiao

Liu Fenglin led the First Elder and the others, chasing after the blue-clothed person anxiously. However, the speed of the blue-clothed man was strangely fast. The rocks on his feets continuously circled his feet, causing him to move extremely fast on the flat ground.

Not long after the chase, he managed to escape from the group’s view. Liu Fenglin could only helplessly give up the chase. So under the lead of Liu Fenglin, they quickly rushed back.

“What’s going on? Why is the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox missing?” Liu Fenglin said in shock after looking at the empty ground. “Where’s Xiao Chen? Where did he go to? He must have secretly taken it.”

The Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was gone and Xiao Chen was missing. Liu Fenglin immediately made the connection. Could Xiao Chen have taken away the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox? Yet, it did not make sense to him.

The Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was ten meters tall. Xiao Chen was just an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple, it was impossible for him to take it away without leaving any trace.

Hearing Liu Fenglin’s words, Xiao Qiang felt that it had carried an obvious tone of reproach. Anger flashed in Xiao Qiang’s eyes, this Liu Fenglin was too condescending. No matter what, Xiao Chen was still the son of the Clan Head. He did not have the rights to speak about Xiao Chen in such a manner.

Controlling his emotions, the First Elder carefully observed his surroundings. He discovered that there was no trace of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox being moved. It was as though the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox had vanished into thin air.

After muttering to himself for awhile, Xiao Qiang said: “Elder Liu, from what I can tell, the way the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox disappeared is too strange. It is too early to determine that Xiao Chen took it away.”

The other two Martial Grand Masters observed their surroundings as well and had also found it strange. This situation just seemed too impossible. One of them said: “Could it be that this Six-Tailed Spirit Fox recovered from its injuries and then brought Xiao Chen away?”

“How ridiculous! That Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was already severely injured earlier. After that, it went berserk, expending a large amount of its lifeforce. How could it recover so fast?” Liu Fenglin retorted fiercely in a loud voice.”

Xiao Qiang held his hands behind his back and carefully investigated the surrounds once again. However, he did not manage to see any more clues. It seemed like only Xiao Chen would know the reason for the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox’s disappearance.

After thinking for awhile, Xiao Qiang replied: “The most important thing now, is to find Xiao Chen. Regardless of the situation, he is the son of the Clan Head. If anything happened to him, we would not be able to take responsibility for it.”

“Now that the Spirit Beast uproar has already stopped, I have decided that we will seal the mountain immediately. There is no need to wait till tomorrow. If we meet any members of the Tang Clan, kill them on the spot.”

With regards to this arrangement, Liu Fenglin did not have any opinions. He also did not have any ideas as to how the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox disappeared. He could only look for Xiao Chen first and then decided what to do from then on.


Putting that situation aside, in another place, at that moment... Xiao Chen was currently in a secret cave spreading the Golden Salve on the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. This Golden Salve was given to him in the past by Xiao Yulan. He had never gotten round to using it yet. Good thing that is was not used before, so he could use it now

He carefully spread the Golden Salve on all of its wounds and the white color medicinal powder gave off a sizzling sound on the wounds. The unconscious Six-Tailed Spirit Fox still trembling.

After finishing, Xiao Chen started to send the Essence in his body into the body of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. A stream of warm and gentle Essence quietly healed the severely injured internal organs of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox.

Due to the fact that Xiao Chen was focused on treating the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, he failed to notice its eyes open slightly, looking at Xiao Chen and remembering his appearance in its heart.

The Essence circulated for a cycle in the body of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. Xiao Chen discovered that the meridians of this Spirit Beast were very suitable for the Demonic Beast cultivation method in the Compendium of Cultivation.

According to the Compendium of Cultivation, any being that had spirituality could cultivate it. In the legends of ancient China, there were many demons that were quite famous.

After hesitating for a while, Xiao Chen decided to teach the Spirit Fox the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation that was recorded in the Compendium of Cultivation. There was very little information about Demonic beast cultivation in the Compendium of Cultivation, with only this set of Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation.

Following the circulation method of the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation, Xiao Chen controlled his Essence and made it circulate within the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox’s body. After an hour, this stream of Essence had undergone one cycle of the circulation method.

This way, it would leave behind a trace of this circulation method in the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. After it woke up, it could just follow that pathway and cultivate by itself.

Consider this as your compensation. Xiao Chen thought and withdrew his Essence. This Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation was actually a mysterious cultivation method left behind by the legendary Demonic World.

“You idiot! Still not leaving yet? The fox is about to wake up.”

Suddenly a clear voice appeared in that empty cave. Xiao Chen, who was deep in thought, was startled. He immediately expanded his Spiritual Sense and searched in all directions.

However, aside from himself and the ‘unconscious’ Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, there was no one else. Even when focusing his Spiritual Sense into a beam, there was no one else within a thousand meters of him.

