Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 (Raw 1565): Subduing the Baleful Yin Energy

At the end of the underground river, there was a pitch-dark cave. The aura of dense Baleful Yin Energy came from it.

As the three walked to the mouth of the cave, they found that the aura had already formed a berserk baleful wind.

This strong wind was like knives and even contained icy Baleful Yin Energy.

When standing at the cave mouth, Luo Nan and Fei`er both felt a strong pressure.

If not for their strength having reached the Yin Essence Stage through the absorption of Baleful Yin Energy over one thousand years old, they would have had a very hard time entering the cave.

"Big Brother Xiao Chen, the baleful wind in this place is really strong. Be careful while walking in front."

Fei`er found speaking somewhat difficult and walking even more so.

"Junior Sister, are you alright?" Luo Nan looked worriedly at Fei`er as he stood in front of her to block the wind.

Suddenly, the pressure decreased. The two felt that the Baleful Yin Energy in the wind had weakened significantly; now, it was almost negligible.

It turned out to be the work of Xiao Chen. He had sent out Dao Might and blocked the Baleful Yin Energy by himself.

Luo Nan felt startled as he looked at Xiao Chen in front. Xiao Chen had a faint disk of light behind him. Even though they were in darkness, it did not look remarkable.

However, no one dared to look at that weak light directly. Doing so felt like their eyes were being pierced by a saber light.

This light again? What Martial Technique is this? Or is it some kind of state? It feels like there are signs of saber intent in it. However, at the same time, it doesn't. Where exactly did this Xiao Chen come from?

When Xiao Chen fought with the Ink Flame Tiger, he had released this Dao Might, instantly suppressing the Ink Flame Tiger's berserk aura.

Now, Xiao Chen unleashed his Dao Might again, easing the pressure on the two. This surprised Luo Nan.

"Hehe! Big Brother Xiao Chen is really incredible. Senior Brother, let's leave a restriction here to prevent anyone from coming in."


Luo Nan withdrew his gaze and nodded somewhat distractedly. Then, together with Fei`er, he started building a formation at the entrance.

The Tianyi Sect had some accumulations in the area of formations, and the two were rather skilled at it.

Xiao Chen turned his head back and watched them from a distance. He felt that the restriction that the two were setting up was much stronger than what he learned in the Kunlun Realm.

He could not help thinking to himself, The Martial Dao inheritance of the Great Thousand Realms is much stronger than that of the Kunlun Realm.

Furthermore, this is just a Rank 1 sect. How strong exactly are Rank 2 and Rank 3 sects?

What is Ancestor Dragon City, where Liu Ruyue is, like?

Xiao Chen turned back to look cautiously to the front. However, he did not discover the little snake that Little Yellow Feather mentioned.

He wanted Little Yellow Feather to come out and point the snake out to him. However, no matter what, the Golden Crow refused. It detested this kind of cold environment.

While laying the formation, Luo Nan became somewhat distracted as he looked at Fei`er's face.

He had entered the Tianyi Sect together with Fei`er and had fallen in love with this junior sister at first sight.

However, his junior sister Fei`er was kind and beautiful. Many people pursued her in the sect.

Among which were senior brothers who were even more excellent than Luo Nan.

However, fortunately, his junior sister never accepted any of them. She even maintained a certain distance from those people. This made him, who had an inferiority complex, feel somewhat better, even secretly delighted.

At least, his junior sister still liked being with him.

However, when Xiao Chen appeared, everything seemed to change. Luo Nan kept belittling Xiao Chen, even coldly mocking him time and time again.

This was merely due to a sense of danger stirring in his heart, making him feel like he was not comparable to the other party. Furthermore, his junior sister seemed to be overly concerned about Xiao Chen.

More importantly, Luo Nan realized that he was truly not comparable to Xiao Chen, even far from being comparable to him.

No matter what aspect it was, mental state, strength, air…

"Junior Sister, I have something I want to say to you," Luo Nan, who was currently laying a formation, suddenly said to Fei`er.

Fei`er was somewhat busy, so she did not look up. "Senior Brother, what is it?"

"Do you feel that I am useless compared to Xiao Chen?" Luo Nan whispered after he drummed up some courage, blushing somewhat.

Fei`er stopped what she was doing and put on a serious expression as she looked up. "Senior Brother, why do you feel that way?"

"I…" Luo Nan did not know how to answer. He had a lot of things that he planned to say, but he could not get any of them out.

Fei`er smiled strangely and said, "Senior Brother, what are you trying to say?"

Fighting the conflict in his heart, after a while, Luo Nan whispered, "I feel that Junior Sister is a rather good match with Xiao Chen."

After saying that, Luo Nan no longer dared to look at Fei`er's face.

Fei`er's smile immediately vanished, her expression instantly turning cold. "This is what Senior Brother wants to say to me?"

