Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 343: Divine Saber Camp’s Killing Move

Chapter 343: Divine Saber Camp’s Killing Move

As the six Martial Monarchs moved within the formation, they felt a huge pressure. Even though they had killed many people, they still felt fear in their hearts.

Furthermore, the formation these hundred Divine Saber Camp disciples formed seemed to contain the might of natural laws. They had suppressed the strength of the six.

The six charged forward recklessly within the formation. The horrifying momentum they had was unstoppable. However, something strange happened. They were clearly moving forward in one direction, but they were actually moving around in a circle. They could not break out of the encirclement of these hundred people.

Long Tu took a quick glance and ignored their situation. With the strength of those six, it was only a matter of time before they broke the formation.

The true threat was the seven people behind Long Tu. This was especially true for the two cultivators who were initial Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs. They were the commander and vice commander of the Divine Saber Camp, Ximen Ying and Zhuo Yan.

Jiang Chi and the others had already retreated to a side.

With their strength, they were still qualified to participate in this fight. However, Jiang Chi and the rest were not able to coordinate with the Divine Saber Camp. The things they had learned were completely different from what the Divine Saber Camp did. There was no way for them to work with the Divine Saber Camp. They could only remain spectators and act as backup.



The seven made their moves at the same time, the Bloodsucker Sabers in their hands released a scarlet light. The boundless scarlet cloud in the sky churned continuously. A cold wind howled and a baleful aura pressed forwards.

Long Tu waved his hand and a purple spear appeared in his hand. With a gentle sweep, the air rippled. An azure flood dragon spiraled around the spear.

The dragon let out an angry howl and the spear swept across, causing the air to tremble and blocking the attacks of the seven.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

The weapons clashed and the horrifying energy was scattered. A black crack slowly expanded in the air.

The casual moves of a few people actually made space tear. The black spatial crack grew for several thousand meters before coming to a stop.

Whenever the crack extended past a peak, it would chop it in half. When looked at from the sky, it was like it was bitten off by a large dog.

They became faster the longer they fought. Xiao Chen’s eyes were simply unable to keep up with them. He could only hear ear-shattering shouts from time to time as well as see the black crack growing larger.

“Bang!” A scarlet light fell from the sky.

It was a Divine Saber Camp cultivator. A bloody fist-sized hole appeared on his forehead. He was stabbed to death by Long Tu’s spear.

After a while, cracks extended out from his wound and his body ended up shattering.

“Ha ha, again! The Divine Saber Camp is merely so,” Long Tu laughed out loudly. The moment he spoke, he stabbed with his spear again. The purple spear seemed like it had come to life and turned into an azure dragon.

A Divine Saber Camp disciple sent out a long scarlet light, trying to block this horrifying strike.

Before the azure flood dragon got close, it roared angrily. A boundless Holy Might shook that person until he became dizzy and his legs grew weak.


In the next instant, the azure flood dragon turned back into the resilient purple spear. A purple light appeared at the tip of the spear.

Long Tu tilted his body to the side slightly and sent his hand forward. He broke that scarlet light very quickly.

That person quickly turned and moved back, he was like scarlet lightning. Long Tu snorted coldly and pierced his spear forward, holding the extreme end of the spear with his right hand.

This resulted in his attack range increasing significantly. Then, he swept it across and struck that person in the chest.

That person vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying back. Before he could stop himself or change his direction, he crashed into the expanded spatial crack.

That person had no means to resist and was sliced into multiple pieces by the spatial crack.

At the same time, the sharp attacks of the other five filled the sky with a scarlet light. They used killing moves infused with the state of massacre, sending them at Long Tu.

“Soaring Dragon!” Long Tu shouted as he withdrew his spear. Nine azure flood dragon immediately came out of his body. As the nine flood dragons soared in the air, a supreme will of wind was infused into them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The flood dragons roared and strong winds that resulted from the state of wind blew. It immediately blew away the overwhelming state of massacre like it was smoke.

No matter how strong the state of massacre was, it was merely a state. It was no match for a will, which was one level higher. The fighters from the Divine Saber Camp would only be a match if they had comprehended the will of massacre.

The nine berserk flood dragons contained destructive force, causing everyone’s attacks to be knocked back. After their state was destroyed, their killing move’s might was decreased, resulting in it being unable to resist.

Long Tu laughed maniacally, and the nine flood dragons reentered his body. His body flashed in the air and he arrived before a Divine Saber Camp Cultivator.

Long Tu stabbed with his spear and a black hole appeared in space. The power of this spear was very berserk, it actually managed to pierce a hole in space.

A supreme will of wind was emitting at the tip of the spear. The fist-sized black hole immediately started to expand quickly.

Long Tu’s figure flashed and entered the spatial crack. In the next instant, a crack opened before the retreating cultivator.

