I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Good to Not Be Picky

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She felt cramped and didn’t know where to put her feet and hands.

The waiter brought the menu over.

Mo Yesi turned over the pages and asked her, “What do you like to eat?”


“You’re not a picky eater?”

“I’m not.”

His Adam’s apple rolled gently, and a low chuckle came from his throat. “It’s good that you’re not a picky eater, it’s easier to raise you. I like people who aren’t picky.”

Qiao Mianmian went quiet.

Why did she feel like this man was constantly flirting with her!

Her heart was beating fast enough.

She wouldn’t be able to bear it if it started beating faster!

“Mo Yesi…”

She took a deep breath, looked up, and flushed. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Hmm? Sure.”

Opposite, the man’s face was so beautiful and suffocating that she didn’t dare to look at him for too long. She only looked at him for a few seconds before blushing again. “Why me?”

She had doubts and confusion in her eyes. “With your qualifications, you should have many options.”

Why did he pick her?

Any prestigious lady he picked casually would have been better than her.

Qiao Mianmian knew that she had an advantage in appearance, but she wasn’t narcissistic enough to think that Mo Yesi liked her beauty and fell in love with her at first sight.

Objectively speaking, if a man like Mo Yesi grew up with such an identity, how could he possibly lack beauties around him?

He must have seen all sorts of stunning beauties before?

Mo Yesi raised his eyebrows lightly. “You really want to know?”


“Maybe it’s because you are the only woman who won’t make me repulsive.” Mo Yesi didn’t plan to lie to her and honestly said, “Other than you, I will feel very upset when other women approach me. I think we can try living together for a while, so I can find out the reason why.”

After hearing his answer, Qiao Mianmian was silent for a while.

Before that, Uncle Li had told her about this.

She hadn’t really believed it.

But now, after hearing him say it, she felt like he didn’t need to lie to her.

So, did he really have a repulsive reaction to other women?

“You didn’t have to get married to me.”

She frowned slightly. “You should find a woman you like. Even if you can’t find one now, I’m sure you will be able to find her in the future.”

“Like?” He narrowed his deep eyes. “What is like?”


“Like is when you miss a person when you can’t see her. After seeing her, you will be very happy and content. And you will really want to be close to her and want to do something intimate with her. When you are happy, you will want to share it with her immediately, and when you are unhappy, the first thing you want is to talk to her. If you like someone, you will blush when you see him, and your heart will beat faster, you’ll…”


Qiao Mianmian’s voice came to an abrupt halt and her face flushed suddenly.

She, she, what was she talking about?

When she saw Mo Yesi, didn’t she blush and feel her heart accelerate uncomfortably?

Did she like Mo Yesi?

How could that be!

She lifted a pair of watery eyes from her coughing and looked at the man’s extremely handsome face, feeling her heartbeat accelerating again.

Thinking of what she had just said, she panicked. “I, I was rambling blindly.”

Mo Yesi looked at her thoughtfully. After a moment, he looked seriously at her and asked, “If two of the conditions are met, does that still count?”

“Ah?” Qiao Mianmian blinked.

He pursed his lips, and then solemnly said, “I miss you when I can’t see you. When I see you, I want to be close to you and want to do something intimate with you. Mianmian, does this mean I like you?”

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