Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1474

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Chapter 1474 (Raw 1454): The Dragon's Gate Destroyed

Xiao Chen lay back on the throne, feeling fatigued and drained. He was still thinking about the scene that happened earlier.

He finally understood why he felt like he was fighting the whole world when he circulated the state of cycle.

No wonder it was so difficult to take even one step forward.

Xiao Chen had reversed time and space. When he took a step forward, he arrived in the spacetime of the future.

When he stabbed his saber into the ground and caused the sea to explode and form a whirlpool, he returned to the moment he attacked.

This would explain why he saw the intact island when he returned.

Because time and space had reversed. What he saw was the future, and he vented his energy in the future.

The future was already decided; the results could no longer be changed. For everything that happened after, Xiao Chen did not have to do anything, but the island still exploded. It was exactly the same as the future he had seen.

It was rather complicated to explain. Simply put, when the state of cycle erupted, he could travel to the future and attack his enemy.

From start to end, there was a total of three seconds of time and space reversal. There was also that moment where Xiao Chen attacked. The time of attacking in the future was only one second, perhaps even less.

However, this one second would be enough to decide the victor of the battle.

Unless the opponent was like Xiao Chen, who touched on the state of time, his opponent would not be able to block it.

Just think about it. How could one block an attack that happened in the future when one was in the present?

"The state of cycle is indeed too wonderful for words. It is truly something that sits above the various Great Dao."

No matter how one looked at it, the Cycle Dao was stronger than the Ice Dao or the Thunder Dao, and even the Saber Dao, which was Xiao Chen's forte.

However, the weaknesses of this Cycle Dao were very clear to him.

Firstly, this was just the beginning, but he already had no way of cultivating it.

Secondly, without the Saber Dao and the Thunder Dao, once he executed it, it would be too difficult to overcome the feeling of constraint; he could not execute it naturally.

Finally, it used too much energy. Aside from how facing the resistance of the whole world to travel to the future and back again exhausted his energy, it felt like his physical body struggled to withstand it as well.

However, starting off was the difficult part. One should think optimistically. This was just the beginning, and it was already so strong. If he could reach Small Perfection, how strong would it be? Xiao Chen did not dare to imagine it.

Just at this moment, he suddenly sensed the Messaging Token in his Universe Ring ringing.

It was very costly to make a Messaging Token, something that only Sovereign Martial Emperors could afford to use. Xiao Chen had only ever given one to Jiang Tian.

Since a few days ago, Xiao Chen had been sensing that Jiang Tian wanted to contact him. Unfortunately, that was the critical moment of his cultivation of the Cycle Arts.

He did not want to interrupt the process. He feared that if he stopped, he would have to spend another half year comprehending the state of cycle.

Right now, Xiao Chen finished cultivating the Cycle Arts and no longer had anything to worry about, so he did not hesitate to take out the Messaging Token.


A miniature figure of Jiang Tian appeared on the Messaging Token. Xiao Chen was in a good mood, so he smiled and said, "You have news about the Treasure Master?"

"Haha! To think that you still can smile! This old man is really in awe of you," Jiang Tian said with a cold smile, his expression strange.

Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong, his expression sinking. "Please speak frankly."

"I wanted to contact you half a month ago. The Blood Clad Sect was intending to attack Heavenly Dragon City and capture the Azure Dragon King. Three days ago, I tried to contact you to tell you that the Dragon's Gate was in danger, and your good friends could not hold out any longer. Had you rushed over then, you might have made it in time."

Xiao Chen's heart skipped a beat. An overwhelming murderous intent surged out from his body continuously.

Since the Dragon's Gate was reestablished, it had maintained a low profile. They did not fight with others or expand their faction. It was just a group of good friends helping Xiao Chen fulfill his wish of reestablishing the Dragon's Gate, becoming a place where they could gather.

There was no ambition to rule or conquer other factions.

To Xiao Chen, Mo Chen, and his other friends, the Dragon's Gate was like a home that connected all of them. He had poured all his efforts into it.


Jiang Tian remained silently for a while before saying, "The city gates fell half a day ago. All the Dragon's Gate's Elders attacked and even managed to kill some of the Blood Clad Sect's Elders. Left with no other choice, the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master personally made a move—"


Before the Geomaster Jiang Tian finished speaking, the Messaging Token floating in front of Xiao Chen shattered and turned into dust.

