I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Boss Lady Was Not Satisfied

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“Let’s go, didn’t you say you wanted to go to the restaurant on the top floor of the Global Center for Western food?” Su Ze probably realized that what he said wasn’t right, and when he spoke, his voice was much softer. “After we eat, we can go jewelry shopping again. Didn’t you fancy a necklace before? We can go buy it later.”

Qiao Anxin’s expression got better.

She looked up at Su Ze’s young and handsome face, and finally, the dissatisfaction in her heart dissipated.

So what if Qiao Mianmian was really intimate with a rich person?

The person she was intimate with was probably an old man.

And Su Ze was young, rich, handsome, and gentle to her. How could a terrible old man compare to that?

Just when she felt a little sense of superiority, the other two clerks in the shop came over and apologized. “Our apologies, Ms. Qiao, Mr. Su. The clothes in our shop cannot be sold to you. We have not swiped Mr. Su’s card and we will return it to you.”

Su Ze was stunned, then he frowned and his face sank. “Why can’t you sell it to us?”

“We also only received the notice.” The clerk looked at him innocently. “Mr. Su, if you have any questions, you can go and ask our leader.”

Another clerk was tidying up the clothes they had just bought. He took them out of the packing bag and hung them back into the shop window.

Seeing this, Qiao Anxin’s expression was extremely bitter. She felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

Her face was green and she looked very wronged. Her eyes reddened as she said, “Brother Ah Ze, is this the doing of my sister? We only helped her with good intentions, how could she…

“You still said that you understood her well and that she wouldn’t do such a thing. But if she didn’t know a powerful person, how could she have such authority? Brother Ah Ze, it’s not that I want to badmouth my sister, but Chen Chen is still in the hospital, she has been jobless for a while, and you have just broken up with her. Her finances must be very tight right now.

“She’s short of money now…”

Qiao Anxin stopped here.

Su Ze pursed his lips tightly, his face gloomy.


After Qiao Mianmian came out of the women’s clothing store, she was not in the mood to go elsewhere.

“Madam, aren’t you shopping anymore?” The driver accompanied her and asked respectfully.

Qiao Mianmian shook her head.

She thought she was very unlucky.

With so many stores in the mall, why did she have to go into the store where Qiao Anxin and Su Ze were shopping in?

Now she was disgusted by the two and those shop assistants, and she had no appetite at all.

At this time, her phone rang.

She picked it up and saw it was from Mo Yesi.

She had just saved Mo Yesi’s mobile phone number in her address book, and the caller ID was his name.

“Hello.” Qiao Mianmian picked up.

The man’s deep, magnetic voice drew into her ears. “Are you still shopping?”

“No.” Qiao Mianmian pouted, her voice sounding moody.

“Are you unhappy?”


Mo Yesi suddenly said, “It seems that the person in charge of the shopping mall should be changed. Chen Hui is so unreliable, I guess it’s no longer necessary for him to be the boss of Shengdong Department Store.”

President Chen?

Was that the President Chen who had helped her just now?

Qiao Mianmian was surprised. “Why do you want to replace President Chen?”

Mo Yesi said in a cool voice, “He is unable to do things well and didn’t make the lady boss happy. What’s the point of keeping him?”

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