The spear carried an unrivaled force as it suddenly appeared from nowhere and headed for the retreating cultivator’s head.

There were no signs of the spear appearing, it was impossible to defend against. This was a sure hit strike.


Just as the spear was about to pierce the forehead of that person, a scarlet saber flashed from the side.

The saber hacked at the tip of the spear. However, the tip of the spear was infused with the will of wind, there was no way to move it at all.

Ximen Ying’s muddled and unconcerned eyes immediately contracted. A pair of very strange scarlet twin pupils appeared in his eyes.

The horrifying state of massacre on the saber started to grow stronger. Eventually, it exploded loudly and formed a strand of will of massacre.


The horrifying spear was finally knocked away. That cultivator took the opportunity to retreat.

Long Tu slowly came out of the spatial crack as he held his spear. He looked at Ximen Ying and smiled faintly, “Not bad. You actually managed to evolve your state of massacre into the will of massacre. However, it is merely a strand. Let’s see how are you going to block my state of wind.”


Long Tu swept his spear across, and the tip of it exploded out with a purple light. Many purple wind blades appeared and created cracks in space.

Everywhere the wind blades passed, spatial cracks appeared. The black spatial cracks were like flowers, horrifying flowers of death.

Ximen Ying had a very grave expression. He did not say anything. The twin pupils in his eyes gave off a strange light and he brandished his saber, knocking away the purple wind blades.

Countless wind blades were knocked back, creating long black spatial cracks. Many of the Martial Kings watching were not able to dodge in time and were immediately chopped in half.

The power of a spatial crack was not something an ordinary Martial King could withstand.

However, the force from the wind blade was simply too strong. Each time Ximen Ying knocked one back, he would be knocked back by a hundred meters. His complexion turned paler as time went by.

The Divine Saber Camp vice commander, Zhou Yan, saw that the situation was dire. He quickly flew over and helped to intercept the wind blades.

Long Tu laughed loudly and then he sent out a purple flood dragon from his spear at the pair. After that, he ignored them.

Then, Long Tu cast his gaze on the remaining three Divine Saber Camp cultivators. With a casual sweep, a spatial crack appeared and he suddenly appeared.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Long Tu struck out three times with his spear that was infused with the will of wind. The three half step Martial Monarchs raise their state of massacre to its peak.

However, there was a huge difference between a state and a will. There was no way they could influence that spear at all. Furthermore, Long Tu had hidden himself within a spatial crack.

Long Tu was unpredictable, moving around without a trace. No matter where one hid, he would be able to appear beside his target in an instant. A spear strike could be launched from behind, left, right, or even directly from the front.

Under the attacks of this spear, bloody holes appeared on the foreheads of the three half step Martial Monarchs.

At this point in time, Ximen Ying and Zhuo Yan were still dealing with that soaring azure flood dragon. The flood dragon was a hundred meters long and had azure scales. There was a spiritual light coming from its eyes, like it was a true flood dragon.

The flood dragon surged and bellowed in the air. Every time its dragon claws scratched something they would leave behind fine cracks in space. Occasionally, it would spew out some azure dragon flames.

Ximen Ying and Zhuo Yan turned into two streaks of scarlet light. When they tried to dodge the attack of the flood dragon, they left wounds on it.

Their Saber Techniques were infused with the state of massacre. Once struck, there was no way for the flood dragon to heal from it. The flood dragon was starting to turn faint, it was not able to withstand their attack for much longer.

After Long Tu dealt with the three half-step Martial Monarchs, he looked at the dim azure flood dragon that was fading. His expression did not change. Instead, he swung his spear.

A purple light gathered at the tip of the spear and a long spatial crack was tore open in space. With a quick flash, Long Tu disappeared from the night sky.

Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan had just finished off the azure flood dragon. Before they had to time to take a breather, a spatial crack appeared above them.

A purple spear infused with the will of wind struck out at Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan from above.


Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan quickly moved to the side.

Long Tu completely emerged from the crack and laughed loudly. Then he said, “A mantis trying to stop a chariot. You think you can stop me? Scram!”

[TL note: A mantis trying to stop a chariot: This means overrating oneself.]

Long Tu swung his spear forcefully, and the purple light shot down from the tip of the spear.

Instantly, a flood dragon carved on the spear exploded out with light. The will of wind became even more berserk.


Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan both vomited a mouthful of blood. The Bloodsucker Sabers in their hand could not withstand the force and were knocked out of their hands, falling away to the ground.

“Scram!” Long Tu shouted and moved forward quickly. He walked on air like it was solid ground. Every step he took, he left behind a purple footprint.

The spear struck Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan’s chests, causing them both to be knocked back and crash into a peak a thousand meters away, demolishing half the peak in the process.

When Xiao Chen saw all this, horror appeared in his eyes. At the same time, he was filled with doubts. They were all Martial Monarchs, why were the other Martial Monarchs helpless against him?

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