When Luo Nan heard that, he felt that something was wrong. He looked up and said, ", what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I don't want to speak right now." Then, Fei`er went silent, not saying anything more.

Following that, both of them turned silent. When Fei`er stopped speaking, Luo Nan's heart felt empty. However, he did not know what to say nor how he had angered his junior sister.

After the three traveled for about three kilometers, the baleful wind strengthened. Xiao Chen looked over his shoulder and said, "Luo Nan, Fei`er, the two of you should stay here. Go no further. The ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy should be close."

Fei`er nodded and surprisingly did not say anything in reply.

However, Luo Nan said, "Go on, then. The two of us will stand guard here. We guarantee that we will not let anything interrupt you from absorbing the Baleful Yin Energy."

Xiao Chen felt that the two were behaving rather strangely. However, this should be a personal matter, and he was not in a good position to say anything.

So, he nodded and thanked the two. Then, after some thought, he made Little Yellow Feather come out and stand guard as well.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

Nothing could be allowed to go wrong with absorbing the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy. Otherwise, Xiao Chen would not be able to withstand the rebound.

Xiao Chen was getting increasingly closer to the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy. Although his vision was obstructed, he could feel that he was already quite near.

After a while, he raised his Dao Might to the peak, bearing the immense force of the baleful wind. In this dim space, he saw the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy hidden on a stone platform at the limit of his vision.

The color of that Baleful Yin Energy was very dense, very frighteningly black.

It looked like a black whirlpool that Xiao Chen once saw in the Starry Heavens. As it spun, strands of black light lashed the surroundings like lightning.

This formed an isolated area, protecting the Baleful Yin Energy.

The black Baleful Yin Energy spun like a tornado in the quiet space. Suddenly, two clumps of green flames lit up in the whirlpool.

The glossy green light looked like eyes in the Baleful Yin Energy, startling Xiao Chen.

Rumor had it that this Baleful Yin Energy had already gained intelligence.

Could that be true?


With a flash of black light, the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy quickly bored into the ground.

The answer was clear without needing to be said. The ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy's reaction confirmed the validity of that rumor.

"You want to leave? It's not that easy."

Having reached this point after much difficulty, Xiao Chen naturally would not let the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy go.

A Divine Weapon shot out, and an intense explosion occurred where the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy was.

The ground burst, sending dirt flying into the air. The ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy was forcefully blasted out.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Explosions rang out continuously. Every time the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy tried to flee, Xiao Chen forced it out.

While the Baleful Yin Energy fled very quickly, it was not as fast as Xiao Chen's saber light.

Xiao Chen's Spiritual Sense was spread all over the place. Every movement of the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy was within his grasp.

Although the nature of this ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy was ferocious, it was also intelligent. However, it was clear that its intelligence had not matured yet. Compared to Xiao Chen, it was just a child.

"You can't escape."

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and spread out his Taiji Saber Domain, encasing everywhere within ten kilometers.

The ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy turned into a clump of extremely pitch-dark light moving all around.

However, the surroundings were encased by his Saber Domain, which was like a steel wall, preventing the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy from boring into the ground.

"Dao!" Xiao Chen called out softly, gathering the Dao Might in a certain direction, towards the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy.

The Dao Might was like an invisible mountain range pressing down on the struggling ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy, greatly constricting its mobility.

As Xiao Chen moved closer, step by step, he forcibly reduced the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy's area of activity.

"Condense!" When Xiao Chen found an opportunity, he condensed the Great Dao Energy into a point and stepped forward, completely suppressing the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy.

The black Baleful Yin Energy whirled around berserkly. Then, it shot out a strong knife-like wind.

This displayed the Baleful Yin Energy's raging emotions.

There were even traces of malicious electric light amid the strong wind. With one touch, one would feel pain.

The ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy hid in a corner, looking like an irate hedgehog glaring at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. This ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy is not that easy to deal with.

The previous clumps of Baleful Yin Energy had not been as crafty and nimble as this. Absorbing and refining them had just been slightly dangerous. If Xiao Chen did not have some tricks up his sleeves, he really would not be able to subdue it.

The energy of the Thunder Domain gathered in Xiao Chen's palm. Then, it merged with the energy of the Ice Domain as a drop of dragon blood came out.

"Boom!" When the three energies combined, Xiao Chen ferociously threw a palm strike.

With the suppression of absolute force, it shattered all the electric wind blades shooting over.

This strike seriously injured the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy, which was already suppressed by the Dao Might and severely weakened.

Xiao Chen took this opportunity to open his palm and abruptly suck the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy over and into his body.

The berserk energy instantly surged around his body like a wild horse running amok, impossible to tame.

As for the rest, it now depended on how capable Xiao Chen was in absorbing, refining, and then advancing to the Yin Essence Stage.


At the same time, Feng Yun led a group of unwelcome guests underground.

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