I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7. The World Is Ruled By Idiots And Evil

The carriage exited the castle, and began its journey downhill.

Ten minutes after travelling through a forest, an eerie prison building came into view.

Of course, this was a more poetic way of putting it. This was the shelter that Necro had spoke of.

The walls covered in barbed wires separated the shelter from the outer world completely.

At the top of these walls, soldiers guarded the surroundings carefully with their rifles.

"You're not planning on imprisoning me here, are you?"

Necro responded hurriedly to my light joke.

"Imprison? Imprison who? We're just here to test something real quick. Well, but then again, you should be kind of familiar in a place like this as a murderer, right? Kind of like coming back home during a holiday?"

"Not at all."

I turned backwards before I went into the shelter.

When I looked down using the floating eye, I could see the castle below on the cliff, along with the horizon.

The current season was fall, but the shores looked quite a lot like winter.

"That is?"

I pointed at the colonel.

The man who had stomped out of the castle was now following us.

"Ignore him. The man's in a different battalion in the first place."


"He's the leader of the first Subjugation Battalion, and I'm the leader of the special task force."

I had heard a little bit in the office already, but it seemed that the military was getting involved.

They were planning on expending a fraction of the military engaged with the rebellion to take out the hero and the braves.

But… did they have a bad relationship?

Why did the braves not get together with the hero?

If they were friends who shared moments of life and death together, it was obvious that they'd join the rebellion.

How strange this was.

I walked into the shelter with Necro, and took a look around.

What a modern design…

They said they summoned quite a lot of people from different worlds. Did they let those people build the shelter by themselves?

There was a path up in the second floor for guards, and an area for prisoners existed on the first floor.


One of the soldiers responded to Necro's question.

"It's done. Six is ready."

What were they talking about?


I fell down dramatically as I looked somewhere else.

"What in the world are you doing? Are you bored or something?"

"…It's nothing."

I realigned my sight to in front of me, and stood up.

My joints seemed to be stiffening, which made it hard for me to walk.

Well, that wasn't really what made me fall, though.

"Just where did you pick up an invalid like this, huh?"

When the colonel made fun of my fall, Necro snuck a look backwards at me.

[That son of a bitch. I would've beat him up if it wasn't for the fact that he's one of my comrades. Don't worry about it. Just take it for now.]

…This is?

The man wasn't speaking.

His voice was being transferred directly into my head.

[Ah, sorry, sorry. Forgot to tell you about it. It's called soul comms. Er, it's like telepathy. You know what that is, right? Telepathy? It's kind of like that.]

I'll need to get myself a dictionary when I get the chance.

There were too many things that I didn't know in this world.

"Now~ looks like everyone's here. Shall we begin?"

Necro nodded to the soldier next to him.

"Bring them in."

The soldier turned around, and fiddled with the mechanism on the wall.

Chrr! Drr! Chwaa! Drrr!

With a sound of metal chains moving, the door in front of us opened.

"To the center! Move! Move!"

The first person to appear was a trembling woman.

Without a doubt, she was a commoner.

Seeing how she was still wearing her normal clothes, and seeing how her face was covered in tears… she must've been kidnapped here or something.

A child, a girl, an old man and an old woman moved to the center with the woman.

"Eh… what you are to do from this point is ve~ry simple."

Necro pointed to the people in the center.

"Show us your skills. Of course, I saw already, but the higher-ups want to see it, too? You've done something like this already. Just let loose."

I looked up.

I could see officials above clinking glasses of alcohol with each other.

The one wearing the crown should be the true king of this country.

By seeing the prime minister's servile smile up above, I could see just what was going on in this country.

The king controlled everything while having a powerless prime minister pretend to be in charge.

Because as long as he did this, he would be able to avoid the citizens from starting a revolution.

If the citizens lack the power to find out the truth, they would feel free even when caged inside a physical prison.


I facepalmed.

Just why was it that the majority of the world was filled with idiots and evil..?

Winton Marcilis.

The leader of the First Subjugation Battalion.

As a person who took part in taking down the Demon King with the hero, he managed to gain recognition from the king to get to this spot.

Winton was a person who managed to experience much battle as he fought with the hero.

'That visage filled with charisma isn't something a person who hasn't seen the hero from up close can understand!'

This was something he often said before the hero began the rebellion.

The only reason why he applied for the subjugation this time was to secretly help out the hero.


The clown in front managed to fall down by himself.

He was surprised when the clown blocked his strike with a finger, but that was probably thanks to Necro's powers.

'They must be joking. Kill the hero? With that invalid creature?'

He was filled with rage.

"Just where did you pick up an invalid like this, huh?"

He had received the report as well.

The person summoned this time was a murderer.

The fact that this trash was trying to kill the hero was disgusting in the first place, but the fact that the trash was supposed to be the strongest murderer was just ridiculous.

He couldn't even laugh.

The title of strongest was only reserved for the hero.

'I cannot accept this!'

He couldn't accept it, he couldn't approve of it, he couldn't forgive it.

How dare that clown try to kill the hero…!

"Eh… what you are to do from this point is…"

The clown was listening to Necro's explanation.

His white, cooked eyes hid the fact that he was looking anywhere, which frightened the colonel.

"Show us your skills. Of course, I saw already, but the higher-ups want to see it, too? You've done something like this already. Just let loose."

Necro's head bent backwards strangely as soon as he stopped talking. It was almost as if he took a gunshot to the head.

"Sir Necro…?"

Seeing how eccentric the man normally was, Winton assumed that this was all normal behavior.

But as he saw Necro's knees bend over with blood coming out of his forehead, he pulled out his pistol.

'Just what..? Did someone with an ability attack? When? Where? How?'

