Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 348: Method of Opening the Minor Meridians

Chapter 348: Method of Opening the Minor Meridians

The second option was to use Essence to open these minor meridians forcibly. Once the minor meridians opened, Xiao Chen could cultivate the sixth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.

Once that happened, Xiao Chen could raise his strength significantly in a short period.

However, before even mentioning the difficulty of successfully doing this, forcibly opening four minor meridians would definitely cause some hidden damages. If not dealt with properly, it would affect Xiao Chen’s future cultivation.

After the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated for another great cycle, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. A purple light shot out of his eyes. For that instant, the dark forest illuminated completely.

After the light flashed, it hid in the depths of Xiao Chen’s eyes. When he saw the remnant purple lightning-attributed energy in the air, he casually waved his hand.

The purple energy immediately formed a whirlpool and gathered on Xiao Chen’s palm, forming a clump of purple flame.

Xiao Chen swung his hand forward and launched the purple fire. Without making any sound, it burned a tree in its way into ashes.


Finally, the purple fire crashed into a cliffside. It blasted a hundred-meters-wide hole in the cliff side. The peak shook gently for a while and rocks fell.

Xiao Chen’s casual toss could already achieve such a result. If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would have felt slightly satisfied. However, now that he had seen the strength of a peal Martial Monarch, he knew that this was not worth mention. In the face of a true expert, he was merely a child playing house.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and muttered, “I am currently a peak Medial Grade Martial Saint. I have to open these four minor meridians.

“As I advance to Superior Grade Martial Saint, one out of the four minor meridians will open.. When I advance to peak Superior Grade Martial Saint, I will open another one. When I advance to Martial King, I will open the remaining two.

“That is to say, I can only truly cultivate the sixth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation when I am a Martial King.”

Xiao Chen was indecisive, unsure of which path was best. Forcibly opening the minor meridians carried risk. If he waited until he was a Martial King, he would waste too much time.

“Never mind. I will not think about this now. I will go back and discuss this with Ruyue and see what her opinion is.” Xiao Chen shook his head and stopped thinking about this problem. Then, he started to make his way to his courtyard.


Currently, three days had passed since the huge fight in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. In the past three days, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had been busy.

They were busy repairing the destroyed buildings and treating the unfortunate, injured disciples.

As for the elders, they were even busier. Not only did they have to direct everything, but they also had to calculate the extent of the damages, appease the masses, give compensation to the deceased's family, and other work. It was a series of problematic things.

Within three days, all sort of rumors about the Heavenly Saber Pavilion spread throughout the Xihe Province.

There were many experts observing the sudden damages of that day. They also witnessed the Imperial Dragon Legion enter and leave as they pleased. None of this could be hidden.

As the rumors spread, they became more and more ridiculous. Rumors such as all the Supreme Elder having died battle and more than half the core disciples being dead; there were even rumors of the First Elder being killed.

All these rumors exaggerated the damages the Heavenly Saber Pavilion suffered.

Then, they connected the recent decision to delay the end-of-year inner disciple Ranking Wars to the rumors. This gave the impression that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had completely declined.

A portion of the small sects and clans that maintained a relationship with the Heavenly Saber Pavilion all had some unsettling thoughts.

Xiao Chen felt that it was strange that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion did not even bother to give any explanation.

Regardless of the rumors in the outside world, they focused all their attention on the restoration of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and the disciples’ treatment.

In Xiao Chen’s opinion, although the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was in decline, they were still the strongest power in the Xihe Province.

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion had five Martial Monarch Supreme Elders. This, alone, placed them far ahead of the other powers. Furthermore, there was still a mysterious expert who held a Divine Weapon.

They also had firm control over a Spirit Mine that generated an endless amount of Spirit Stones. Given all that, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s position as the top sect in the Xihe Province was firm.

The biggest loss of this event was that of the Divine Saber Camp of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. However, even though the commander and vice commander were severely injured, they were still alive.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered about all this. These were simply thoughts to occupy him when he was bored. Instead, he spent all his time focused on cultivation.

Even without executing his Movement Technique, Xiao Chen was extremely fast. Soon, he arrived at this courtyard without realizing it.

Liu Ruyue and Xiao Bai sat at the stone table in the yard. They were in high spirits and played Five in a Row.

[TL note: Gomoku, also called Gobang or Five in a Row, is an abstract strategy board game. It is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and white stones) on a Go board, using 15×15 of the 19×19 grid intersections. Players alternate turns placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to form an unbroken chain of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.]

Five in a Row was something Xiao Chen recreated while he was bored. This was an attachment to his previous world. Normally, when he had time, he would play a few rounds with Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai was innately intelligent. After giving her a simple explanation of the rules, she learned it. Furthermore, she improved rapidly. Now, it was no longer easy for Xiao Chen to defeat her.

Xiao Chen quietly walked over and looked the situation on the bard. Liu Ruyue currently possessed the advantage, and Xiao Bai was immersed in thinking of a countermeasure; she looked very cute.

When Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen at the side, she smiled softly and said, “You have returned. Your strength seems to have improved slightly again.”

