Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 315: Where is Xiao Chen?

Chapter 315: Where is Xiao Chen?

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Urgent footsteps were heard from all directions. It was the people in the surroundings who had discovered that the aura of the Scarlet Flame Chief disappeared. So, they quickly rushed over.

After Chu Chaoyun landed, he looked at the crowd that was rushing over. A strange look flashed in his eyes but in the end, he shook his head and gave up on the fight for the Demonic Core.

It was not time to go all out yet. The truly good items were in the Fire Li Sect, they had not appeared yet.

If they both of them were injured, it would only result in others profiting. It was not worth it for a Demonic Core that contained an initial level of demonic fire.

Hua Yunfei sent Sun Wei and Shi Feng flying with his sword. Then he grasped onto the huge sword. He laughed and said, “This Holy Weapon is mine!”

Sun Wei and Shi Feng added together were no match for Hua Yunfei, who had comprehended the ancient Blood Soul. In the end, his skills were better and had managed to snatch the Holy Weapon.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

However, right after Hua Yunfei spoke, the huge sword started to crumble apart. After a while, only a perfect sword hilt was left from the huge sword.

Hua Yunfei was completely stunned. He said in disbelief, “How can it be?”

Sun Wei and Shi Feng were stunned as well. Then, they laughed loudly, “Hua Yunfei, it seems like you are not fated to obtain a Holy Weapon.”

Ji Changkong said differently, “This Holy Weapon was not maintained properly and was used callously. In addition, it was very old already, it is normal that it broke.

Hua Yunfei’s face turned red, he was extremely livid. He did not expect to end up with nothing after spending so much effort to obtain this Holy Weapon.

Back when he was in the Ancient Remnants, the situation was the same. He had just obtained the Sky Splitting Sword but the Holy Weapon recognized a master on its own, allowing the Guiyi Marquis to claim it for nothing.


Hua Yunfei rebuked the sword angrily. Then, he tossed the sword hilt to the ground violently. The sword hilt rolled on the ground until it reached Xiao Chen’s feet.

Xiao Chen took a slight glance at it. He noticed the sword hilt had cracked and there seemed to be something inside. When he saw that Hua Yufei had given up on the sword hilt, he picked it up.

When Xiao Chen looked at the gathering ground, he did not immediately open the sword hilt. Instead, he quietly hid it in his clothes.

“Is the Scarlet Flame Chief dead? Has Duanmu Qing obtained the Profound Ice Flower yet?”

After the fifty people who helped ward off the Demonic Beasts in the surroundings arrived, they immediately asked. The people present pointed at the corpse of the Scarlet Flame Chief, the results were clear to see.

“Ceng! Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!”

Suddenly four walls of ice rose from the mound. The ice walls connected with each other and formed a rectangular ice palace, encasing Duanmu Qing and her four helpers inside.

Duanmu Qing is really cautious, Xiao Chen thought. We have already reached this far and they are still worried.

Suddenly, everyone’s gazes were gathered on the ice palace. Someone said, “I heard that the Profound Ice Flower requires an extremely special method in order to completely pick it. I wonder if Duanmu Qing has grasped this method or not?”

Another person laughed, “What special method? As long as the Profound Ice Incantation is cultivated to they tenth layer, the realm of Profound Ice Turning to Qi, it would be easy to pick. This is not a secret. The only problem lies with the Profound Ice Incantation being an inherited Martial Technique. No one else can practice it.”

“The Profound Ice Incantation is a peak Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique. Could Duanmu Qing have already cultivated to the tenth layer? There is too horrifying.”

“It should be true. Ever since she was defeated by Xiao Chen in the Savage Forest, she had been cultivating bitterly. The improvement of her cultivation was very horrifying.”

“I wonder where that Xiao Chen is today. Duanmu Qing had sworn an oath to not succeed the position of Duanmu Clan’s queen if she does not defeat him.”

As they had to wait for a long time, the crowd was feeling bored and started to chat about some matters of the Duanmu Clan. As they chatted, the topic was shifted to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was speechless. He remembered that day on the towering platform. He had taken away Duanmu Qing’s Spatial Ring.

Duanmu Qing had said to him “Even though some things are yours, even after you take them away, you will have to vomit them out.

It seems like I have really become her heart demon, Xiao Chen smiled bitterly to himself. Xiao Chen was Duanmu Qing’s heart demon. As for himself, how were Ji Changkong, the Guiyi Marquis, and the others not his heart demon?

The main reason why Xiao Chen had accepted this mission was so he could see the strength of these people personally.

After all, if Xiao Chen were to simply rely on the fatty’s words during their brief meeting, it would be very difficult to truly understand it. It was best to see it for himself. That way, he would be able to understand it thoroughly.

If Xiao Chen did not truly defeat these people, he would have no thoughts of leaving the Great Qin Nation. There would be an eternal regret left in his heart if he did so. It might cause the cultivation of his mind to never reach Consummation.

