I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 177 - You Lunatic!

Chapter 177: You Lunatic!

Although Qiao Chen had already said it, Qiao Anxin still did not believe that Qiao Mianmian was already married to that man.

How was it possible.

How could such a classy man pick someone like Qiao Mianmian as a wife?

The wealthy were very particular about finding a good match.

She was able to be with Su Ze because of the success in her career. Even as the Qiao family wasn’t rich enough, she was earning a pretty good sum on her own.

But Qiao Mianmian?

Besides her slightly better looks, she was nothing but a poor woman. The most she was worthy of was to be someone’s mistress for them to play around with.

She was no more than a mistress to that outstanding man!

She was being pampered now, but she’d be dumped in no time.

“You’re talking crap!” Qiao Anxin flew into a rage upon hearing her words. “Sister isn’t that sort of person. Qiao Anxin, don’t think everyone’s as shameless as you are.

“Get out, get out now!

“If you dare mention another bad word about my sister, don’t blame me for being mean.” Qiao Chen raised a fist.

Qiao Anxin was very upset.

She didn’t expect Qiao Chen to be this protective of Qiao Mianmian.

She swallowed her anger and continued feigning gentleness.

After taking a deep breath, she went on trying to convince him. “Chen Chen, I’m speaking the truth. Sister has been…”

“Scram!” Qiao Chen picked up a glass from his bedside cabinet and hurled it towards her. “Scram now!”

Qiao Anxin saw a glass coming her way before she was done talking.

She quickly evaded it.

The glass landed on the floor and water spilled all over.

“Qiao Chen, are you mad!” Qiao Anxin finally erupted.

“You’re not leaving?” Qiao Chen grabbed a vase.

“Y-You lunatic!” Qiao Anxin hurriedly dashed for the door as she saw that he might aim the vase at her.

She stopped at the door and said indignantly, “Chen Chen, everything I said is true. Sister knows you wouldn’t be able to accept it, so she lied about the marriage. Your surgery cost a bomb, and she was unwilling to receive help from me and Brother Ah Ze. Honestly, she did it all for you, but…”

She sighed again. “This isn’t anything glamorous. I’ve said my piece, it’s up to you to believe it.”

With that, Qiao Anxin left the ward.

Qiao Mianmian woke up and found herself in a foreign place.

She walked out of the lounge and saw Mo Yesi sitting at his work desk.

His sleeves had been rolled up his forearms and the first two buttons of his black shirt had been undone, revealing his chest.

The way he hung his head low made his jawline appear exceedingly attractive.

The office was quiet, and she could hear the occasional flipping of papers as he looked through a document.

The curtains were drawn halfway, and light poured onto the ash-colored ground with shadows of the curtains’ patterns.

They said that men looked the most alluring when they were serious.

Qiao Mianmian couldn’t agree more at this point in time.

Mo Yesi looked extremely captivating when he was concentrating on his work.

Even without speaking, even without any expression, he exuded a thick air of asceticism.

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