Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 304: The Angry Fiery Cloud Vulture

Chapter 304: The Angry Fiery Cloud Vulture

If the Claws latched on to Xiao Chen’s head, no matter how resilient his physical body was, his brain would burst out.

When Sun Qian saw the huge Fiery Cloud Vulture covering Xiao Chen’s figure, she turned pale and cried out, startled.

“Bang! Bang!”

There were two explosions in the air. The first explosion was the Fiery Cloud Vulture’s hard claws snapping off and falling.

The second explosion was a saber piercing through the Fiery Cloud Vulture. Xiao Chen’s body followed the saber through the Fiery Cloud Vulture.

Sun Qian sighed in relief when she saw that Xiao Chen was fine, “You scared me to death.”

If Xiao Chen died under the claws of the Fiery Cloud Vulture, given her Martial Grand Master cultivation realm, it would be easy to imagine herself following in Xiao Chen’s footsteps.

The final Fiery Cloud Vulture circled Xiao Chen incessantly. Its tail left behind a trail of flames. Eventually, these flames transformed into a huge fiery tornado, enveloping Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen swung his saber, and a sharp saber Qi broke a hole in the flame tornado. Then, he quickly escaped the blazing flame.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

The instant Xiao Chen emerged, eight of the Fiery Cloud Vulture’s tail feathers, circled by flames, shot out like sharp arrows.

While the flaming feathers flew, they continuously absorbed the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy in the air. By the time they neared Xiao Chen, they had become twenty-meters-long flaming spears.

When Xiao Chen executed the Gravity Spell and was in the air, he could only use seventy percent of his strength. He did not dare face these flaming spears head-on.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and his body vibrated in the air, splitting into nine. He avoided the flaming spears flying at him. The flaming spears did not lose any of their strength; they blasted eight huge pits as they struck the ground.

“Clear Wind Chop, seeing only the cool breeze and not the saber!”

Nine cool breezes blew from every direction. Each cool breeze concealed one of Xiao Chen’s figures. In an instant, Xiao Chen’s killing intent vanished. Only a gentle cool breeze blew at the Fiery Cloud Vulture.

The Fiery Cloud Vulture had never encountered such a situation before. Suddenly, it could not feel Xiao Chen’s killing intent, so it could not help but feel suspicious.


As it was feeling suspicious, Xiao Chen’s nine figures merged again. He fired nine strands of saber Qi at the Fiery Cloud Vulture, chopping it into ten pieces in an instant.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and returned to Sun Qian’s side. He said, “It will get more dangerous the further up we go. Just tell me what Spirit Herb you need, and I will take you to it.”

Sun Qian was in a difficult spot; her expression revealed her emotions about the predicament. She hesitated and could not make up her mind. However, when she saw Xiao Chen’s resolute eyes, she lowered her head and said softly, “I need a five-hundred-year-old Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit. I need to pick the entire thing.”

A five hundred years old Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit, this was very precious. If sold, it could easily fetch at least five hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

It seems like this mission was one where he would lose more than he gained. Xiao Chen shook his head helplessly. He extended out his Spiritual Sense for a moment and found the location of the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit.

Indeed, this Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit was not just a hundred meters above the middle of the mountain. It was actually more than a thousand meters away. No wonder this woman was not willing to let him fly her up.

Sun Qian was worried that, after Xiao Chen learned the truth, he would immediately leave. She could only press herself and climb; she had to reach a place where he could not simply abandon her.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and laughed bitterly, helplessly. He carried Sun Qian, her head lowered, by the waist.

When Sun Qian gave off a startled cry, Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and activated the Windwalk Shoes. His speed reached the speed of sound in an instant, and he swiftly flew up the cliff.

After several blinks, they arrived at the location of the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit. Then, Xiao Chen set Sun Qian, who had yet to recover her wits, on a protruding rock. He said, “We have arrived. Move faster; there will be Spirit Beasts arriving soon.”

Sun Qian looked at the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit before her before she recovered her wits. Then, she swiftly took out a medicinal hoe from her medicinal basket. She started to dig carefully.


Suddenly, a formless fluctuation appeared in the air. Xiao Chen frowned slightly and looked into the distance.

At the limits of Xiao Chen’s vision, he saw a Fiery Cloud Vulture, twenty meters long with a wingspan of a hundred meters. There were twenty-odd tail feathers on its end.

Damn it! It is a matured Fiery Cloud Vulture. It has lived for at least five hundred years. I am definitely no match for it in the air.

Xiao Chen did a quick analysis in his heart. Spirit Beasts rarely lived to the age of their maturity. However, once one did, its strength would undergo a qualitative change.

“Miss Sun, how much longer do you need?” Xiao Chen asked.

Sun Qian, focused on her medicinal hoe, dug out the tree that the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit grew on. When she heard Xiao Chen’s question, she replied, “Two minutes, I just need two minutes.”

Xiao Chen kept a calm expression. He said, “Don’t lie to me. I will take you down after two minutes.”

After Xiao Chen said that, he leaped toward the mature Fiery Cloud Vulture. He quickly flew over and lured it away. Xiao Chen was not expecting to kill it; all he wanted to do was to delay it for two minutes.

Sun Qian heard a whistle behind her and felt Xiao Chen leave. She felt puzzled and frowned heavily. She had a bitter expression as she said, “Why did I say that? I clearly need at least three minutes. I should hurry up.”