“Look! Duanmu Qing is out. Quickly, tell her to bring us to the Fire Li Sect remnants,” a person with sharp eyesight quickly said.

They saw the squarish ice palace slowly melting. Duanmu Qing and her four helpers quickly walked out. The Profound Ice Flower on the mound was gone.

Hua Yunfei said sullenly, “Duanmu Qing, you have obtained the Profound Ice Flower already. You can help us to open the Fire Li Sect’s branch hall remnants already, right?”

Seeing the anxious look in everybody’s eyes, Duanmu Qing said calmly, “As you wish!”

Duanmu Qing stretched out one hand and the mound was covered in endless frost. They saw snowflakes trickling into the mound like stars. After a while, it turned into an ice mound.


Duanmu Qing clenched her fist and then the ice mound exploded. Countless ice shards fell to the ground with tinkling sounds.

The original mound had disappeared. A dark hole had appeared. The hole seemed bottomless and cold wind was blowing out from it.

“This is the entrance to the Fire Li Sect. I have already obtained the Profound Ice Flower. According to our arrangements, I cannot enter the remnants. So, I shall take my leave first.” After Duanmu Qing spoke, she immediately turned around and left.

Immediately, there were people who could not maintain their calm. They ran toward the hole. However, when they reached the hole, someone suddenly said loudly, “Duanmu Qing, you cannot go. If you go, the Profound Ice Palace will leave with you. Are we supposed to travel through the Ink Mountain Range?”

Indeed, if Duanmu Qing left, the Profound Ice Palace would definitely follow. Could it be that after the crowd came out, they had to travel through the core region of the Ink Mountain Range to return?!

Although it would be less dangerous they would be walking on the ground rather than flying in the sky, to the exhausted crowd who just came from the Ink Forest, there was still the danger of dying.

How could this option compare to the safety of riding the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace? If they did so, they would not have to worry. Boarding the Profound Ice Palace was equivalent to safety.

The crowd reacted and quickly agreed, “Right, Duanmu Qing, you cannot leave. You have to wait outside for us. After we come out, you may leave.”

Duanmu Qing frowned and looked coldly at the person who spoke, “Since when can you command me like this. Our agreement is completed already. The Fire Li Sect is right below, it has nothing to do with the Duanmu Clan.”

Ji Changkong looked at the bottomless hole, and then he looked at Duanmu Qing and said, “How about this. We do not even know if this Fire Li Sect is real or not. How about you come down with us?”

Given this, it was like the agreement with Duanmu Qing for her to not enter the remnants was trashed.

However, they cannot blame Duanmu Qing, this was of their own doing. Duanmu Qing had never gone against her own agreement. She had only used some tricks that were not easy to see through.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to herself. It was as Hua Yunfei said, everyone’s actions had benefitted Duanmu Qing.

However, this had proven that the remnant was real, there was no need to doubt it.

To Xiao Chen, the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace did not hold much of an attraction to him. There would be no problems with him relying on his own body to walk out of the Ink Mountain Range.

Even though it would take up more time, there was no need to pay it too much mind. Xiao Chen could simply treat it as an experiential training.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen noticed that Chu Chaoyun had already reached the edge of the hole without anyone else realizing. Without hesitating anymore, Xiao Chen followed silently.

“Hu chi!”

While the crowd had entered a deadlock, Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen had suddenly jumped into the hole without a sound. They had entered the Fire Li Sect Remnant first.

“Who are those two? Why are they so fast? Move quickly, otherwise, all the good things will be snatched by them.”

“Damn it! Screw thinking this through. We better move faster. Fortuitous encounters wait for no men.”

Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen’s actions had messed up the deadlock. Many people did not care about what was going on. They rushed to the hole and jump down as fast as they could, pushing each other along the way.

There were only a few people who remained calm. They did not impulsively jump down. Instead, they waited to see what Duanmu Qing would do.

Not to mention the issue of the return journey, without understanding anything about the remnant, it would not be wise to rush down.

Since Duanmu Qing had discovered the remnants, she definitely understood the remnant better than anyone else. Furthermore, with the Profound Ice Palace protecting them, there was no need for them to worry about traveling through the Ink Mountain Range.

It was clear and easy to see. Now that things got to this stage, following Duanmu Qing would be the wisest decision. Although they were not really willing, they had no better solution.

Duanmu Qing stayed silent for a moment. Then, she said, “No matter. I can come with everyone the verify the authenticity of this Fire Li Sect remnants.”

This indicated that after they came out, everyone would have an opportunity to board the Profound Ice Palace. Sometimes, there was no need to be so frank about certain things.

Everyone had strange feelings in their heart as Duanmu Qing led them, slowly jumping into the dark deep hole.



Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun both landed on the ground simultaneously. They gave each other a glance and ignored each other. Then, they cast their gaze on the scene in front of them.

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