I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 60

Chapter 60. A Godlike Munchkin

Camille. French. 18 years old. I could see a blonde girl with hair flowing down to her waist in the picture I've received. Her skin was tanned and she had a bright, perfect smile on her face.

This was the Hero.

"Her father is a three-time champion in the world kendo championships, and her mother is the youngest gold medalist in fencing… The girl was practically a sword fighter since birth."

Any other time she would have tackled my words faster than anyone else, but now she just glanced at me hatefully. She looked away uninterestedly as she went back to cooking the meal for her and Necro.

Did the return of her memories change her personality? How interesting. I suppose I'll observe her more later.

I turned the page.

[Showed her talent with the sword from birth. Was educated in the sword since an extremely young age; the girl herself works on the basics every day diligently. Even after having killed the Demon King, she practices by swinging and stabbing with her sword six million times an hour every day. #Picture Included]

Did I read that wrong?

Six million an hour?

I'm more interested in the person who managed to count all that… The included picture only showed an explosion of plasma and wind. I couldn't even see the Hero.

So this was practice…

1,666 sword strokes a second. If I assume that the Hero was performing a downward stroke, and assume that the length of her longsword to be 1.4 meters, with the stroke ending at 45 degrees, the radius of the arc of the stroke is around 1.6 meters. A simple calculation would show that the speed of the stroke is around mach 7.8.


I've fought against immortality, time control, and even absolute reflection. But seeing this just made me sigh.

It wasn't like there weren't any animals in the natural world that could move this fast. Certain insects were able to flutter their wings a thousand times per second. But this was only possible because their wings were thin and were structured differently. If a human tried to do something like that, their veins would explode and their muscles would melt.

This probably just goes to show that the Hero was far past the limitations of the human body.

"So is that how it is?"

A strength one attains after surpassing death. If the Warrior managed to attain something like this, it's likely that the Hero had received something far greater.

Her current level was fifteen.

Romeo Smith was level ten, meaning that she was probably around thirty times stronger than him… And if we take into account her equipment—-.

I began to examine her list of equipment immediately.

[Genius Weapon = Wise Arms] – Rank: S+

– A highly-intelligent weapon that evolves according to the civilization it resides in. It takes different forms according to the age it belongs in. There seems to be a certain limit set on the weapon, and it seems to evolve when the user becomes unable to beat the opponent.

– <Sealed> Unknown…

The weapon in the picture was a pure white sword. The sword's hilt seemed to have been created from a 3D printer. A seemingly elastic cable connected the sword's body to its hilt. It was probably a weapon from a world similar to the one Murderer came from. According to stories, the Hero had managed to slice the moon using this sword. The fact that the story exists in the first place probably meant that someone was there to witness it.

"Rank S+."

Did the Hero slice the moon using her ability or was it a feature that the sword had?

The distance from the earth to the moon was around 357,000 km. If I say that the time it took to observe the effects of the strike was around thirty minutes after the actual strike, we could say that the speed the sword stroke travels at is 208 km/s. Seventeen times faster than the third cosmic velocity.

It was only a 0.1% of the speed of light, but…

"I can't dodge this."

It wouldn't matter even if I hid in the vault or dematerialized. I would be destroyed before I even noticed that she had attacked. Necro heard me saying this and approached me while eyeing the saint carefully.

"Can't you buy an ability to deal with it? You could try raising your stats with money."

"Not possible. The speed at which the nerves would transmit information would be around 0.1km/s. It's two thousand times slower than the attack that cut into the moon. My body would turn to ash before the information even reaches my head. Dodging it would probably be impossible even with the Thief's clairvoyant eyes. The Hero would just have to modify the stroke a little bit. Even if I manage to see the 0.01 seconds into the future and make my move, it would be too late."

I'll have to assume that I was hit the moment she uses it. It was just that fast. Necro thought for a bit, then shouted "Aha!".

"What if we use illusions?"

"She'd see through it."

This wasn't that simple. The Hero wasn't just strong, but also wise. Necro went back to thinking again. He was striking up a conversation with me in place of the saint. He didn't really help.

Well, onto the defensive equipment.