Sun Qian started to move faster. After she dug out the roots, she carefully cleaned the rhizome; there were a few hundred small offshoots.

These offshoots could not be broken. Otherwise, it would be difficult for her to accomplish her goal. The sound of an explosion came from behind her. This made her more nervous, and she raised her speed again.

Two minutes later, Xiao Chen rushed back, covered in dirt. His robes had been burnt till they were tattered. His hair was frazzled.

Blood leaked from the corner of Xiao Chen’s lips. There was a fiery red feather stuck in his chest. Xiao Chen pulled out the feather.

Sun Qian heard another whistle. Her head covered in sweat. She was moving at her limit. She had finally cleaned out the final few offshoots. She quickly placed it in the medicinal basket and covered it.

Xiao Chen did not give her a chance to speak. He picked her up and rapidly headed for the ground two thousand meters below.


The two of them had just left, and the mature Fiery Cloud Vulture clawed the ground with a loud ‘boom.’ It gouged a huge hole, about ten meters in diameter, into the ground; a cloud of dust flew up.

When the mature Fiery Cloud Vulture saw that the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit missing, it was thoroughly enraged. It gave off a sharp bird cry and rushed at Xiao Chen and Sun Qian. Its speed surpassed the speed of sound in an instant.

As Xiao Chen and Sun Qian dropped directly from a lofty height, Sun Qian’s complexion paled. She was frightened; she did not dare make any sound. She clutched Xiao Chen’s waist tightly with both hands.

Xiao Chen circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art and internally focused the force. His weight increased to five thousand kilograms in an instant. Their rate of descent increased by ten times immediately.

As they were about to land, Xiao Chen stopped circulating the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art and sent out a shockwave to the ground. He began gliding forward.

“Purple Thunder True Fire, shoot!”

Xiao Chen turned his head. A blazing purple flame burned in his right eye, compressing and elongating, forming a purple arrow. It shot out at lightning speed and struck the Fiery Cloud Vulture chasing them.

“Boom!” The explosion created a huge shockwave and blew the huge Fiery Cloud Vulture away. Its distance from Xiao Chen immediately and significantly increased.

This was all completed in the time for a spark to fly. Xiao Chen did not pause at all. He exhausted about thirty percent of his Essence.

In addition to his earlier injury, this trip was extremely perilous. A moment of hesitation would result in his being ripped apart by claws.


Outside the mountain range, the Clear Water Manor waited anxiously. Suddenly, they saw Xiao Chen carrying Sun Qian and flying out. They all immediately revealed joyful expressions.


Xiao Chen landed firmly on the ground as he carried Sun Qian. Then, he placed the blushing Sun Qian on the ground before moving to the side.

“Did First Miss succeed? Did you manage to pick the Nine Colored Flowing Cloud Fruit?” the Clear Water Manor’s people all asked together as they surrounded Sun Qian.

After they got a definitive answer, they all revealed excited smiles, “Now we can transplant the perfect Flowing Cloud Fruit into the Flowing Cloud Fruit’s herb garden.”

“The Manor Lord will be very happy. He will be able to generate at least a hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones of income every year from this.”

Xiao Chen tidied his messy clothes slightly and patted down his black hair. When he heard that, he finally understood why they could not damage the roots of the Flowing Cloud Fruit.

They were actually aiming for a transplant. However, the Flowing Cloud Fruit was already a Rank 8 Spirit Herb. For the Clear Water Manor to grasp hold of the transplanting technique, they had hidden themselves well.

Sun Qian parted the crowd and rushed to Xiao Chen excitedly. A smile filled her pretty face as she said, “Hero Ye, thank you for helping. Are your injuries fine?”

Xiao Chen smiled casually, indicating there were no significant problems. In truth, there were no major problems.

Although the mature Fiery Cloud Vulture was incredibly ferocious, when Xiao Chen used all his effort to dodge, he was able to escape without sustaining major injuries, even if he could not escape unscathed.

“This is the mission contract. Would Miss Sun please sign here and place your handprint on it,” Xiao Chen took out the contract and a brush for Sun Qian.

After Sun Qian signed the contract and placed her seal on it, she took out two bottles of Medicinal Pills and handed them to Xiao Chen. She said, “Hero Ye, this is the wound healing medicinal made with the Clear Water Manor’s secret recipe. Eating it and applying it externally will help you to recover quickly.”

Xiao Chen received the contract and Medicinal Pills. He cupped his hands and said, “Many thanks to Miss Sun. I will take my leave now!”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he did not linger and immediately left. Sun Qian watched as he departed; she did not turn her gaze away. It felt like something was dug out of her heart.

“Miss, stop looking. This kind of person is destined to be on a different level than us, ” the old housekeeper said in a drawn-out manner when he saw Sun Qian’s expression.

Sun Qian revealed a bitter smile; a disappointed look appeared in her gaze. She said, “I know. That’s why I did not urge him to stay. Let’s go.”

After Xiao Chen left the Clear Water Manor, he went to the nearest city. Then, he checked into the nearest inn and took a comfortable bath, as well as change his clothes. After that, he took out all the mission contracts and counted them carefully.

After Xiao Chen counted them all, he said, “In two months, I have already completed the fifteen missions within Xihe Province. The remaining five are in the other Provinces. I should start with Dongming Province first.”

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