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Chapter 901 - Yet Another Misunderstanding Continues

Chapter 901 - Yet Another Misunderstanding Continues

-Yang City, The Empire Of Yodan--

An eye-catching man sat within a very moderate-looking room deep in thought.

And before him were three men; 2 burly and one fat.

They all sat patiently when soon, an arrogant servant pushed their door open.

The servant looked around in disdain and scoffed.

"Hey! Didn't you see me coming in?

As the 12th main butler of the estate, don't you know that my position is high?

I am the butler in charge of all stable boys, and when you see me, you must bow before me as your superior."

All 4 men didn't even bother to look at the noisy goose, which made him even angrier.

"Damn you all!

You think you can act the way you do because the lord favours you?


Don't forget. With my position, I can easily send you out if you're not obedient. So you better do not disrespect me anymore, or else!!!"

The young man who had his eyes closed this entire time slowly opened him and coldly looked at the arrogant servant, scaring the life out of him.


The arrogant butler swallowed hard before realizing his position and retiring his disdainful gaze at the gang again.

"Who the hell are you staring at?

Just be thankful that I'm in a good mood today, or else... Hmph!

Now, I'm here to inform you that the lord is waiting for you all to stand in as his punching bags again.

So get your asses out there fast!

Come on, get up, get up.

Don't keep the master waiting." The arrogant servant said with a cruel smile on his face.

In short, it wasn't that the master favoured them.

No, it was more like the master had developed a habit of liking to punch people to release gis tension.

So when he felt like it, he would summon these 4 as his launching bags.

This was one of the reasons and things that made many of them feel the need to bully these men too.

As they say, whoever their lord hated, they hated as well.

So they followed the actions of their master in whatever he did.


All 4 men calmly got up and followed the artifact butler out.

They walked for a while before arriving at a massive building.

And from there, they were taken directly to the lord's office, which also had a private training section in it.

All 4 men stood outside the office while waiting for the butler to first go in and inform the lord of their arrival.

"Alright, you wastes... the master will see you now.

Try not to die, alright?"

With that, the butler smirked and left the scene in an excellent mood while all 4 stepped in calmly.

And standing before them was the mighty lord of the estate.

All 4 walked closer and closer.

But suddenly, the other 3 stopped, and only one advanced, moving at a slow place towards the lord.

And when he finally reached the front, the lord of the estate bent on one knee respectively.


"Hmm... You may rise."

With that, the young man directly sat on the main chair behind the desk.

If anyone in the estate had seen this scene, they would be so shocked that their hairs would've stood up in both fear and anxiety.

Why was the lord kneeling to a servant?

Didn't they say that he was an orphan? A nobody?

If they knew that they had been bullying someone this important the entire time, many might chose to commit suicide and get killed in the end.

But that was a story for another day.


The eye-catching man looked at his subordinates at the back and nodded.

Instantly, they took out a few pillows and started punching them hard, creating the illusion that the estate lord was indeed using them as punching bags for the servants who were still waiting outside, along with the guards.

And once they finished their meeting, they would properly rub paint and create a fake illusion for many.

Now, with the distraction going on, the man on the chair started looking at the reports before him.

And who was he?

He was none other than the famous 39-year-old Master K, the mysterious brother to former Queen Philippa and the leader of the Temple of Dragmus.

And the people by his side were his most trusted people who had been with him since he was 19.

So apart from his sister, they were the only ones that knew what he looked like.


What went wrong?

He just left for a bit, and out of nowhere, his main hideout got attacked?

From this city, his base was 2 hours deep in the woods.

And typically, they usually received reports nightly about the day-to-day running of things and the highlights of any major issues that arose.

But after waiting for 2 days without any report, he knew something was up.

And no matter how many stories he sent, they just kept going missing.

It was at that moment that he realized that a powerful enemy might've penetrated his base.

So after 7 days of trying, he finally got through.

But what surprised him the most was that the reports say that the entire base, along with its buildings, were all buried underground.

Meaning they were destroyed and sunk into the ground as if someone had erased the foundation beneath them.

It was impossible for the enemy to transport so much gold and treasures in wagons and carriages in such a short time without getting caught or noticed by anyone.

And he didn't think that they would be able to find his most secret doc.u.ments.

So that meant that they probably took what they could and buried everything to the ground, which was troublesome.

It would take several months to get people to push all the rubble from the massive stone structures and dig to recover everything.

But the most painful thing is that he didn't know who the enemy was since all his spies ended up missing or their bodies were found dead.

It was only now that the spies were able to go and return with no mishaps.

Everything made left him in rage, and he wanted revenge!

No matter who they were, he would find them and make them pay.

And he had a few guesses as to who would be so bold as to attack him.



"Yes, my lord."

"Send this letter to my sister in the Capital, and send word to the other bases to be alert.

In the meantime, gather the other spots and tell them to be on guard.

I believe that this attack might be the work of the Pirate Organisation.

Just as we have been sending spies and trying to take them out?

They too, have been doing the same thing as well.

And this time, they almost succeeded.

But now, since they want war, we will give it to them at full force!

I need all bases to get ready.

After taking the crown from Sirius Maclaine, we will hit the Pirate Organization with everything we've got.

How dare they destroy our main Base?

For that, they deserve to die!!"

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