I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1417 - This World Is Too Crazy

Chapter 1417: This World Is Too Crazy

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“No, why does that woman look familiar?” When Yan Shaoqing’s gaze landed on Jiang Luoli, he was stunned. A hint of suspicion flashed in his eyes as he stared at her.

After a few seconds, his expression changed, and he was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth.

“Damn, isn’t that Sis-in-law’s best friend? I didn’t recognize the wrong person, right?”

Yan Shaoqing had only seen Jiang Luoli once.

But it left a deep impression on him.

He remembered her.

After all, Jiang Luoli was the strangest woman he’d ever met.

Yan Shaoqing recognized her, but he found it unbelievable.

How could such a weird woman be with Mo Shixiu?

“Sis-in-law, tell me, did I recognize the wrong person?” Yan Shaoqing stared at Jiang Luoli in disbelief.

Qiao Mianmian said, “Mm, she’s my best friend.”

Yan Shaoqing was shocked.

It was really that Jiang woman.

“Sis-in-law, your best friend is… with Brother Mo?!” Yan Shaoqing was in disbelief.

Mo Shixiu and Jiang Luoli?

They didn’t look compatible.

Jiang Luoli was still a student and was still wet behind the ears. Mo Shixiu was ten years older than her.

She was just a child in front of him.

Moreover, Yan Shaoqing felt that Brother Mo was mature and steady. He wouldn’t like such a childish girl.

Qiao Mianmian pursed her lips and nodded.

Jiang Luoli and Mo Shixiu’s relationship hadn’t been made public yet. Given Mo Shixiu’s current job nature, he probably wouldn’t make it public for the time being.

But Yan Shaoqing and Lu Rao were good friends with Mo Yesi.

Hence, it shouldn’t be a big deal to tell them about this.

Moreover, since Mo Shixiu chose to bring Jiang Luoli along on such an occasion, even if it wasn’t publicized, it was considered publicized internally.

Seeing that Mo Shixiu brought Jiang Luoli along, Qiao Mianmian felt completely at ease.

Mo Shixiu was willing to bring Jiang Luoli along on such an occasion, which meant that he really valued her.

Even if Madam Mo wasn’t satisfied with Jiang Luoli, he should still protect her.

“Damn, it’s true.” Yan Shaoqing widened his eyes in disbelief, then looked at Mo Yesi. “Ah Si, is your brother really dating that girl surnamed Jiang? How did they meet, how did they get together? Is the woman your brother likes this type?

“Is he serious with that Jiang girl?”

Yan Shaoqing was too shocked and asked a few questions.

Mo Yesi looked at him expressionlessly. “Didn’t you see it all? Also, she’s Big Brother’s woman. You should be more respectful to her. It’s fine if I hear it. If Big Brother finds out that you’re disrespectful to his woman, what do you think he’ll do to you?”

Yan Shaoqing was speechless.


This world was too crazy.

Mo Yesi found a little girl to be his sister-in-law.

Now, Mo Shixiu had found a little girl, and she was ten years younger than him!

What were they thinking?

At this moment, Yan Shaoqing couldn’t help but sigh. Mo Shixiu and Mo Yesi were indeed biological brothers. Even the women they liked were of the same type.

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