Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 18: Owing A Big Favor

Chapter 18: Owing A Big Favor

“A grade-one medicine cauldron is made out of ordinary metals and can only withstand ordinary flames of the mundane world. The medicinal pills refined through one as a result will not exceed grade two, and that’s excluding peak quality pills; a grade-two medicine cauldron has some small amounts of Moonstones mixed in, just like Yellow Ranked Spirit Weapons, and can withstand the Spiritual Flames of the world. It is insignificant and does not have any soul, so it is difficult for medicinal pills refined from such a cauldron to be of peak quality; and a grade-three medicinal cauldron can barely be considered a medicine cauldron of superior quality, notwithstanding it being alloyed with a large amount of Moonstone, as well as other rare materials. In addition, it is made by a skilled blacksmith. This kind of medicine cauldron can have a soul and the medicinal pills refined by it can achieve their peak effects. Its whole body is perfectly smooth and round, making any leakage of medicinal fragrance virtually impossible.” Feng Feixue spoke as though it was routine as she actively replied.

Xiao Chen listened with interest, “What about grade-four and grade-five?”

Feng Feixue stopped for a while before continuing, “Once a medicine cauldron crosses over the boundary of the third grade, it will become what is better known as a heavenly cauldron. Heavenly cauldrons are very rare, and not only do they require large amounts of Moonstones and a pile of materials, they also require a divine-level blacksmith to imbue it with a soul during casting. Due to the scarcity of Moonstones, there have not been any new heavenly cauldrons for hundreds of years. As for the divine cauldron that is above the heavenly cauldron, I had only read about it in books and have not seen it before.”

Xiao Chen pondered on everything Feng Feixue had said: “Then what grade is this Azure Dragon medicine cauldron?”

“This is a work at the peak of grade-three. If you can find a divine blacksmith to infuse it with a soul, then it can immediately become a heavenly cauldron.” Feng Feixue said unhurriedly, looking at Xiao Chen without blinking.

This Azure Dragon medicine cauldron was actually a top grade-three medicine cauldron... it seems that he had underestimated the price of this medicine cauldron earlier. He would not be able to afford the price of this Azure Dragon medicine cauldron even if he scrounged together all the silver taels to his name.

However, Xiao Chen was unresigned and pushed for the envelope, “I wonder what it would take for Miss Feng to be willing to part with this Azure Dragon medicine cauldron?”

Feng Feixue took the Azure Dragon medicine cauldron and tossed it around, a trace of wit flitting across her face as she smiled, “If Young Master Xiao is truly interested, then how about I give it to you as a gift?”

As a gift? Xiao Chen was surprised, but he quickly reacted mentally, how could there be such a good thing in this world? Xiao Chen smiled embarrassedly: “Miss Feng, please stop teasing me, just state your price. I may not have much money on hand, but I believe that I should still be able to afford this medicine cauldron.”

Feng Feixue smiled: “Are you really able to afford it? A superior grade-one medicine cauldron would require a few thousand taels of silver; a superior grade-two medicine cauldron requires tens of thousands of silver taels; and as for this top grade-three medicine cauldron, it would be impossible to purchase this without hundreds of thousands of silver taels.”

So expensive!

Xiao Chen frowned. Hundreds of thousands of silver taels was nothing to the Xiao Clan, but it was not a small sum either. Would the Xiao Clan spend such an amount on him? It was hard to say.

Actually, if she truly wanted to sell this top grade-three medicine cauldron, she could even sell it for a million silver taels at an auction. Moonstones were far too rare in the continent, and heavenly cauldrons were already rarely seen in the past century. This top grade-three medicine cauldron could be possibly the best medicine cauldron most alchemists would be able to use in their entire life.

People with the alchemist occupation were also a seldom sight lately. It could be said that every alchemist was the result of a clan’s heavy investment. They had no mind to be frugal with their money, considering it perfectly normal to spend a fortune in order to purchase a quality cauldron.

Even though it was such, when Xiao Chen heard Feng Feixue’s words, he felt uncomfortable. Xiao Chen smiled coldly: “Miss Feng, it seems you've already decided for yourself that I, Xiao Chen, of all people, cannot afford such a luxurious item, isn’t it?”

