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Chapter 1012 - The Crazy Admiral!

Chapter 1012 - The Crazy Admiral!

"To make this quick, please state your name and your purpose for visiting."



Jimosen and Linvor glanced at Trey and sneered.

As expected of these Baymardians... just as the spies had said, they were truly stupid.

An intelligent person should've already been able to tell that it was a trap.

But here these people were, stepping into the centre of the formation stupidly.

Linvor massaged his chin vicariously: "This was our first plan to lure them in. I honestly thought that we might have to go for plan B. But who would've known that these idiots would fall for it?"

Jimosen chuckled: "What do you expect from people with no backbones? They requested the other empires to protect them during the U.N meeting because they couldn't do it themselves. Just look at how moronic they are now? They actually came in to peacefully ask for our purpose even after seeing so many battlesh.i.p.s. Aren't they stupid? Heh. With Dragmus by our side, we are sure to slaughter them today!"

"Yes... Dragmus is with us. So we have nothing to fear."


The duo gestured towards two of their men, who then stepped closer and held megaphones in front of their mouths.

Of course, the megaphones were made by coiling metal plates into a cone.

This was what people in this time used to speak to massive crowds.

And sometimes, they would create a large megaphone that looked like a giant flute and speak into it, causing the sounds to travel very far like an echo.


Jimosen and Linvor looked at Trey victoriously.

"You there! Are you an idiot?"

Trey decided to play along and acted dumbfounded: "Excuse me sirs, but have I offended you in any way?"

Seeing his reaction, the duo smirked and snapped their fingers at their men who then moved.

All the while Trey had been advancing, the path that was once opened, now slowly closed up again.

"No, you haven't.

As a matter of fact, we have no bad blood between us.

It's just that your existence is a threat to our plans.

So sorry, you have to die!"

With that, many started driving to get close enough to the edge so that they could jump onto Trey's ship.

But how could things be that easy?

Seeing them act like flies, Trey smiled coldly and turned to look at everyone on the ship currently strapped to walls.


They were standing against the walls while secured onto safety straps attached to the walls.

Those safety straps on the walls were for scenarios like this.

On normal occasions, they could sit on their wheeled office-like chairs in their stations.

But with what he was about to do next, he didn't want people falling over, rolling around and accidentally pushing buttons, lifting levers and doing other things that they shouldn't.

For now, they were to stay where they were unless an intruder successfully got in.

As for Trey, his feet were strapped onto the floor instead. It was the strapping mechanism used by Snowboards.


Let the fun begin!


~Bam. Bam.

Soon, they heard the sounds of people dropping to their ship's deck.

Some swung on doors from the massive Temple sh.i.p.s onto their own, even landing on the glass.

And those who reached the Baymardian ship tied the rope to the metal railings of the ship.

Of course, many used other pieces of rope to slide from their sh.i.p.s to the Baymardian ship.

"Everyone, get down there! The primates want this done fast!

We still have Baymard to attack, so we don't have much time!"

"You there! Am I talking with water in my mouth?

Get your behind down there at once!

The Primates command that we take care of the people inside and throw their bodies to the fishes.

But we are not to severely damage the sh.i.p.s.

They are now the precious properties of Dragmus and shouldnt be overly damaged.

That is the Will of our God, Dragmus!"




~Bam Bam. Bam. Bam.~~

Many dragias landed all over the ship like ants triumphantly.

Trey let them have their little fun before looking at his trapped-in crew with a playful smile on his face.

The moment they saw his expression, they felt like crying.

They had heard of their Admiral's crazy feats before, with some people saying that they threw up in the end.

So many silently prayed in their hearts.

"Is everyone ready?"

[Coastal Guards]: "...No? (:T∆T:)"


Trey pushed the lever all the way excitedly: "Alright, Baby. Show papa what you've got!

[Coastal guards]: Is it too late to change professions? I want my mommy...




Those on the ship who weren't prepared for his move, soon found themselves vibrating alongside the ship.

What the hell was going on?

The ship first moved forward for a bit before freezing due to the tension on the ropes tied on the railings at the front of the ship.

The control center was in the middle of the ship.

So once people got on board, some started trying to open the doors, while others climbed up, looking for openings above.

Instantly, this initial inertia made some fall off the top of the control station, while some completely fell off the ship, falling into the water.


Those watching and even those in the ship looked at the scene in confusion before understanding the gist of the matter.

Those who fell onto the water were the most pissed!

Of course, they quickly swam back towards the ship too.

Who knew what deadly sea creature was swimming around them?

Even when they took baths, they jumped in and stayed for at most 2 minutes and came back out.

So wouldn't they be crazy to stay in longer with all the mysterious giant creatures around?


"You sons of b**ches better pray that we don't successfully open that door of yours.

Because rather than throwing you whole to the fishes, I'll slice you off to ting bits to make it easier for them.

How dare you stand against the will of Dragmus?


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