Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 331: Awkwardness, Feng Feixue

Chapter 311: Awkwardness, Feng Feixue

Xiao Chen felt it was strange; he did not know that he had such great reputation. Since this was so, he would make another trip here tomorrow. There was no need to worry about leaving the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron here.

However, there was another thing that Xiao Chen could deal with now. He said, “This matter is settled then. I still have some Demonic Cores with me. I wonder if Master Huang would appraise them to transact some business?”

Master Huang smiled and said, “Let’s make this clear first, are you pawning them or selling them?”

“I’m selling them.” After Xiao Chen spoke, he immediately poured three piles of Demonic Cores out of his Universe Ring. The largest pile consisted of Rank 4 Demonic Cores; the middle-sized pile consisted of Rank 5 Demonic Cores, and the smallest pile consisted of Rank 6 Demonic Cores.

Master Huang’s smile immediately froze on his face. He was speechless, Some Demonic Cores? A rough count gives me more than three thousand.

This is such a large sum. This is probably the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of business for the Victorious Chief.

The shop assistant to the side was completely stunned. He thought to himself, Fortunately, I did not say anything earlier to offend this person. When he thought of how he was initially prepared to mock this person, he thought it was very fortunate that he did not.

Xiao Chen said, “Master Huang, what’s wrong? Are there too many?”

Master Huang recovered his wits and sighed, “No. No, there are not too many. I will go wake up all the other appraisers. We will give you the results within the hour.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “There is no need to rush. I don’t mind waiting a while longer.”

One hour later, Master Huang walked out, looking exhausted. He handed a few pieces of paper to Xiao Chen and said, “Young Master Ye, we have appraised all the attributes of every Demonic Core and have listed the price for each of them. Take a look first; see if there is anything that needs to be added.”

Xiao Chen received the pieces of paper and looked carefully. He discovered that it was as Master Huang said.

Not only did he list the attributes of the Demonic Cores, but he also listed the Demonic Beasts each Demonic Core came from. Furthermore, he was completely correct. There was a estimate beside every Demonic Core; it even listed the reasons for the estimate.

It looked like the appraisers of Victorious Chief were not simple. This was a huge eye-opener for Xiao Chen. This overthrew what Xiao Chen had previously understood.

For example, there was an Inferior Grade Rank 4 Demonic Core that had an higher estimate than a Superior Grade Rank 5 Demonic Core. This was because the Heavenly Craft Manor had recently developed a Spirit Weapon that urgently required this kind of Demonic Core.

There were many such examples. The values of the Demonic Cores were not simply decided using only its Rank. This enlightened Xiao Chen.

Finally, Xiao Chen looked at the final sum. With all the Demons Cores added together, they fetched a price of 450,000 million Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

When Xiao Chen saw the words ‘Inferior Grade Spirit Stones,’ he frowned slightly. Honestly speaking, he did not have much use for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones; he could only use them as currency.

Xiao Chen could not use them when cultivating. At best, he could only use them to replenish some Essence when he ran slightly low. If he exhausted too much Essence, he could only use Medial Grade Spirit Stones; one Inferior Grade Spirit Stone was simply insufficient.

When Master Huang saw something off with Xiao Chen’s expressions, he asked probingly, “Young Master Ye, are you not satisfied with the price?”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “No, 450,000 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones is a very good price. Only…I wonder if we can exchange Medial Grade Spirit Stones instead?”

When Master Huang heard this, he said in a low voice, “It is possible. However, Yong Master Ye must be clear on this. Although Inferior Grade Spirit Stones are not very useful to Medial Grade Martial Saints and above, they are still the basic currency for the high-levels within the continent. Their value is stable and will not fluctuate much.”

What Master Huang said was not wrong. In the auction at the Xihe City’s auction, they used Inferior Grade Spirit Stones as the common currency as well. When Xiao Chen thought about it, there should not be many changes elsewhere.

Master Huang continued and said, “If you exchange Inferior Grade Spirit Stones for Medial Grade Spirit Stones, you will suffer a great loss. Young Master Ye, you should consider this carefully before making a decision.”

Xiao Chen had already suffered such a loss at the Xihe City’s auction. In order to purchase Secret Treasures, he had to exchange Medial Grade Spirit Stones for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

If Xiao Chen had prepared sufficient Inferior Grade Spirit Stones in advance, such a situation would not have occured.

However, Xiao Chen had a pressing need for Medial Grade Spirit Stones. He felt that it would be very useful in the future. If he had the opportunity, he should exchange for Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen asked, “Give me a number. How many Medial Grade Spirit Stones are these 450,000 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones worth?”

Master Huang answered directly, “At most, three thousand. Furthermore, this is on account of your friendship with Miss Feng, giving you a discounted price.”

One Medial Grade Spirit Stones was worth one hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Of course, this was only referring to when Medial Grade were exhanged for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. If it were the reverse, Inferior Grade Spirit Stones for Medial Grade Spirit Stones, one would be happy to get one Medial Grade Spirit Stones for two hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Hence, the price Master Huang offered was very good. Furthermore, it was more than what Xiao Chen initially expected.

Xiao Chen set down the pieces of paper detailing the Demonic Cores and smiled; he said, “Thank you Master Huang.”

Three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones was a very large sum. They had to go through many procedures before Xiao Chen could get his hands on them.

