Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707 (Raw 1719): Fiendish Demon Blood

Xiao Chen locked his aura on the white cat, showing a cautious expression. He still clearly remembered how the young cat-eared girl had killed Zhen Xuan with one claw strike.

After the white cat transformed, the feeling Xiao Chen got from her was even more horrifying than that from the Holy Son Ming Xuan.

The cat's figure trembled and returned to the appearance of a pretty, young girl. Then, she looked at Xiao Chen with a displeased expression.

"Why are you being so cautious? The Fiendish Demon blood in my body has already been transferred to yours."


Her words shocked Xiao Chen. This revelation was truly unexpected and somewhat unacceptable.

He recalled her transformed appearance, and fear stirred in his heart. He did not want to turn into something like that.

The young cat-eared girl rolled her eyes at Xiao Chen and said, "Even after benefiting, you still want to act clever. You sect disciples all seem to be like that."

Xiao Chen fell speechless upon hearing this. He ignored the other party and closed his eyes to use his Spiritual Sense to check his bloodline.

Aside from the familiar Azure Dragon bloodline, there was only ordinary human blood, no other strange bloodline.

Is she lying?

Xiao Chen's expression wavered. When he opened his eyes, he discovered that while his eyes were shut, the other party had not shown any intention of attacking him. Her expression had not changed, either.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, "You came to seek me out to tell me this? I did not feel any Fiendish Demon blood. You can leave now."

The young cat-eared girl was not surprised. She looked at Xiao Chen and said, "Naturally, the current you cannot sense that noble Fiendish Demon blood. It will grow stronger along with you and slowly make an appearance.

"Fiendish Demons were born out of a calamity, innately impure. You are now an impure person. In the future, you will have to keep your guard up against people who can draw out the Fiendish Demon blood in your body. However, you possess a heart of innocence that resulted from the vicissitudes of life. Even if the Fiendish Demon blood is drawn out, you will not end up in such a sorry state as I had."

Since the other party was speaking with authority, Xiao Chen's expression slowly turned serious. He tried checking once more but still could not find anything strange.

"There is no need to worry. For you, this noble Fiendish Demon blood is definitely more beneficial than detrimental."

Xiao Chen slapped his forehead and said, "Alright. I'll believe you for now. Can you tell me more about your origins?"

The young cat-eared girl said calmly, "I never lie. You should have believed me in the first place. I was just a small wild cat that the Ancient Cloud Temple's old abbot took in. After the Ancient Cloud Temple fell, that 7-Vein Sovereign Emperor took it into this Fiendish Demon Battlefield."

This stunned Xiao Chen. The Ancient Cloud Temple's old abbot. Is she referring to that nameless temple?

Xiao Chen had heard of Sovereign Emperors before. After one advanced to the Divine Vein Realm, one would be addressed as Sovereign Emperor. They were people who were between Sovereign Personages and Martial Gods, thoroughly qualified to be termed as Sovereign Emperors.

"Right now, in the entire Great Thousand Realms, I am the only Fiendish Demon with the original Fiendish Demon blood. I am no longer that anymore. I had no intention of passing the bloodline to you. However, you repeatedly spoiled my plans. Hence, I had no choice but to pass it to you. Actually, it would have been better to pass it to the master of that emanation body. I could sense that her true body wanted the Fiendish Demon blood."

Xiao Chen suddenly startled awake. It turned out that when the young cat-eared girl attacked Yang Qing, it was to pass the Fiendish Demon blood to her. If he had not tried to save her, he would not have gotten implicated in this.

"However, the old abbot said that everything happens because of karma. You must have a fate with Buddhism. Back then, when he passed that Fiendish Demon blood to me, he said that its next master would definitely be someone with a fate with Buddhism." The young cat-eared girl studied Xiao Chen. However, no matter how she looked, she could not make out any fate with Buddhism.

"I have already said everything that I should. Goodbye!"

Having conveyed what was necessary, the young cat-eared girl turned back into that white cat and quickly left Xiao Chen's sight.

A fate with Buddhism…it seemed like the Maheśvara Buddha's lingering soul, which Xiao Chen met in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm, had said something similar as well.

Due to some coincidences, he also obtained the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique. It really seemed like he had a fate with Buddhism.

However, Xiao Chen could not have a fate with Buddhism for no reason at all.

"Never mind. I will think about this again another day. Right now, what's important is going to the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion. I still do not know whether the Fiendish Demon blood is real or not."

Xiao Chen had always been decisive in the way he did things. He knew how to prioritize and would not be indecisive.

