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Chapter 961 - Future Gamers

Chapter 961 - Future Gamers

Looking at Momo and his friends, whose brains were about to be overheated, Landon couldn't help laughing a bit.

Did he break them?

"Momo, you all stay close and follow us... We're going to the V.I.P section."


Momo and the rest froze before excitedly following Landon again.

With so many people today, it was estimated that they wouldn't be able to play to their hearts contempt.

But now, that didn't seem to be the case.

Their eyes lit up as they looked at each other gleefully.

Their friends also looked at Landon in awe and puffed their chests, feeling mighty good.

At the same time, they looked at Momo and Linda thankfully.

If the duo didn't invite them, wouldn't they miss out on many games today?

Maybe they might have only been able to play 3 games

But now, it was a different matter.

With that, everyone followed Landon.

And very soon, they took the escalators and ascended towards the 2nd floor, where they found the V.I.P section gaming area.

There was also a lathe list of games on pamphlets, making it easier for many to know which games they want.

Very quickly, everyone got their tokens rushed towards the games they wanted to play.

The children did their own thing, while the a.d.u.l.ts did their own things too.

Of course, it can't just Landon and his crew here, as those specially invited brought their families in too.

Overseer Lyore, Tim and many others were here.

The children even smiled awkwardly when they saw their Principal.

But soon, no one cared, as both a.d.u.l.ts and children were immersed in their own world.


Momo looked at the Pac-Man machine before him excitedly.

One of the latest books that came out during the summer was Pac-Man.

Could it be that they created the book to give a background story for the game?

No! No way.

The game was launched now.

So the game was probably based on the book and not the other way around.

But thanks to that, he at least knew about the ghosts in Pac Man and so on.

It wasn't just him, as several of his friends decided to start with Pac-Man too.

Of course, others preferred to start with things like the Jurassic Park pinball machine or even the Power Rangers one.

Linda especially liked the Demon Bride one, so she decided to check out Pac-Man later on.

Momo quickly inserted his tokens and on the screen before him changed, giving him the option to choose between Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.

So very nervously, he controlled the red joystick before him, chose Pac-Man and pressed the start button.

And instantly, the screen changed again.


What was this?

There were several layouts with blue lines on the screen.

These layouts look like paths with several white dots between them.

If Momo could describe it, it was like a maze with white trails at the centre of all oaths in the maze.

And in the box at the center were the words: [Player One... ready!]

Instantly, several different coloured figures and Momo instantly recognized them.

Weren't they the Ghosts on the cover of the Pac-Man book?

At the same time, another Yellow big Dot appeared in a different area on the screen.

It was Pac-Man.

Momo squeezed his joystick happily, but soon, his expression turned serious once the game truly began.


Very quickly, Momo moved Pac-Man around, eating the white dots excitedly.

Then all of a sudden, he was being chased by a Blue Ghost.


What was that speed?

You get away from me now!

Momo gritted his teeth and ran as fast as he could.

But his movements seemed to have attracted all the other Ghosts.

Behind him, there was one ghost running towards him, and on both of his sides, 2 other Ghosts were making their way at him too.

And a far distance away from him, the last ghost was coming as well.

How despicable!

Did they want to trap him to his death?

No way!

Not a chance!

In this split second, his mind worked fast as he quickly looked at the distance between him and the ghost ahead.


Halfway between them, there seemed to be another path, in this maze, branching out of the catastrophic atmosphere.

With his plan made up, he gritted his teeth and dashed forward like a mad man.

And just when he was about to clash with the ghost, he successfully tilted his joystick as if he were driving and brought Pac-Man out of danger for the time being.

Momo's emotions were high as he gave the game his undivided attention.

His hands shook with uncontrollable tremors as a confident smile stayed plastered on his face.


That was awesome!

He felt it all so surreal.

His mouth stayed open and quivered while looking at the godly game before him.

The feeling he had right now was so thrilling as if he was in the Pac-Man world itself.

The feeling reminded him of what he always felt every time he went Go-Kart racing, indoor snowboarding and so on.

The adrenaline rush was the same.

He didn't know why, but he felt that this arcade center might be his next stress relief station for the next few months.

Right now, something strange had been birthed within him, which could never be destroyed again.

Looking at Momo, those from earth would only nod in understanding of his current predicament.

As expected, without knowing it, Momo would become a game lover.

If he was already this excited, then when Gameboys, PS and XBoxs got made, what would he do?

The era of entertainment was here.

And this was just the beginning.


Of course, Momo's happiness didn't last long

Momo before the ghosts quickly caught up to him and ended his life.


Momo looked at the screen unwillingly.

In a fit of rage, he inserted more tokens again and played


He didn't believe that he would lose again.

The first one didn't count!

He was a total newbie and didn't know much.

So in his mind, he refused to count it.

Mini played again and lost 7 times in a toy.

But every time he lost, he learnt something new about the game.

It wasn't until his 8th time that he came out victorious.


The moment Momo saw that he was in the second level, he almost wept with joy.


All his suffering was worth it.

He played again for an hour straight before collecting all his winning tickets and going to the next game.

Today, he had to play as much as he wanted.

He wanted to have a good fill of most games here.

And at the end of the day, Momo once again made certain that this would be his new hang-out place with the boys.

Gaming was f***ing Awesome!

Landon, who was playing beside Lucy and the rest, heard a loud noise in his ears.


[Mission Complete.

Congratulations, Host.]

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