"This fellow. Even with his mental state, he is still unable to remain calm." Jiang Tian shook his head and sighed on the other side of the Messaging Token.

Xiao Chen's mental state was very good, even much better than that of most Sovereign Martial Emperors.

He could control his greed and murderous intent very well.

However, dragons had reverse scales that would trigger them when touched.

The Dragon's Gate and the brothers and close friends in the Dragon's Gate were Xiao Chen's reverse scale. No one was permitted to touch them.

Having a good mental state did not mean that Xiao Chen did not have a temper; it did not mean that his sharpness was gone.

Rage burned in his heart, a rage that he simply could not control. However, he did not wish to control it, either. Faced with such a thing, he could not remain calm, could not be as immovable as a mountain like before.

Xiao Chen had been planning to consume the Universe Origin Dao Fruit.

However, it looked like he could only set that aside for now.

He took out the Primordial Pills that he rarely used. Then, he did not hesitate to extract ten and swallow them at once. He used the Primordial Pills that was normally used to cultivate Primordial Energy to recover his Primordial Energy instead.

This was a treasure that many people sought, but Xiao Chen used them so casually without even blinking.

One hour later, his Primordial Energy had completely recovered, thanks to the ten precious Primordial Pills.

Xiao Chen's mind and body were back to their peak state.


He raised one foot and then heavily stomped on the water. After that, he soared up, roaring like a berserk dragon.

"Rumble…!" The water where he stomped shattered like glass, leaving a huge pit.

Just like that, Xiao Chen made a wild dash for Heavenly Star Island above the boundless sea at full force.

He appeared like a berserk dragon, moving ten kilometers with each step.

The deep pits in the sea that he left in his wake betrayed the rage in his heart.

In the blink of an eye, he traveled more than fifty kilometers. However, he was still extremely far from Heavenly Star Island. Despite traveling at the fastest possible speed in the Kunlun Realm, he would not be able to rush over to Heavenly Star Island that quickly.

Two days later, a strange rumor started spreading in the Heavenly Starry Ocean. Some people claimed that they saw a True Dragon rushing by them in a flash.

When these people recovered their wits, they discovered that the figure they had seen had already disappeared without a trace. The berserk aura inspired fear in everyone who saw it.

The person of the rumors was naturally Xiao Chen. He had no other thought besides Faster! Faster! Go a little faster! Get to Heavenly Star Island, fast!

Such a thought managed to raise Xiao Chen's speed to the limit. Everyone who saw him thought that he was a True Dragon flashing by.

By relying on this speed that challenged the Kunlun Realm's limits, Xiao Chen miraculously reached the sea region of Heavenly Star Island three days later.

When he passed the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, he found the atmosphere at that island somewhat strange.

However, there was only one thought in Xiao Chen's head. So, he did not stop. After passing it, he anxiously raced on toward Heavenly Star Island.

The Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace was not that close to Heavenly Star Island. However, compared to where he started from, it was much closer.

After a while more, Xiao Chen finally arrived at his destination.

The silhouette of Heavenly Dragon City appeared before his eyes. After landing, he finally stopped his frantic dash.

Feeling somewhat nervous, Xiao Chen slowly headed for Heavenly Dragon City in the distance.

He saw smoke rising from the city. The largest gates—the eastern city gates—were already demolished; only a pile of bricks remained. Not a single figure could be seen.

Standing on the rubble, Xiao Chen looked around. The entire Heavenly Dragon City no longer existed.

All the buildings had been razed and then set on fire.

Heavenly Dragon City, which previously could rival Bright Moon City, was now a dilapidated ruin pocked with craters. Smoke rose from everywhere.

In fact, most of the fires had yet to extinguish, continuing to burn.

Xiao Chen saw some of the original residents that he remembered among the rubble, digging through the bricks in search of their friends' or relatives' bodies in grief.

Those were the Dragon's Gate's disciples who died in battle. After being buried in the rubble, there was no one to care about them.

"How could it be like this…" Xiao Chen muttered to himself, feeling grief in the depths of his heart, stunned still.

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