After checking his blood again, he decided to head for the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion. Having grown much stronger, he found that he moved extremely fast. He could leap very high in this Fiendish Demon Battlefield without suffering from any restriction.

He pushed off with his feet. Without needing to use any Veritable Essence Energy, he easily traveled one kilometer.

After a while, the towering Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion appeared before his eyes.

The Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion had more than a thousand disks of complete Great Dao Energy draped around it. These formed lights of seven different colors competing with each other. When Xiao Chen arrived at the entrance, he felt a heavy pressure and found it difficult to raise his feet.

He had to circulate his Veritable Essence Energy in order to adjust to it.

The vast Dao Might extinguished the confidence born from his recent advancement. Before the Great Dao, he was still much too inferior.

Xiao Chen calmed himself and entered the first floor of the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion.

Naturally, there were no good weapons on the first floor. There were only some Superior Grade Profound Tools. However, for these to catch the attention of a Divine Vein powerhouse, they were all among the peak of Superior Grade Profound Tools.

Aside from some special Superior Grade Profound Tools, the Profound Tools used by a Sovereign Personage or Sovereign Emperor attracted the attention of the cultivators here.

Xiao Chen knew that weapons and tools had three levels: Profound Tools, Treasure Tools, and Dao Tools. He currently did not know what stronger weapons there were above Dao Tools.

Profound Tools were the weakest. However, those were the weapons used by ordinary Veritable Personages or Primal Core Venerates. When Sovereign Emperors and Sovereign Personages were younger, they definitely would have used Profound Tools.

If one could obtain a Profound Tool that such people used, a trace of their Dao would definitely linger in it. There would be many benefits from comprehending that trace.

Hence, although the hall on the first floor was filled with only Profound Tools, there were still many sect disciples seriously picking one out and breaking the restrictions.

There was no competition here. Those who were lucky would obtain a Superior Grade Profound Tool that a Sovereign Personage used before. That was a great harvest, no worse than an ordinary Treasure Tool.

The weapons floating in the air looked like they were just hovering there. However, there were restrictions everywhere. One could pull out the weapon only after breaking the restrictions.

However, the restrictions on the first floor were still relatively simple, posing not much difficulty for the cultivators who came here.

Xiao Chen raised his leg and entered. He only just arrived, but all the sect disciples choosing a weapon in the hall felt a threat. They either turned their heads or their entire bodies to look at the entrance.

"Who is this person? He is just a Minor Primal Core Venerate, but why does he give off such a huge pressure?"


Just as many people felt depressed, ten sabers among the thousands of weapons hovering in the hall unsheathed. They surrounded Xiao Chen and stabbed into the floor at the same time.

The sabers trembled, buzzing endlessly as they uncontrollably released a peculiar saber intent.

"It is the Dao trace left by a Sovereign Personage! Those are Profound Tools used by Sovereign Personages in the past!"

"Damn! Where did this white-clad person come from? We worked so hard but still could not find a Profound Tool that a Sovereign Personage used. The moment he arrives, these weapons delivered themselves up to him."

The hundreds of disciples in the hall all appeared shocked, looking at Xiao Chen with incredulity.

Greed shone in their eyes. However, when they thought about the fear they felt when Xiao Chen walked in, they immediately dismissed any covetous thoughts.

Xiao Chen shook his head and casually waved his hand. Then, he absorbed the traces of the Dao in the ten sabers.

Immediately, a few Sovereign Personages appeared in his mind. These figures were how they looked when they were young and growing.

After a while, Xiao Chen opened his eyes, a sharp light appearing in them.

He thought to himself, They truly live up to being weapons once used by Sovereign Personages. Even though these people's cultivations were not high at that time, this was still very beneficial.

After he absorbed the traces of the Dao in the ten sabers, these sabers immediately turned ordinary, their Spiritual Energy clearly weaker, no longer outstanding.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, and the ten sabers returned to their sheaths.

"Crash!" Just at this moment, a familiar figure fell down the stairs to the second floor in a sorry state. Then, this person grunted.

After this figure got up, he rushed to the entrance where Xiao Chen was.

This person had a flustered expression and did not look at where he was going, nearly crashing into a door.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and gently placed it on that person's shoulder, firmly stopping him.

That person looked up in shock. When he saw Xiao Chen, his face lit up in joy. "Martial Uncle!"

It was the Purple Flame Sect's Ling Yu, who had entered the Fiendish Demon Battlefield with Xiao Chen.

"Ling Yu, quickly hand over the Treasure Tool in your hand!"

Before Ling Yu could say anything more, a few disciples he had injured quickly caught up.

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