The clown stood still in front of Necro motionlessly. It was almost as if it felt nothing at Necro's death.

Winton pointed the gun at the clown.

He didn't have proof, but he felt that the entire situation was the clown's work.

'Did he use his… ability?'

Winton denied his theory immediately.

He wasn't a wizard, but he could still see mana.

He would've noticed if the clown used its ability.

"Eh? Necro! What's wrong! Somebody, help!"

A soldier who heard the clown's voice of desperation immediately went out to find help.

At this moment, Winton doubted his suspicion.

'Is the clown not related? Was this all my misunderstanding? All resulting from my emotions?'

When he thought this much, he became confused.

If he killed the clown now, his fame would suffer, and so would his opinion of the king.

Winton quickly approached the clown.

If it wasn't for the fact that the clown 'fell' earlier, Winton wouldn't have gotten the impression that the clown was simple a 'slow' being.


"Enemy attack! We need to get ou..!"

Winton became confused once again when he extended his hand towards the clown's arm.

'Why am I looking up at the ceiling?'

The wall on the other side began to melt down like a hot marshmallow.

'Just what… is…'

Even to the point when he lost consciousness, he did not understand.

The man who couldn't become a wizard till the end didn't realize how he died.

He thought this as more brain fluid spilled out of his head.

I took the pistol from the dead colonel's body.

At the same time, I praised myself for acting pretty well this time.

As expected, acting out emotions was hard.


I raised my head, and looked for an exit nearby using my floating eye.

The prime minister and the king had already been evacuated.

Of course, I wasn't at all interested in chasing after them.

For now, my top priority was to get out.

No need to keep the king as an hostage.


I checked how much ammo I had, and hid myself.

I could hear boots coming closer and closer. The number was four.

Three had guns, and one had a sword.

Why didn't they all use the same weapons?

Did the swordsman use his weapon that well?

Or was he like the colonel in that–

I put out my hand, grabbed hold of one of the soldier's neck, and broke it immediately. I began to use his body as a shield.

As expected of experienced soldiers.

They began shooting without surprise despite having one of their comrades die.


The dead soldier's body danced from the bullets hitting it.

They responded quickly, but as I thought, people's minds seemed to shake a bit from death.

It would've been a lot better for them to save their shots to aim for my vitals.

Click! Click! Click!

The bullets ran out in 1.5 seconds.

The soldiers pulled on their triggers without any effect.

I threw the dead body towards the soldier with the shield, and put a bullet through each of the soldiers with the guns.

Now, there was one person left.

The man with the sabre began to increase killing intent with a bloodied face.

This was it.

His body was pitifully weak, but when his body began to shine, he became able to exhibit inhuman speed.

I wonder how much sturdier he became?

I tried shooting at his arm after dodging his first strike.


The bullet bounced back with a steely sound.

So it isn't just his physical capabilities that gets an upgrade…

The light that surrounded his skin was thin and almost invisible, but it was already this strong. If I focused a bit, I could see the mana flowing in his veins.

…Maybe I should've learned how to use mana before I killed Necro?

I regret not doing that far too late, as I shot at the soldier's head.

What I truly aimed for, though, were his legs.


His shin bent backwards.

Because he focused so much of his mana to the top of his body, the defenses of his legs were weak.

Well, I'd have broken it even when it had proper protection.

The soldier fell backwards, and began to try and crawl away.

He had thrown away his sword as he desperately moved his arms forwards.

I stepped on the young man's neck, so that he wouldn't be able to run.

"Urgh! Urghhh!"

He began to struggle with tears in his eyes.

He must want to live.

He must be sad that this was how he was to go.

I understand.

I understand perfectly.

I killed him instantly, so that he wouldn't feel pain.

I had found the escape path already using my floating eye.

I just needed to get out now.

According to Necro, I have a week left.

I'll have to find a wizard who can extend my life before that.

I turned a corner, and immediately froze after seeing a girl standing like a guardian in front of me.

At the center of the exit, a brown-haired girl was taking in the warm sunlight.

She seemed to be a high schooler based on her age-


My body immediately sent out warnings towards me.

I took the wrong path.

I shouldn't have met 'that'.

Before I get noticed, I need to get out…

"Would you happen to be Mr. Murderer?"

The saint who found me raised her hand.

"Hey! Hi! Nice to meet you! My name's Morto Hai! In short, you can call me haihai?"

She winked.


I couldn't move my body, just like a frog looking into the eyes of a snake.

"Eh? No way this didn't work?"

The saint threw me a wink once again.

She even added a strange sound effect with her mouth.

I took this chance and-

Crack! Krrr!

After traversing five meters in one step, I broke her ribs and pierced her skin.

The saint's smile immediately scrunched up into that of pain.

With this attack, I secured my victory.

I grabbed hold of her beating heart.


"Caught it."

I didn't say it.

Crack! Krrr!

The saint performed the same technique as me upon my body.


A blue flame came out of the hole in my body.

Pain, something that was supposed to not exist in this corpse of a body, flared across my entire body.


I endured the pain, and looked down on the saint's body.

Her clothes were turning red from massive blood loss.

How was she still alive?

"Ahahaha, ahahahaha♬. You're quite the idiot, Mr. Murderer. To think you'd have the gall to grab onto a lady's chest like this… perverts need to be punished, don't you think?"

The saint's smiled as blood ran down her mouth.

She then lifted her right arm.

A smell of magnolia spread as her brown hair fluttered in the air.


Her hand began to shine in white.

The faint light immediately turned into a blinding one after taking in an immense amount of mana.

So this is it for me…

The bright light erased the world around me, and left just me and the saint's.

The blinding color of white made me think of one thing with a smile.

Of course this is the end for villains.


The entire world turned white along with the saint's bright voice.

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