I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 151 - Do You Need Me to Go Over?

Chapter 151: Do You Need Me to Go Over?

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“Go home? To the Qiao household?”


Jiang Luoli looked concerned. “Baby, do you need my help? I can…”

Jiang Luoli knew a bit about Qiao Mianmian’s terrible family.

She’d witnessed her stepmother’s unreasonable acts and horrible temper before. She wasn’t too willing to let her return on her own.

“It’s fine, I can go back on my own. Don’t worry, I’ll watch myself.”

Qiao Mianmian patted her on the shoulder and smiled before hurrying off.

She flagged down a cab at the school gate.

On the way back, Qiao Mianmian thought about it for a while and then gave Mo Yesi a call.

She was going to be outnumbered.

After the huge fight with her father and Lin Huizhen back then, she hadn’t returned in a long time.

When she used to go back once a week, the Qiao household was already the home of Lin Huizhen and her daughter. With her father in the picture, they were a happy family of three.

She wasn’t a part of it.

It had been two whole months since the last time she went back.

If anything, her place in the household had only diminished.

Besides Nanny Chen, the rest of them were Lin Huizhen’s people.

She’d definitely be on the losing end if she went back on her own like this.

Since she had such a rich and powerful husband, she wanted to get his help, however much she felt bad about it.

No way was she going into this battle alone!

The call was picked up after just one ring.

“Baby, missing me already?” The man’s hoarse voice was very captivating.

“Mo Yesi, are you busy now?” Qiao Mianmian rolled the car windows down a little and took a deep breath. She then mustered her courage to say, “I need your help. I’m sorry for causing you more trouble, but this time I really need your help.”

The man wasn’t the least bit impatient. Instead, he sounded worried for her. “Baby, where are you now, what trouble are you facing?”

“I’m fine.” Qiao Mianmian looked out the car window and thought for a while before going on, “I’m going home now, it’s going to be a tricky situation. So I’m thinking of borrowing a few people from you.

“I don’t need too many, just five or six will do.”

She’d witnessed his bodyguards’ prowess the last time.

Each of them could take on at least three ordinary men.

Mo Yesi agreed to it without even finding out what exactly she wanted them for. “Alright, I’ll arrange for them to go over. Baby, are you sure you’re safe now? Do you need me to go over?”

Qiao Mianmian felt warm and fuzzy in her heart when she heard the care and concern in his voice. Even the anger she felt towards her stepsister was significantly quelled.

She smiled. “I’m very safe, don’t worry. Get on with your work, don’t bother about me. I’ll be able to deal with it myself.”

Mo Yesi kept quiet for a while before saying, “Alright, just don’t push yourself too hard. If you can’t resolve it, call me, I’ll be there to resolve it for you. Baby, you’re not alone now. You have me. I’ll be there to face it with you no matter what it is.

“Remember, Hubby will always be your backing and support. You’re now Mrs. Mo, nobody can upset you. Whoever has that guts deserves a lesson from you.”

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