Xiao Chen waited for a total of four hours before he finally received three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Adding to the remaining five thousand odd Medial Grade Spirit Stones in his Universe Ring, Xiao Chen now had a total of eight thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. This was a horrifying wealth.

The things Xiao Chen came to do were more or less settled. All that remained was meeting Feng Feixue the next day.

By the time Xiao Chen pushed open the pawn shop’s doors, the dark sky had already grown bright at the east side. The light of dawn was about to break through the darkness of night.

There were already some people on the streets. These were ordinary people who came out early to start their businesses. There were no traces of cultivators yet.

Xiao Chen revealed a peaceful smile as he slowly walked back to the inn. His footsteps were neither fast nor slow. As he heard the mundane banter of the people around, his mental state slowly calmed.

By the time Xiao Chen reached the doors of the inn, a red sun appeared on the horizon, breaking the monotony of the night cover.

Xiao Chen slowed and looked up. The rising sun was very bright, but it was not overly intense or glaring. Ordinary people could look at the sun only during this time.

Xiao Chen was deep in thought; he was like this blazing-red morning sun. His future was bright. Perhaps he might not be as radiant as the blazing sun of mid day, but his future was full of uncertainties.

Since the ancient times, there were countless outstanding talents. They died as they rose up, falling from great heights. The road ahead was bumpy, and one had to be cautious.

As Xiao Chen was deep in though, a waiter at the inn opened the doors. He collected his thoughts and walked in, despite the waiter’s astonished gaze.

“Strange; didn’t this person stay in the entire night? How did he come in from outside in the morning?” the waiter muttered as he watched Xiao Chen.

After Xiao Chen went to his room and washed up, he immediately went to the bed and started cultivating.

Xiao Chen had already halted on the fifth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. After the third layer, the cultivation of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation became more difficult.

However, each time Xiao Chen broke through a layer, his strength experienced a qualitative change. When he broke through to the third layer, his Purple Thunder True Fire formed an origin flame. When he broke through to the fourth layer, the might of his Purple Thunder True Fire improved, and the origin of thunder contained within became even more pure and dense.

Xiao Chen wondered what kind of surprises he would receive when he broke through the fifth layer. He hoped that the Purple Thunder True Fire would be able to store more energy, and its might would improve again.

Xiao Chen cultivated until dusk. Then, he slowly opened his eyes. He waved his hand, and the remnant purple electricity that resulted from his cultivation gathered at this right hand and turned into a ball of blazing purple flames.

The purple flames slowly permeated into Xiao Chen’s palm. Then, it flowed along the meridians in his arms before gathering back in the Origin Flame in his right eye.

After not eating for the entire day, Xiao Chen was slightly hungry. So, he prepared to go downstairs to eat a big meal.

Regardless of which inn or restaurant, dusk was their busiest time. After waiting for a long time on the second floor, Xiao Chen finally got an empty table by the window.

“Did you hear? Something big happened in Dongming Province again. It will probably shake the entire Great Qin Nation.” While Xiao Chen waited for food to arrive, he overheard the discussions of some cultivators.

Another person continued, “Ha ha! What can be so big? Is it bigger than Xiao Chen fighting the various noble clans a year ago?”

“Xiao Chen? That is in the past. This person has not appeared for a year. I believe that since several noble clans pursue him, he either left the Great Qin Nation or hid in the wilderness and changed his name.

“Where else in the Great Qin Nation does he have a place to settle? There are wanted posters of him posted by the major powers everywhere in Dongming Province, Xihe Province, Nanling Province, and the Royal Courts.”

“That is true. Tell us; what in the world happened?” someone asked interestedly.

The person who spoke first took a sip of wine before saying, “You all know of the matters where, one month ago, Duanmu Qing gathered outstanding talents from various places. Based on some reliable news, they had done so for the sake of a Dragon Phoenix Cauldron left in a Fire Li Sect remnant.

“Furthermore, they managed to find it. In the end, a nameless fellow from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion defeated the rest of the outstanding talents before snatching this cauldron away.”

“Is that true? The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is an legendary item. Another one was actually discovered,” the others exclaimed in shock.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he frowned slightly. He thought to himself, It looks like the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is a really hot potato. I will probably receive some pressure when I go back to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Those people continued chatting, but Xiao Chen did not have the desire to continue listening. He quickly finished his meal and returned to his room to cultivate.

Time went by quickly while Xiao Chen cultivated. When he opened his eyes, the sky was completely dark.

When Xiao Chen opened the window; the outside was pitch dark. There were many people walking along the street. Xiao Chen carried his Lunar Shadow Saber and quietly jumped out, heading to the Victorious Chief.

Xiao Chen remembered that, the last time he met with Feng Feixue, it was in Dongming City as well. It seems like Dongming City had some special predestined affinity with the two of them.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to the limit. Soon, he arrived before the Victorious Chief Pawn Shop. The situation was different this time; there were no strong auras scanning him. The moment he walked up the steps, the door opened.

Master Huang stood there, smiling. He said, “Young Master Ye, please come with me. Miss Feng has been waiting for you.”

Xiao Chen gently nodded and followed Master Huang to a guest room on the top floor of the Victorious Chief. When they arrived at the door, Master Huang tactfully left.

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