Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 (Raw 1452): First Victory in Battle

Half a month was merely the blink of an eye to cultivators.

The Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace's Young Palace Master—no, he should actually be the Blood Clad Sect's Young Sect Master—Ao Yu had waited for this day for very long already. Every day felt like a year.

Densely packed scarlet warships waited outside the sea region of Heavenly Star Island. Every warship had the war banner of the Blood Clad Sect.

With one glance, it looked like a thick, scarlet cloud descending to the sea.

The Blood Clad Sect looked mighty, showing a strong aura.

Amid the densely packed warships were eleven warships leading the rest of them; the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises and the four Dragon Kings each rode one. The Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang's warship was the flagship.

After bringing together the remnant factions of the Sea Monarch, the strength of the Blood Clad Sect reached the peak. Aside from the lack of accumulations, it could already rival an Immortal Holy Land, even possibly surpass one.

Many cultivators and people of the Holy Lands closely watched every action of the Blood Clad Sect from the distant sky.

Of course, these people were not here to help. They wanted to watch this battle to figure out the strength of the Blood Clad Sect.

Right now, the Azure Dragon King was not the Azure Dragon King from five years ago, when his reputation was at its peak. Hence, the people of the various Holy Lands all chose just to watch.

Many of them harbored insidious thoughts, hoping for the battle to end with both sides suffering heavy losses.

An envoy knelt on the flagship's deck and reported, "Young Master, the people of the Dragon's Gate still have not replied. They are not willing to hand Xiao Chen over."

Ao Yu revealed a cold smile. Then, he turned his head back and looked at his father, who was seated on a throne. "Father, this Dragon's Gate is not very wise. There is no need for us to be so polite to them anymore."

Ao Lang wore the Blood Clad Battle Armor. His eyes flickered with a strange light. Radiating an aura that made one tremble, he appeared mighty and mysterious.

"Send out my order: Three Dragon Kings and Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, surround the island and wash the Dragon's Gate in blood!"

"Yes, sir!"

Instantly, the person responsible for conveying the orders from the flagship took out a Messaging Token and passed on Ao Lang's orders.

The densely packed warships followed the formation that was agreed upon beforehand, soaring into the sky. They looked like a scarlet cloud swelling up, moving towards Heavenly Star Island at an incredibly fast speed. Every warship was crowded with scarlet-clad cultivators.


At the City Lord's Residence, Mo Chen, Lan Shaobai, and the other Dragon's Gate Elders were all ready and waiting, boiling with fighting spirit.

In the yard outside the residence, the cultivators of the Dragon's Gate already gathered on the Dragon's Gate's warships. The azure-colored Dragon's Gate's warships were filled with disciples who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the Dragon's Gate at any time. These were the original residents of Heavenly Star Island.

They had gained their current accomplishments with Xiao Chen's and Mo Chen's help. They had experienced many difficulties alongside the Dragon's Gate and were exceedingly loyal to the Dragon's Gate, willing to jump into the fire for them at any time.

"Miss Mo, are the thirteen Great Bandits of the Black Sea and the Martial God Palace not coming?" Jin Lin asked worriedly.

The Dragon's Gate had been counting on these two large factions to help out at the critical moment. Who could have imagined that trouble would erupt in the Black Sea? The thirteen Great Bandits, who had previously stationed themselves in the city, had to rush back to defend their homes.

As for the Martial God Palace, the Demons suddenly attacked. The Martial God Palace and the Deity Dao Union were working together, fighting a huge battle in the Starry Heavens.

It was hard to believe that this was just a simple coincidence.

"They won't be able to come. We can only rely on ourselves," Mo Chen replied softly with a sullen expression.

Unexpectedly, things turned out to be so challenging.

"Dong! Dong! Dong!"

Footsteps resounded, and a Dragon's Gate disciple quickly ran in and reported, "City Lord, the Blood Clad Sect's people are here. They've surrounded the entire Heavenly Dragon City. The three Dragon Kings, the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, and the Blood Clad Sect's Vice Sect Master are all gathered at the eastern city gates."

"To war!"

Mo Chen did not hesitate. She quickly stood up with only one thought in her mind. She absolutely could not let the Dragon's Gate that Xiao Chen personally established be destroyed at the hands of this group of people.

She did not wish for Xiao Chen to see a ruined Dragon's Gate when he came back.

Mo Chen remembered that Xiao Chen had left with a faint smile. He should return with a faint smile as well.

The Dragon's Gate Elders in the hall were feeling very grave earlier. Now, they stood up all together without hesitation. Since they had chosen to rush back, they did not have any intention of fleeing, no matter who the enemy was!

