I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2015 - Send Them Off

Chapter 2015: Send Them Off

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“That’s why I brought her here to apologize to Young Madam Mo.

“Qingqing, hurry up and apologize to Young Madam Mo!” Shangguan Hua pushed Shangguan Qing towards Qiao Mianmian.

How could Shangguan Qing apologize to her?

She was about to retort when she heard a cold voice. “No need. Mr. Shangguan said that he brought your daughter to apologize to me, but I think you brought her here to scold me again.

“It’s bad enough that you scolded me on the set, but now you’re scolding me at home. Even if Mr. Shangguan and Miss Shangguan look down on me, you can’t treat my family like this. It’s alright to slap my face, but to slap my family’s face…”

Qiao Mianmian said coldly, “That won’t do..

“Your daughter is full of nonsense. I suggest that Mr. Shangguan take your daughter to the hospital immediately. It might be too late if you delay.”

Old Madam was a little surprised by Qiao Mianmian’s words, and then looked at her in admiration.

She thought that her granddaughter-in-law would be soft and easy to bully.

She was a little surprised by how things were handled.

Old Madam was relieved.

She liked a soft and obedient granddaughter-in-law.

But Old Madam hoped that the obedient granddaughter-in-law would still have some opinions and temper. Only then would she be able to resolve the matters at the crucial moment.

After all, she was going to be the head of the household in the future. It wasn’t good to be too soft-hearted.

Shangguan Hua and Shangguan Qing’s expressions changed.

“Uncle Zhang, send them off!” Qiao Mianmian didn’t care what the father and daughter were thinking and immediately chased them out.

Uncle Zhang was very cooperative. He immediately went forward and said respectfully, “Yes, Second Madam.”

“Mr. Shangguan, Miss Shangguan, our Second Young Madam doesn’t want to see you anymore. You should leave.”

Although the Shangguan family was also prominent, this was Yuncheng City.

Moreover, the Shangguan family was not as powerful as the Mo family.

Otherwise, Shangguan Hua wouldn’t have brought Shangguan Qing to the Mo Residence to apologize.

But his plan was ruined by Shangguan Qing.

Shangguan Hua came here because he found that anyone who the Shangguan family talked to would reject him immediately.

Moreover, they wouldn’t give any reason. They just said that they had no intention of working with them.

One or two times was okay.

But in the past few days, more than ten companies were like this.

Shangguan Hua knew that this was abnormal.

He got someone to investigate and finally found out the reason.

It turned out that no company in Yuncheng City was willing to work with the Shangguan family because someone gave them an ultimatum.

And the person who did that was none other than Chairman Mo.

The Mo Corporation was the boss of Yuncheng City.

No one dared to offend them.

No one dared to disobey Mo Yesi.

Shangguan Hua felt that Mo Yesi was still angry with the Shangguan family because of what happened previously.

It was all because of Shangguan Qing.

That was why Shangguan Hua brought her to the Mo Residence.

He hadn’t achieved his goal. How could he leave so easily?

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