Feng Feixue’s smile froze. Realizing that the tone of her words was inappropriate, she hurriedly added: “Young Master Xiao, you misunderstand me. You can have this medicine cauldron right away! If Young Master Xiao does not have enough silver, you can just write a promissory note.”

Xiao Chen took out a piece of Moonstone the size of his palm, “Many thanks for Miss Feng’s intentions, but there is no need for a promissory note. I wonder if this piece of Moonstone is worth the price.”

Feng Feixue was taken by surprise. She picked up the palm-sized Moonstone and inspected it carefully before smiling bitterly, “Young Master Xiao, I truly have good intentions, are you not willing to accept this kindness of mine?”

Xiao Chen held the Azure Dragon medicine cauldron in his hands and promptly cupped them in a polite gesture signifying he was taking his leave, “Many thanks for Miss Feng’s medicine cauldron, goodbye!” After he said that, he turned to walk away without looking back. Xiao Chen felt uneasy staying in that room. The emergence of this medicine cauldron was a little strange, so it was best that he left early.

Feng Feixue stared pensively at the palm-sized Moonstone in her hand. Such a large piece of Moonstone would allow one to forge an Inferior Grade Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon and still have materials in reserve. This naturally covered the cost of her medicine cauldron by a long shot. Looking at Xiao Chen’s disappearing figure, Feng Feixue smiled gently, “Xiao Chen, looks like the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit is not your only secret.”

Unbeknownst as to when, but a man shrouded in darkness appeared behind Feng Feixue all of a sudden. The appearance of this man was quite abrupt, as though he had been there all along.

“Big Miss, actually, more than a thousand years has passed since that promise was made. There is no need to honor it anymore.” e hoarse voice came from that man in the shadows.

Feng Feixue’s expression turned cold as she warned him, “You don’t have to bother about my matters.”

“I am just reminding Big Miss, the clan takes priority.” That hoarse voice spoke once again, as though he did not hear Feng Feixue’s warning.

Feng Feixue smiled coldly, “Shu, I will say it once again, don’t interfere in my matters. If I find out that anything has happened to Xiao Chen, regardless of whosoever’s fault it is, I will blame it on you.”

Within the shadows, Shu laughed out coldly and changed the topic, “We have found out the facial appearance of the person you are looking for. We should have his exact address in another seven days.”

Feng Feixue stared blankly for awhile, “I understand what you mean, I have not forgotten the purpose in coming here. Pay special attention to this, I don’t want anything going wrong.”

After Xiao Chen left the doors of Regretful Iron, he took a deep breath of the fresh air in the large street. The feeling of a pair of eyes staring at him was present the entire time he was on the fourth floor, which made him feel exceedingly uncomfortable as if danger was looming, rendering his senses uneasy.

Regardless of the result, he had accomplished his motive for coming out today. He held the Azure Dragon medicine cauldron in his bag as he smiled in satisfaction and made preparations to head on over to the herbs shop and buy some herbs before heading home.

Mohe City was quite bustling in the day; there was high human traffic and the shouts of people advertising their products, and it was far from being cold and cheerless. Xiao Chen was not in a hurry, slowly walking on the big street and appreciating the strange scenery he would never have had the chance to see back home on Earth.

Right at this very moment, however, the sound of galloping horses emerged in the distance. Xiao Chen relied on his great eyesight to gain a clear view of the commotion ahead. There were three people riding their fine steeds on the street in a brisk gallop, and everyone on the street parted a path for them. There were some who did not manage to get out of the way in time and could do nothing but dive to the ground in their moment of haste, dirt inadvertently entering their mouths. When they saw the people on the horses, they did not dare to say anything and could just consider themselves unlucky. When the people on the horses saw this, they laughed loudly, looking incredibly arrogant. They spurred the horses on, not reducing their speed.

In the blink of an eye, those three horse almost arrived at the front of Xiao Chen. A little girl in front, standing in the middle of the street, was so frightened when she saw the galloping horses that she ended up crying. The horses galloped faster and faster, and despite their clear collision course with the little girl, the riders did not slow down at all.

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