[Strategic Membrane Armor = Hilbert Architecture] – Rank: A+

– Hilbert Architecture is the technology of expanding the volume of a small space, filling it with a durable heat-resistant material, then folding it all back into its original form. The actual item seems thin and transparent but boasts a defensive power tens of times more powerful than the average tank.

I couldn't really tell how strong it was just based on its rank or description… I only managed to see how ridiculous the item was when I turned the page and saw defense +1,500 and magic resistance +800. Its mass was 0 and its volume was 0. It didn't seem like the Hero was wearing anything, but to think she wouldn't even get a scratch from getting hit by a missile–.


They say any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but isn't this a little too much? I guess my weapon would help me get around that problem. There was one equipment left.

[The Horn of The Plentiful = Cornucopia] – Rank: C

– A horn-shaped earring that fills up the user.

It was an accessory decorated with numerous flowers composed of gems. The Hero doesn't need to eat or drink with this item. Due to this, it becomes impossible to attempt to poison the Hero.

This was effectively the entire set of items that the Hero had, disregarding the Dragon Boots. One sword, one piece of armor, and one earring. It seemed rather frugal, but each item was extremely powerful.

The real problem begins here though. The next page contained the information on the Hero's power.

[Reality Modification = Endless Ideal] – Modifies reality within a certain range.

– [Lv.1] Body Modification

– [Lv.2] Phenomenon Modification

– [Lv.3] Material Modification

– [Lv.4] Phenomenon Creation

– [Lv.5] Material Creation

– [Lv.6] Limited Dimension Modification

– [Lv.7] Limited Time Modification

– [Lv.8] Physics Modification

– [Lv.9] Idea Modification

Unlike the other heroes, the price for using Endless Ideal was already known. Like me, the Hero couldn't use mana. Every time she uses her power, her soul becomes weaker. In other words, she would disappear once she uses enough of her power. It was a price befitting the power.

Perhaps I can call it the opposite of Absolute Reflect. If Absolute Reflect was defensive, Endless Ideal was offensive.

Apparently it was possible to use Body Modification in order to permanently modify the body. It was possible to raise the body's regeneration speed and even improve eyesight to be like a microscope.

With Material Modification, she could harden water into a sword that she could use, or liquefy any door that might be in her path… Seeing how she had managed to restore a destroyed building in the past, you might as well call the ability a miracle.

"…She's pretty much god like this."

She could use Phenomenon Creation to create fire in the air and make lightning fall in a clear sky. She could even use Material Creation to create weapons and food. Her level six ability, Limited Dimension Modification, would allow her to teleport. The level seven ability might as well be the Thief's time stop. The bigger problem was level eight and nine.

The latter parts of the report detailed the miracles the Hero performed using her level eight and nine abilities.

The first miracle. She created a baseball that flew up when she let go of it.

She changed the rules of the world completely. She probably changed the laws of physics so that the baseball was permanently unaffected by gravity.

Second, she created a fire that burns forever when she fought the Demon King. She got rid of the fire herself after the fight.

It feels like a napalm bomb when you read about it, but… Perhaps it was a modification of entropy? A fire that burns without having to be supplied any external fuel.

Third, the creation of a golden statue that doesn't move or get destroyed.

It was said that no thief had managed to actually steal away this statue since its creation. Perhaps she locked the location of the statue on a certain longitude and latitude permanently? She managed to fix a position of an object artificially…

Lastly, a miracle that anyone in this world knew of.

The Hero managed to push away a star that the Demon King summoned using her strength.


Well, at this point, no level or item would really work… I turned to the last page of the report.

Level nine, Idea Modification.

The Hero created a dart that would always hit the center of the target no matter what and undid the effects of the wounds on her body. She even created a situation where 'those that were beautiful got treated badly' in the palace. Using this, she managed to block [Time and Dimension Destruction] and [Worldview Breakdown] cast by the Demon King–.

"Might as well be omnipotence instead of reality manipulation…"

The saint glared at me again and looked away. She seemed to want to say something but at the same time, she didn't want to talk to me.

What in the world was she trying to do…

The money I currently had was thirty-two billion dollars. I honestly didn't know if I could beat the Hero with this much money. Perhaps it would be better to buy a life for the saint after she dies? If it was possible, that is.

The problem was, was she really worth that much money…

I fell deep into my thoughts as I watched the saint cook.

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