I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 168 - She Doesn’t Mind, But I Do

Chapter 168: She Doesn’t Mind, But I Do

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Qiao Mianmian had expended too much energy with all the crying and soon fell asleep leaning against him in the car.

In her blurred consciousness, she felt his cell phone vibrate.

She then heard him pick it up.

A very muffled voice could be heard. “I’m busy now.

“Mm. I’m with my Baby, I have to accompany her.

“You guys can arrange for it on your own. As long as it isn’t a terrible or noisy place, it’s fine.

“Mm, that’s it.”

Mo Yesi hung up.

Seeing the girl sleeping soundly in his arms, he quietly said to Uncle Li, “Raise the temperature by two degrees.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

A while later, when Uncle Li arrived at a fork in the road, he asked, “Young Master, are we sending Young Madam back to school?”

Mo Yesi simply said, “Straight to the office.”

How could he possibly let her return to school in this state?

Uncle Li drove towards the Mo Corporation.


The cell phone rang again.

It was a message from Shen Rou: [Ah Si, I’m back in town. I’m with Shaoqing and the rest. He said he just called you, but you’re busy now and can’t join us for a meal. Are you free later in the afternoon, then?]

He immediately replied: [No.]

Shen Rou replied quickly too: [How about I go to your office to look for you in the afternoon? It’s been a full year since I last saw you. I hope to see you as soon as I can.]

Mo Yesi hesitated for a while as he looked at Qiao Mianmian’s reddened cheek. He replied: [I’m very busy in the afternoon. I can’t entertain you.]

Shen Rou: [You don’t have to entertain me. You can do your stuff while I play my mobile game in your office. Haven’t we always done that?]

Shen Rou’s words brought back some memories to his mind.

In the past, he and Shen Rou did interact this way.

When he was too busy to talk to her, Shen Rou would just find things to occupy herself with.

Shen Rou grew up with him and what they had between them was more like kinship than friendship.

They got along very easily.

Initially, Mo Yesi found this form of interaction pretty nice.

If he was still single now, he would’ve agreed to it.


Even with no prior experience in relationships, he knew that this wasn’t really appropriate anymore.

He and Shen Rou weren’t siblings, after all.

Now that he had Qiao Mianmian, it was best to keep a distance from other women, even Shen Rou.

A short moment later, he replied: [She’ll be around too, it wouldn’t be nice. I’ll see you at night.]

After receiving this message, Shen Rou did not reply for a long while.

It was several minutes later that she finally replied: [You didn’t tell her about us? She can’t be this petty, right?]

Mo Yesi frowned and typed: [She doesn’t mind, but I do.]

Shen Rou: [You do? What is it about this that you mind?]

Mo Yesi: [Shen Rou, I’m married. She doesn’t request anything of me, but this is the sort of self-awareness I should have. Whatever we had is in the past, we need to keep a distance from now on. If you were the one who got married first, I would do the same.]

With that, Shen Rou did not reply to him anymore.

Mo Yesi wasn’t too bothered as well. He locked his cell phone and tossed it aside.

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