After leaving the great hall and looking up, the Dragon's Gate's group saw scarlet clouds made up of warships surrounding Heavenly Dragon City in a ring.

The ring was so tightly packed together, not even water could seep through. Although the defensive formations would prevent these people from charging in as long as the city gates held, the large banks of scarlet clouds put a lot of psychological pressure.

"Go to the eastern city gates," Mo Chen said indifferently. The hundreds of Dragon's Gate's warships waiting around the City Lord's Residence soared extremely decisively into the air, shooting up like arrows as they quickly headed for the eastern city gates.

"Let's go as well, then."

After Mo Chen spoke, she immediately leaped into the air and stood on the Book of Heavenly Works. Then, she tore across the sky like a blazing meteor.

The others made use of various means, moving much faster than the Dragon's Gate's warships.

Despite departing later, they arrived in the eastern sector of the city first.

The guard at the city gates showed grave expressions. As they looked at the scarlet clouds filling the sky, their faces betrayed alarm.

"City Lord, the Blood Clad Sect's Young Sect Master Ao Yu wants to meet you," the commander of the eastern city's defense said with a cupped-fist salute.

"I'll go and sound him out."

Mo Chen stepped forward and arrived at the edge of the city walls. Then, she looked down and saw Ao Yu mounted on a horse, surrounded by escorts.

At the rear, the three Dragon Kings and Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises led a group of people each. Their faces were filled with murderous intent as they looked coldly at the people on the city walls.

The Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang was even farther away. He did not set foot on the island, defending from far behind. He appeared very confident.

When Mo Chen stepped forward on the tall walls, Ao Yu's eyes lit up as he revealed a meaningful smile.

After advancing to Martial Emperor, Mo Chen abandoned her veil. In the past, she had been the top beauty of the Cloud Sea Domain. Now, she appeared distinguished, graceful, and noble, even more so than back then.

Many people were stunned at the sight, which made them feel jealous of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was already a cripple, but there was still such a beautiful woman willing to stay by his side, defending the Dragon's Gate and not giving up.

"City Lord Mo, you finally came out. I thought that you were like Xiao Chen, becoming like tortoises hiding in their shells." Ao Yu spoke arrogantly and with a smile, feeling that he held the upper hand.

Mo Chen replied calmly in a neither-servile-nor-overbearing manner, "Young Master Ao, I already told you, not to mention Big Brother Xiao Chen not being in Heavenly Dragon City, but even if he were here, the Dragon's Gate's people would absolutely not let him be put in danger."

"Haha! What an excuse. Everyone knows that after Xiao Chen jumped off the Emperor's Road and suffered the rebound of the Great Tribulation of wind and fire, he got crippled and went into hiding in Heavenly Dragon City," Ao Yu said with a heavy tone while smiling coldly.

"Young Master, there is no need to speak any nonsense with them. I'll personally go and capture this woman and grill her for the answers. After that, we will have what we want."

One of the people at Ao Yu's side soared into the air, appearing like a flash of lightning as he flew to the eastern city gates to capture Mo Chen.

This person wearing an Earth Series Blood Clad Battle Armor was called Wu Yun. He was one of the core Elders of the Blood Clad Sect, a Sixth Heaven Martial Emperor.

"How arrogant!"

Gong Yangyu pushed off the city wall and used a heavy, black, metal staff to welcome this person, smashing his staff down.

"You are just an insignificant junior, and yet you dare to fight with me?!"

Wu Yun laughed arrogantly and did not evade, throwing a punch instead.


When the punch struck the metal staff, the impact produced a loud dull sound like thunder that made everyone's eardrums buzz.

Ao Yu's expression changed slightly. He said softly, "It's him, Gong Yangyu, the top person of the staff Dao in the Heavenly Starry Ocean."

Right after Ao Yu spoke, blood leaked out of Wu Yun's mouth, due to his carelessness. Then, this staff directly smashed Wu Yun down from the sky.

Wu Yun's arm numbed as the force from the staff spread out, turning half his body somewhat stiff.

"It turns out that your cultivation as a peak Sixth Heaven Martial Emperor is reliant on external objects. It is just so-so."

Gong Yangyu decided to continue hitting Wu Yun while Wu Yun was down. He brandished the staff with one hand, and the black, metal staff spun around like a whirlwind.

"Rumble…!" The staff twirled around with the sounds of boundless wind and thunder, summoning thunderclouds in the sky.


When the metal staff stopped, Gong Yangyu smashed it down. The thunderclouds shot out ten thousand bolts of lightning. Then, his figure moved so fast that it vanished.

When Gong Yangyu reappeared, Wu Yun vomited a mouthful of blood as he went flying back with a bloody hole in his chest and blood fountaining out wildly.

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