A hallucination? It did not seem like it. Xiao Chen was bewildered.

“You idiot! Stop searching, I am here.” A somewhat illusory image of a girl slowly floated out of the Universe Ring, appearing in front of Xiao Chen’s shocked gaze.

This girl did not seem older than fourteen or fifteen years old. She was dressed in red clothes and looked very cute. However, her body had an ethereal feel to it.

Xiao Chen was stunned for a long time before he reacted to it. “Are you a human or a ghost? How did you come out?”

Hearing Xiao Chen’s questions, the girl became angry. However, when the angry expression appeared on that cute face, it would not cause one to sense any anger.

“I am neither human nor ghost. I am only a Sword Spirit. You don’t have to make such a big fuss. My name is Ao Jiao.

Sword Spirit?

Could it be that broken sword from the Thunder Emperor’s cave? Xiao Chen suddenly recalled that when he dripped his blood onto the Universe Ring, he heard the voice of a girl. Back then, he thought that he was imagining things.

Xiao Chen was about the ask her a question when the infant Spirit Fox suddenly came out of the Spirit Blood Jade and ran over to the unconscious Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. He was startled and was about to try and capture it.

“Don’t chase it, this fellow already signed a blood pact with you. It won’t run away,” Ao Jiao said after she saw Xiao Chen preparing to chase after it. After she finished saying it, she flew out of the cave.

Although Xiao Chen’s head was full of thoughts about the young Spirit Fox, he also had many questions for this girl who had appeared from the Universe Ring. Thus, he had no other choice but follow her.

Outside the cave, that girl named Ao Jiao, no not a girl- to be precise, a Sword Spirit- had a grave expression on her face. She raised her head to look at the starry sky, as though there was something that she wanted from there.

Xiao Chen organized his thoughts and managed to come out with a clear question, “Who exactly are you? How are you related to me? Can you help me understand?”

Ao Jiao, who was floating in the air looking at the stars, turned her head. She did not answer Xiao Chen’s question. Instead, she looked Xiao Chen up and down, as though she were determining the quality of something in a shop. Her eyes had a look of dissatisfaction.

Xiao Chen, on the receiving end, felt very uncomfortable under her gaze and said impatiently: “Hey, brat! Stop looking at me like that. Answer my question, where in the world did you come from?”

Ao Jiao frowned and clenched her right fist, waving it around. She said fiercely: “Who are you calling brat! You trashy master! Don’t think I won’t throw you into a sea of skeletons to feed zombies.”

Trashy Master? When Xiao Chen heard this, he finally got found a clue. This fellow came out from his Universe Ring.

His Universe Ring was made using the broken sword from the Thunder Emperor’s cave and this fellow had said earlier that it was a Sword Spirit. According to the legends of Tianwu Continent, in every divine weapon, there would be a Weapon Spirit. Sabers would have a Saber Spirit; swords would have a Sword Spirit; spears would have a Spear Spirit.

A Weapon Spirit had intelligence that was on par with humans. However, they each had their own individual personalities. When a divine weapon had a Weapon Spirit, it could be said that it achieved true spirituality and its might in battle would become even greater.

Looks like that broken sword in the Thunder Emperor’s cave was a divine weapon. It was broken into halves but due to some unknown reason, the Sword Spirit in it did not disappear.

When he thought about it this way, it seemed very possible. When he forged that broken sword into the Universe Ring, turning it into a spatial treasure, he unintentionally subdued this Sword Spirit, becoming its master.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen smiled. Having a loli Sword Spirit for a servant, it was a pretty good thing. However, this character’s attitude was slightly off.

“Hey, idiot! Why are you laughing for no reason? Are you having a seizure?” Ao Jian looked at Xiao Chen suddenly bursting out in laughter as she said bewilderedly.

Idiot? Seizure?

Xiao Chen almost vomited out blood as he said angrily: “I should be your master right? Is this the attitude you show to your master?”

Ao Jiao’s mouth curled up in a cold smile, “Master? I was about to tell you. Although I do not know how you became my master while I was unconscious, with your current strength, you are not even comparable to an ant.”

“You can imagine, the attitude of an elephant towards an ant. That is the logic…”

Ant? Xiao Chen felt infuriated. However, when he saw Ao Jian’s expression, he could no longer feel angry. This girl was like a venomous snake. With her cute face, there was no way to be angry with her.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, “Then Miss Ao Jiao, what is your purpose in coming out? To look down on this trashy master?”

“Just to remind you to get out quickly. The Six-Tailed Spirit Fox is close to recovering and waking up. After sealing her infant, if you don’t leave, only death awaits you. If you died, I will be injured.”

“Therefore, hurry up and become strong, you trashy master. Stop making a Sword Spirit lead a life of worry. It is very shameful.”

After Ao Jiao said that, she took one last look at the starry sky before going back into the Universe Ring. Regardless of what Xiao Chen did, she did not come out again.

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