Xiao Chen smiled and replied, “I ran into some problems. You should continue playing first; I will discuss it with you later.

When Xiao Bai saw Xiao Chen had returned, she immediately smiled happily, “Elder Brother Ye Chen, come teach me. Elder Sister Ruyue is too good; I have not even beat her once.”

Every since Liu Ruyue arrived, Xiao Chen got Xiao Bai to address him by his pseudonym. Although she did not understand why, she obeyed.

Xiao Chen patted Xiao Bai’s head gently and smiled, “You should think about it yourself. You cannot get help from other people when playing this. You have to train yourself and find your own line of thought.”

Xiao Bai pouted and said, “Elder Brother Ye Chen always sides with Elder Sister Ruyue. You are not willing to help me.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and smiled. Then, he ignored what Xiao Bai had said and moved to a side to shut his eyes and rest.

After a while, Xiao Bai lost to Liu Ruyue again. She packed up the board and cried, “Wuwu, Elder Sister Ruyue is too good. Xiao Bai is not playing with you again. Hehe, Xiao Bai will look for Elder Sister Xiao Meng. Even when she works with Elder Brother Shaoyan, they can’t defeat Xiao Bai.”

By the time she finished speaking, she had packed the board away. Then, she left the courtyard in a bouncing and vivacious manner; there were no signs of her disappointment. It was clear that she did not care about winning or losing.

After Xiao Bai left, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and walked to Liu Ruyue’s side.

Liu Ruyue asked, “What problems did you run into? Maybe I can help you.”

Xiao Chen nodded and began to explain the problem he encountered with cultivating the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation in detail to Liu Ruyue.

After Liu Ruyue listened, she frowned slightly. Her charming, pretty face revealed a pondering expression.

After a while, Liu Ruyue relaxed her frown and revealed a smile. She said softly, “You can give this a try. Opening four minor meridians in one go is risky, but if you only do two, the risk will not be as great.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. He said, “Are you suggesting I wait until I am a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint before opening the other two minor meridians?”

Liu Ruyue nodded and said, “That’s right. By then, you will be preparing to make your breakthrough to Martial King. If you can cultivate the sixth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, it would be easier to break through to Martial King.

“When preparing to open your minor meridians, remember to prepare some Spirit Herbs for nourishing the meridians. If you can buy pills for nourishing for meridians, that would be better.”

“A forcefully opened meridian is more fragile than a naturally opened meridian. If it is not protected carefully, the minor meridian might slowly wither away.

“However, if nourished properly, there will not be any hidden damages to the meridian.”

Xiao Chen was suddenly enlightened. Although Xiao Chen needed some time to cultivate to peak Martial Saint, it was much shorter than cultivating to Martial King.

Furthermore, according to Liu Ruyue’s method, it would be much easier to break through to Martial King.

Xiao Chen rejoiced and thanked Liu Ruyue, “Ruyue, truly, thank you. You have been an immense help again.”

Liu Ruyue smiled gently. When she saw Xiao Chen’s smile, she felt happy for him from the bottom of her heart.

Liu Ruyue suddenly recalled something and said. “That’s right. My father asked you to go to the summit tonight. He is looking for you regarding a matter.”


The night was dark; stars decorated the night sky. Xiao Chen looked at the summit above, and hesitation filled his gaze.

If there were one person who Xiao Chen feared of from the bottom of his heart, it would be this person, Liu Tianyu.

As strong as Song Que was, or the amount of authority the First Elder had, although Xiao Chen was afraid of them, he did not feel a restraining fear.

Xiao Chen could see their bottom and upper limits. Once he knew their limits, he no longer feared them.

Only Liu Tianyu…If Xiao Chen could choose not to meet him, he would.

When Xiao Chen first arrived at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, this person gave him a scabbard. He helped Xiao Chen conceal the Thunder Emperor’s traces from the Lunar Shadow Saber.

With one glance, Liu Tianyu had seen through his status as the Thunder Emperor’s inheritor. After that, he half lured, half threatened Xiao Chen and sent him into a strange space; he almost died and never returned.

Before Liu Tianyu, Xiao Chen did not have many secrets. Such a person was very horrifying.

Regardless of how reluctant Xiao Chen was, he had to go. He could not hide from him.

Xiao Chen calmed his emotions and pushed off the ground, making his way quickly.

When Xiao Chen reached the vertical cliffside, he used the Gravity Spell to fly up. After a while, he landed firmly on the ground.

Up, on the summit, a strong wind blew, blowing Xiao Chen’s hair everywhere. His clothes fluttered, and he could not open his eyes.

Liu Tianyu sat quietly on the strange rock. The wind blew through him like he was air; there was no fluctuation at all.

Only the two occupied the summit; the stronger cultivator was clear.

Liu Tianyu opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Chen quietly with somewhat muddled eyes.

Liu Tianyu’s face was full of wrinkles; he seemed even older than he did before. This was someone deteriorated with age.

Xiao Chen felt uneasy under Liu Tianyu’s watchful gaze. He quickly asked, “Senior, why are you looking for me? Please enlighten me.”

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