I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32. Hundred Eight Eyes

A bottle of powerful acid exploded on the Warrior's face, melting it off immediately. At the same time, one of the soldiers blasted the Warrior's stomach with a machine gun. It wasn't an effective attack by any means, but it was still quite humiliating.

"Hey, sandbag! Speak up will you?"

"What the hell happened to the confidence from before?"

The soldiers responded to the Warrior's provocations by provoking the Warrior themselves. No matter how powerful the Warrior was, there was no way he'd be able to catch ability users moving faster than sound. Plus, whenever he was about to catch one of them in his hand, a teleporter quickly appeared to snatch them away. It really was an unfair game of tag–

But the ones who were getting tired were the members of the Second Subjugation group. They tried splitting up into groups to take turns in their little game, but the stress simply kept piling higher and higher. This was the price they paid for using their powers without stopping.


In this world, nothing was free. When one of the teleporters messed up the timing of the teleport, a speeder got caught by the Warrior. It was the slowest member of the Storm, a user of the ability known as [Steel Legs]. The Warrior had caught this soldier's shoulder. No, perhaps that was too light a term. The man's shoulder was 'squeezed' just like a tomato, spilling the red contents inside everywhere. Bits of flesh managed to poke their way out between the Warrior's fingers due to the shattered bones. It was impossible to use a power without being able to focus. The injury that the soldier had received wasn't lethal, but it was enough to make him shake uncontrollably from shock. The man widened his eyes at the Warrior's next attack.

–A flick.

The Warrior flicked one of his fingers, as if he was trying to show that he didn't need to do anything fancy to kill a man.


The top half of the soldier disintegrated into the air. The bottom half of the body fell on the ground, spilling out blood and guts in the process.

"Do you still want to continue?"

The Warrior shook the blood off of his right hand.

"You should stop before there are any more casualties. There's no way in hell you'd be able to beat me."

The members of Storm were unable to respond to the Warrior's arrogant words. Deep down, they had all understood what the Warrior was saying was the truth.

"Everyone, move back."

Accelerator pulled back the people of Storm. Fighting at a time like this would just end up increasing the casualties. He needed to find a different solution.

"Velocity, Gearshift, and Retardation. Use these powers to hold back the Warrior."

There was a need to stop the Warrior from being able to move in order to make full use of the Hundred Eight Eyes. The three people who used these powers all raised their hands in the air. Blue electricity arced above their heads to form a crown of light. It was a phenomenon that occurred whenever one used their power. The Warrior became slower than ever before as a result of this.

"Get ready!"

The Hundred Eight Eyes stepped out of the trenches in order to get ready for teleportation. Death Eye appeared last, yawning as he slowly stepped out of the trench.

"It'd be good for you to take off your bandage now."

Death Eye smirked at my remark.

"Ah~ what the hell is this idiot saying? I'll do fine on my own, so you mind your own business, yeah?"

I thought he'd say that. But the reason why I still told him this was because of how impractical his bandages seemed. It practically screamed,

'I'm a user of a demon eye. Taking off this bandage would mean that I'd use my power against you, so please be warned.'

There was no need to hide the eye with a bandage, as powers were something that could be turned on and off whenever the user desired. In the case of demon eyes, the power simply happened to be cast through the organ known as the eye.

The members of the Hundred Eight Eyes all got on the shadow of the Shadow Jumper, and disappeared. The area became quiet again. Compared to the battlefield down below, this place was far too peaceful.

"The boy's too arrogant. He's trusting his abilities far too much."

Necro said this as soon as the boy disappeared. It seemed that he was holding himself back a little to avoid conflict at a time like this.

"Aren't you going to join in, Necro?"

"Why would I? Didn't you say yourself that nothing was going to work on this guy? I think so too. That beast isn't something that can be killed by an equation this simple. Well, I suppose it's more like trying to solve an English question with a sword?"

"That's how king Alexander the Great solved his question."

"That's not solving the question. The man just ripped apart the test itself. Are you kidding me? Destroying a cube because you couldn't solve it isn't 'solving' it. You of all people should know that."

I didn't respond to Necro's words but instead looked up into the sky.

The first requirement was cleared-.

The sky was beginning to turn cloudy. It was getting extremely dark in this place, but the time was still just 2:16PM. I had confirmed that the saint's magic had worked, and went over my plans for the twenty eighth time. This plan should work flawlessly if the Warrior is indeed a hero as the stories say. But this plan still doesn't yield a success rate of a hundred percent, which lead me to create a plan B for an alternate scenario. By the time I was reviewing plan C, the members of the Hundred Eight Eyes finished getting into their positions. The demon eye users were all standing on the rooftops of buildings, staring down at the Warrior below.

The Warrior spun around, observing the sight laid out before him, and smiled.

"So this is your trump card."

All the teleporters had already retreated, and the Warrior was still tied down in his place due to the soldiers of Storm restricting him.

"You've brought quite a lot of people, just for me."

He still seemed extremely calm. At this rate, the demon eyes would kill him in an instant… Could it be that he doesn't know about the Death Eye? I had thought that he'd know the Death Eye, considering how he knew the Accelerator, but maybe that wasn't the case. Or could it be that he's confident that the Death Eye wouldn't affect him? The Warrior pulled out a long object from his pouch. It was a horn that was inscribed with some Hebrew, and was decorated with a swirling pattern. It was reddish in color, and it was curved in on itself like a spiral.

[Demon Horn = Corinth] – Rank: B+

– Stabbing this horn into one's head would amplify the user's ability by 33~57 times the norm for sixty seconds. The user dies after use.

It was an item that was pretty much made for the Warrior. Any normal human would die after a minute of its use, but the Warrior was able to use the item endlessly.

"Are you stupid? It's too late for you to use something like that."

The demon eye users unsealed their eyes as Death Eye mocked the Warrior. There were forty seven different kinds of eyes here. The light that shined from these eyes began to light up the darkened island. A cross-shaped light began to spread across the dark. Death Eye lifted his arm to give the Warrior a middle finger.

"Die, trash."

The demon eyes all activated at once. But the Warrior had managed to stick the horn inside himself a second faster.

Tch! Chichichi! Crack!

Was it because so much energy became condensed in one place? The place where the Warrior was in just moments before was now just a black hole that was crackling with energy. The hole quickly sucked in the air around it, and spat out black lightning all around itself. Something was strange. It was almost like the ball of energy's converging in on itself, instead of exploding outwards…

Pachi! Pachichi! Chichi-

The black lightning that arced out of the hole lessened in size the more time passed, and the sounds it was making had lessened as well.

This is a little bit strange…

I carefully looked at the members of the Hundred Eight Eyes. They were all carefully looking at the smoke that was generated by their attacks.

"Holy shit…!"

"He survived?!"

It seems that they've confirmed the Warrior's survival. When the smoke fully dissipated to reveal the Warrior, Death Eye shouted in shock.

"No way! My demon eye…!"

–Didn't work.

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